Masterful Sims: Time for the Children

Peter gets up early on Wednesday to get breakfast going for the kids.  He is so close to his next promotion that today should be the day.  Except today is Winterfest, which he doesn’t remember yet.

Since Paige and Peter are pretty much just waiting on promotions, the focus has moved to the little ones.  They have both completed the toddler goals and are looking forward to the children’s goals.  They will be working on the first goal – completing the four child aspirations between the two of them, and Amanda will work on mastering an adult skill, if possible.  Amanda is already working on Mental and will probably take Physical as her second, leaving Social and Creative for Abigail.  They will also both be completing the scouting badges.  For today, everyone is up and eating breakfast and then they remember it is Winterfest.

There isn’t any room in the house for the tree, so it is setup outside.  They have started to think about getting a new house, one that is bigger.  If they sell all of the masterpieces that Paige has painted, they will have a good nest egg for the new house.

Amanda remembers that she has two social badges to complete so she spends some time with Abigail, talking and telling jokes.

Abigail is getting tired of hearing the same things over and over though.  Lovely glitch there.

But soon enough Amanda has completed both badges and Abigail is free to do something else.

With the majority of her badges completed, it is time for Amanda to begin working on her first aspiration – mental.  She needs to play three games of chess and Peter is the lucky sim that will be playing with her.

Abigail heads outside for some messy fun.  She has already mastered imagination, so this is not allowed any more.

Paige comes out to stop her from making the mess.

Normally, when they yell at the toddlers, the toddler yell back.  Maybe not the fussy ones because Abigail is crushed.

She doesn’t like being yelled at.  And on Winterfest it is even worse.

While Peter and Amanda continue to play chess, Paige is spending time with Abigail, asking her if she has been good or bad.

Abigail is proud to admit that she has been a little devil.

But then she finds out devils don’t get presents and that makes her sad.

Paige tries to cheer her up with a belly laugh, but that is downright scary to a toddler.

Paige asks Abigail for a second time, if she has been good or bad.  Abigail replies that she hasn’t done any homework and again she is sad about not getting any presents.

Paige decides it is time to start on the grand feast for their meal today, and she makes a turkey dinner.

She sets out the dinner and then goes out to open a present.  It is nothing by emptiness and lies.  Or something like that.

Abigail also gets to open a present and she gets a fossil.

When Peter and Amanda have finished playing three games of chess, they open their presents.  One of them got a fossil and the other one got some molding clay, I believe.  Winterfest presents were really lacking this year.

Back inside, it is time for Peter to read to Amanda.  She needs to be read to for two hours so he reads the same story three times.  Abigail is sent to listen also but it doesn’t look like either girl is enjoying the story.

Finally hunger pains begin to be felt so the girls each grab a plate.  Actually everyone is eating but Paige and Peter were being boring.  Amanda is chatting with Abigail and everyone kept changing seats.

For what it is worth, at this point the girls are still really close.  But then again, they don’t know anyone outside of the family.

Peter needs to read to Amanda one more time because she hasn’t quite reached the two hours.  Amanda really wants him to be done so she can go to bed – but you can’t rush time.

Before she is allowed to go to bed, Amanda cleans up around the house and makes a lot of progress on the civic responsibility badge.  Then, she heads to bed and everyone is asleep at the same time.

Paige is the first one up the next morning and after eating some breakfast she brushes her teeth in the kitchen sink.

When Amanda gets up she spends the time before school working on the chemistry lab.  She needs to improve her mental skill for the aspiration.

Oops, Peter has his birthday in the yard, alone, without cake.  Cake really sounds good right now.  I wish I had cake.

Everyone is able to take care of their needs and they even make sure Abigail is in good shape.  Then they leave for work while Abigail is still in the high chair.

The nanny shows up and she leaves Abigail in the high chair while she almost makes lunch.

Abigail cries for attention, because she really wants to get out of the high chair.

When Abigail begins crying the nanny abandons her efforts at lunch and takes her out of the high chair.

After taking her out, as Abigail runs off to play, the nanny calls her back and puts her back into the high chair.

Abigail asks the nanny one more time to please let her out of the high chair.

Finally released from the high chair, Abigail follows the nanny around – wherever she goes, Abigail is there.

After sitting in the living room for a bit, the nanny decides to take Abigail out to play in the kiddie pool.

As a reminder, today is the day after Winterfest.  It is cool and it is raining, but the nanny keeps Abigail in the pool for several hours.

The nanny takes Abigail out of the pool right before Amanda comes home from school.

Once she is out of the pool, Abigail realizes it is raining and it is cold.

Despite having fun in the pool, Abigail is cold now and wants to do something else.  Maybe she needs a nap.

Yes, a nap was needed and next on Abigail’s list of things to do.

Abigail’s nap didn’t last long and she runs outside to see what Amanda is doing.  She finds Amanda working on the chemistry table and the nanny is watching her.

Peter brings home a promotion and is now a Courageous Captain, level 7.

Paige comes home without a promotion but maybe in a few days she will get another one.  She isn’t close enough to a promotion to get it on her next shift, so it will take at least two shifts.

Paige is tired and she heads straight to bed.  Abigail is left to get herself back into the house.

While Peter works on making dinner, Abigail snags a piece of cake sitting out on the table.  Sugar-fueled toddler.

When dinner is ready, everyone comes to have dinner.  Even Paige.  Every time I see Abigail sit on the floor I think about adding a chair close to the table for the toddlers.   Then I don’t.

Toddlers are so fickle.  Abigail runs over to hug and then hit the stuffed animal.  She is not angry, her moods are all happy.

Paige scolds her for hitting, and this time Abigail yells back at her.  Then she does her fussy crying.

Amanda comes home from school and she still has a C.

Abigail wakes up from a nap and just sits on the bed.  Paige comes in the check on her, and still Abigail just sits there.

Ah, but now she smells the food.  She gets up once she knows there is food and she eats in the living room with Paige.

Paige gives her a bath after she has dinner, which is good because it is time for her birthday.

This is why there is water all over the bathroom floor after they take baths.  Paige is dripping Abigail all over the floor.

Amanda completes another tier of the mental aspiration, but truthfully, I don’t know if she is going to be able to complete two aspirations, as slow as she is improving her grades.

Peter has made the cake – coconut – and he heads over to get Abigail.

It is time for Abigail to blow out her candles…

Abigail rolls evil – of course she does.  She takes the creative aspiration because they haven’t given up on the child goals yet.

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  1. Technically, the child goal is for BOTH of the child sims to complete all FOUR of the aspirations, not each to complete two, but you can always do that another generation. It doesn’t have to be done the first generation. You probably just read it wrong. I’ll change the wording on that in the rules to make it clearer. Sorry!

    • Ahh, yeah that isn’t going to happen this generation lol. I had already decided they probably weren’t going to get two each done. But there are plenty of generations remaining. 🙂

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