Merry Grace, Baby

I decided to create another wonder child for some randomly vague reason related to the idea that I think I can do better and I will then use her to be the first matriarch in my upcoming 100 baby challenge. I have also decided to use this challenge as my entry into the SimNaNoWriMo on Boolprop for 2018. I am going for Gold this year, so fingers crossed – 10,000 words or 200 pictures, or some combination of words and pictures. I had thought about doing one long post since this is a fairly short challenge, relatively speaking, but in the end I decided to split it into four posts, one for each stage of her life.

Grace Wonder Child on Boolprop because we need all of the circular links we can get…

The wonder child challenge starts out with two adult sims and, taking their first born child, trains them up to become the most -skilled and -traited sim possible. The challenge ends when they become a young adult. I have completed this challenge twice, neither time scoring well: 203 with Alisa Handy and 446 with Amber Muller. Hopefully, this time will be better. I know much more about playing the game, and this time we have toddlers. That being said, I still play the game to play the game. While I push my sims to play the challenge, I enjoy playing my sims.

Wonder Child Challenge Rules

Starting off this challenge are wonder parents: Castor and Portia Grace. Castor is Genius, Geek, and Good. His initial aspiration will be Computer Whiz (Quick Learner) and he will be starting out as a Tech Guru. Portia is Family-Oriented, Creative, and Neat. Her initial aspiration is Super Parent (Domestic) and she will be starting out as a Painter. They will be immediately changing aspirations and completing Soul Mate and then start working Bodybuilder.  They will switch back and forth between that and their initial aspiration. Before starting their careers I want the aspiration points for Connections to give them a starting boost so that they start at the higher level and I want them to live longer as Elders from completing Bodybuilder.  Each of the aspirations they will be working to complete was chosen for the bonus trait it gives as a reward. If they complete their initial aspiration they will then change to Nerd Brain (Castor) and Fabulously Wealthy (Portia). This is as far as I have planned, because they are starting as Adults.  I do not plan on having any spare children – the wonder child will be the only one – unless it is a multiple birth – which I will do nothing to encourage. I will be influencing gender, obviously, as it needs to be a girl.

(I just noticed that Castor looks like William Riker, although that was not intentional.)

Castor and Portia move into a house downloaded from the gallery called Oceanside Starter. I deleted the garden that it came with, and stripped out most of the furnishings in order to give them a better bed. Priorities. It is a small house, but they could afford it and it will work. The house was uploaded by Slymon. It is on the 30×30 lot in Newcrest – Tranquil Crescent. I am starting the house with the lot traits of Private Dwelling (keeps the vampires away), Romantic Aura, and Bracing Breezes. I didn’t see anything about not being able to change the lot traits so I will be adjusting those to line up with the current household goals as we go along, if I remember.

Their relationship is set as Roommates to start as per challenge rules. When Portia finally crashed it was 6 AM Monday morning. She was a handful of romantic actions away from completing Soul Mate. So close, so very close. Castor completed his part of the aspiration first but the way it works is each partner has to perform their own 50 interactions for the final tier so they were swapping out and Portia had the last set.

By 10:29 AM on Monday, both Castor and Portia have completed Soul Mate, switched their aspiration to Bodybuilder, purchased Connections, and taken their first jobs. They both bounce around each of the jobs accumulating bonuses and career rewards before finally taking their chosen jobs last. They ended up with §33,035 and lots of career rewards. As a reward for their tolerance and patience, I got them a new house.

The new house was downloaded from the gallery (uploaded by stephaniesub609). They get two of the same traits as before – Private Dwelling and Bracing Breezes, but I swap out Romantic Aura for Sunny Aspect. The first thing I do is go through all of their career rewards – there are some good things that come in the first 3-4 levels of each of the careers.

After an extensive redecoration, they are ready to begin the next phase of the challenge – getting ready to bring in the wonder child. My goal is for them to complete the athletic aspiration and to accumulate approximately 10,000 satisfaction points each before Portia gets pregnant. That being said, she will be pregnant come summertime – next Sunday or Monday. That gives them one week to get stuff done. During this week, they will also need to work on their careers as they need to earn some promotions – I would like for them to be at level 5/6 by the time Portia becomes pregnant. Portia is beginning at level 4, Castor at level 3 (I goofed during the bouncing and accidentally switched him out of Tech Guru and then had to switch him back in which caused him to fall back a level).

Portia and Castor have been working hard being romantic and are both extremely low on fun (surprisingly) and it is time for some woohoo – their first woohoo in fact.

