Masterful Sims: Toddler Goals

They just can’t seem to sleep through the night.  Peter is up to make breakfast at a time when the sun hasn’t even considered rising.

Paige is also awake taking care of Abigail.  Once she settles Abigail down, she finds time for a shower for herself.

Amanda is awake again.

And she is starving, so it is a good thing that Peter was up early to make breakfast.

After eating, Amanda is actually in a good mood.  She even knows how to smile.

She heads outside to finish working on her movement skill.

After a few hours on the slide, she has mastered movement.

What’s next?

Messes.  Lots of messes.  I was curious as to how fast she would level imagination if she was allowed to make messes.  It took six messes to from the beginning of level 3 to imagination mastered.

Since Paige has the Super Parent aspiration at the moment, and she needs to scold her kid five times, she uses this chance to begin working on the scolding.

Amanda does not like being scolded and she yells at Paige to stop.

That gives Paige the opportunity to scold her again for being mean.

Then time is up, and she passes out in the middle of her latest mess.

{snore}  It is Harvestfest, which they dispatched quickly with decorations and appeasing the gnomes.  Nothing else was needed, so the holiday was ended early.

Peter gets the joy of cleaning up Amanda’s messes.

I thought she was going to bed when she took off for the house.  But no, she went and hit Paige.  That got her scolded again.  Then she farted and burped which allowed Paige to finish up the scolding.

Now, she gets to go to bed.

Due to a lot of getting in and out of the game, thanks to needing to install the game on a new computer – by the time I got back to playing, Amanda\s needs were looking pretty bad.  She was allowed to sleep for awhile and then she gets up to eat.

Instead of making her get up to potty, she was also allowed to use her diaper for once.  Once Peter changes her diaper and sends her back to bed, he hygiene is much better – she can wait for the bath until tomorrow.

Everyone keeps getting sent back to bed, although eventually Paige gets up and changes Abigail’s diaper.  Even just not playing for two days and I am trying to remember what everyone was supposed to be doing.

Amanda gets up in time to have some breakfast but then Paige leaves for work.

The sadness doesn’t last long, but all she wants is a bath and for Paige to come back.  Peter just watches her.

He finishes eating breakfast and then gives her a bath.  It makes him late for work, but at least Amanda is happy now.

Abigail is not happy any more and Amanda goes over to talk to her and try to cheer her up.  It doesn’t work though.

The nanny comes over and feeds Abigail and that makes her feel all better.

Then they have a quiet day where the nanny does things and Amanda watches her do things.  She even gets to the point where she can begin asking “why?”  By the time Paige comes home, Amanda has gone from low level 1 to mid level 4 on thinking.  It is her last toddler skill to master.

But before she can master thinking, it is Abigail’s birthday.  Paige helps Abigail out of the bassinet first thing when she gets home from work.  Abigail rolls Fussy.  Oh joy.

While Paige takes Abigail to the potty for her first lesson, Amanda continues to ask questions and masters the thinking skill.  She has also become a top-notch toddler and completed the toddler goal.  She has three days until her birthday, so she will be sure to get on my nerves getting into things and making messes.

Now, it is time to focus on Abigail.  Paige and Peter only need to continue to level their careers, and they already have the skills required, so their concern is to raise the girls and pay the bills.

Amanda gets the nanny to feed her some dinner, and then the nanny leaves.  Amanda is talking to herself, because sometimes that is the best audience.

Paige puts Abigail to bed after her lesson on the potty, but Abigail doesn’t want to go to bed and gets up when the story is done.  Paige has to put her back to bed and the second time she stays.  Peter put Amanda to bed at the same time and then Paige and Peter went off for some private time.

I have loaded the game several times – OneDrive is backing up my files and it is driving me nuts because it keeps moving things around.  New computer so that should settle down as soon as everything is where it is supposed to be.  Each time I load the game, the girls get back into bed.  For a change, Amanda is happy but Abigail is angry.

Today’s load, and the game options are still set correctly and MCCC is loading, so I think the new computer is ready to let me play.  Plus today is a holiday so I will be home all day.  My screenshot program is working correctly today and I actually get all the pictures of the girls getting back into bed.  Yesterday it was taking solid white pictures.  Amanda is no longer happy, she is fine now.  Abigail is still angry.

They family keeps up their off-schedule and Paige gets up at 1 am to make spaghetti.

Her timing is good because Abigail is awake now and she wants food.  Thankfully, Amanda is still sleeping and will hopefully stay in bed until morning.

While Abigail eats, Paige tells her a story.  Then Paige goes over to do some painting so that she can get ready for work.  Peter is also awake now and he is practicing his speeches for work.

Abigail couldn’t wait and she puts down her plate so that she can use her diaper.  She did not get enough potty training to allow her to go by herself, but that is soon to be remedied.

Peter takes a break from his speech practice to take her to the potty.  He keeps her there until she knows enough to be able to go on her own.

Abigail probably should have gone to bed after her potty training, but instead she spent some time with the stuffed animal.  Amanda woke up pretty quickly after she started hugging it.

Instead of getting her own plate, Amanda finishes off the plate Abigail left sitting on the ground.

Now, what should she do?  She doesn’t have any skills to work on so she is thinking.

She heads outside to play dolls, and then is distracted by Abigail on the slide.  She finally decides to go back inside and play with the toddler tablet.

It is almost time for Paige to go to work, so she takes Abigail inside.

Amanda plays a few games and then she is done with the tablet.

Paige reads Abigail to sleep and then rushes off to work.  She is hoping to get a promotion today, and she is starting off late.

Peter has finished practicing his speech and comes in to tuck Abigail in.  Amanda tracks him down to ask for some food.  That half-plate of spaghetti did not fill her up.

She gets a sandwich and Peter feels proud of himself for giving her the sandwich.

While Amanda is eating, Peter has something to eat also.  Then, he brushes his teeth in the kitchen.  Amanda is done eating and waiting patiently.

Peter leaves her in the high chair and goes to play on the computer for a little while.

Amanda is still waiting patiently.

After he finishes on the computer, Peter sits down to watch TV.  Amanda cries because she wants to watch TV also.

Peter finally realizes that he should let Amanda out of the high chair.

She follows him around and they spend some time just talking.  Abigail is still sleeping and Paige is at work, so Amanda has Peter all to herself.

He heads out to workout some while Amanda goes to play dolls.

The dolls don’t hold her interest for very long and she goes over to talk to Peter some more.

Paige earns a promotion to Artist en Residence, Master of the Real level 7.

Abigail is really tired, but she hugged the stuffed animal until she mastered communication, then she went out to the slide.  Movement is coming along a little slower because she keeps starting it when she is already tired.

But, the goal was to get everyone on to a sleeping routine that actually matches up with the day and night rotation.  Peter decides it is almost late enough and he takes Abigail to bed.  Amanda already put herself to bed, and then had to get up to potty.  Peter put her back to bed before heading out to get Abigail.  Paige came home from work and went straight to bed so it is up to Peter to get the girls to bed tonight.

The goal is for everyone to sleep until morning.  1 am is not morning, so Paige takes a bubble bath and goes back to bed.

Just as she is falling asleep, Peter decides to wake up.  He also goes back to bed since it is only 3 am.  5 am is early enough so hopefully they will sleep a little longer.

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