With their needs replenished, it is time to get to work.  Castor and Portia start off with a trip to the local gym, which they have all to their selves for several hours before it gets busy.

They spend a lot of boring time working on skills, but they take a break from their skill building for a date on Love Day. Portia has come down with some illness but it hasn’t slowed her down much. It has, in fact, made her a little bit giggly.  As long as she doesn’t become uncomfortable, I don’t worry about the illnesses when they happen.

They have each earned one promotion and are accumulating aspiration points. Although, I don’t think they are going to have as many as I would like before she gets pregnant. When Portia gets her promotion she has the option to hire an agent to negotiate higher prices. Umm, okay, I will never remember to use it, and haven’t really seen the benefit from it.

Castor splits his time between programming and playing video games. He is also responsible for any repairs around the house. He is a busy, busy man.

Portia paints. And paints. And paints. They are both on the last tier of Bodybuilder and need to max Fitness and reach their maximum body potential. Castor already has, but Portia is lagging a bit. Isn’t that always the way it works? So, I switched Castor back to Computer Whiz and Portia to Painter Extraordinaire except while they are working out.

Portia needs to go to a museum (why can’t this be in the first tier?). She isn’t pleased either. I really hate leaving the lot during challenges.  The sim left behind doesn’t do anything productive and bringing them along doesn’t accomplish anything most times.

Castor is going to have to find time to upgrade the plumbing. He has repaired the toilet every single day. Or maybe they need more money and an unbreakable toilet.

Monday comes and Portia lets Castor know it is time to Try for Baby. It is their day off and he was sleeping in, but he wakes up for some woohoo.

Portia is excited to share the big news with Castor when she finds out they are expecting an addition to their little family. She knows that terrific things are in store for this baby – she will be a WONDER-ful child. Castor is much happier than he appears.

Private Dwelling for the win – three vampires back to back tried to come to visit. First Caleb, then Vlad, and finally Lilith. Each one turned around and left without entering. It works better than garlic.

Portia receives a promotion taking her to level 7, Artist en Residence, Master of the Real. She is very excited.

Castor also comes home with a promotion, to Development Captain, level 6. I believe he is excited also, and at this point I realize that Castor and Portia were created before Seasons was released and they really need new Hot and Cold Weather options. I worry because this is what he wore to work, and I am so glad they are not judged by what they choose to wear. I also realize that he has really filled out from working out. He really has become all that he can be.

How much of the water is from the broken toilet and how much is from Portia peeing herself? Portia is blaming it all on the toilet, but her red hygiene tells me otherwise.

Make it colder! Summer sucks when you are pregnant.  Especially during a heatwave.  None of my children were born during the summer.  The closest I came was with my daughter and she was born late November.  But I can imagine being hugely pregnant and miserable in August in Texas (my birthday is August 21).

This hurts… Make it stop… At least she only has to do this one time. Not like the other challenges I tend to play…

The focus of the challenge has arrived – Miss Merry Grace. She comes surrounded by a cloud of green stink, screaming bloody murder for something to eat and a fresh diaper. It took Portia an hour to figure out what was wrong. I really didn’t help her out either. She is needing to build parenting skill so I had her go around the wheel and do a little of everything. She got to the diaper and food last.

With Merry in the house, it is important that they finish the Bodybuilder aspiration to go along with the Soulmate aspiration. That way they can be focused on taking care of Merry’s needs and not distracted with trying to complete multiple aspirations. Setting himself on fire is not on the list of things Castor is supposed to be doing.  In doing this, he did not set the stove on fire – just himself.

With a grunt and a groan – and a lot of fumes and smells – Castor adds Bodybuilder to his completed list. His aspiration points are not quite 10,000 but Merry can’t use the potions until she is a child anyways, so he still has time to get there.

Portia is behind on completing Bodybuilder but she couldn’t work out while she was pregnant. She isn’t really that far behind as she only needs 50% of the last level to master fitness – and she just needs to master fitness but right now she would rather play with Merry. Which, if I had to choose between playing with a baby and working out, I would definitely not choose working out either.

It is Merry’s birthday {yay} and time to start this challenge in earnest. Even though Merry won’t be able to use any of the potions as a toddler, Castor has earned 8,865 aspiration points (~17 moodlet solvers) and Portia has earned 8,950 aspiration points (also ~17 moodlet solvers), so Merry has a good stash started for when she becomes a child.

continue reading … Merry Grace, Toddler


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