Merry’s Interlude

With the birth of her last baby, Merry is done with her part of this challenge.  Yuna has just become a teenager so there will be a 13 day wait until she takes over.  So, this is Merry’s interlude.  She and Wolfgang will be setting up their new life together.  But what does that mean?  Well, first, the house is full, so someone needs to move out – Greenland I am looking at you.  Apparently I haven’t looked at you recently because I just realized I never did give you a makeover.  Greenland needs to complete his last two badges and he is free to go.  He also finally got his makeover, which I never do get a picture of, but it did happen.

It is HarvestFest which means everyone is home and working on earning birthday cake so they can get closer to moving out.

Quebec wakes up very sad because of one of his many siblings died.  Siblings he has never met and never heard of until they died.

Merry distracts him with news that it is time for his birthday cake.

He grows into a Creative child that wants to be an Artistic Prodigy.

Merry follows with her own birthday and is now an elder.

Then she has a visit from her old friend Caleb (baby daddy #3).

While Merry is talking with Caleb, Yuma is receiving her last scouting promotion – she is a now Llamacorn Scout.

Caleb has a specific task to perform and he agrees to do as Merry asked.

And then all of the sudden these notifications start popping up and I am trying to figure out what happened.

Huh?  Wait, what?

How is that for timing.  And, no Merry’s life will never be the same – for several reasons!

Yuma is working on building her charisma, but she needs to find somewhere else because Merry and Wolfgang would like some privacy.

After winning the lottery, Merry begins to receive calls from neighbors and friends.

No, Gino, you cannot come over.

Wolfgang is still helping out with the baby (Indiana – I had to stop and think of his name).  We are still waiting on Greenland to move out…

Oh yeah, appease the damn gnomes – before they catch the house on fire.

Please don’t catch on fire – I have moved them away from the fireplace – they keep coming back.

Yuma is jogging for emotional control.  She is now going to be working on character traits.  Lucky girl.

She is helping Greenland to Be Thankful.  I am not sure it is working.  She might need to work on her approach because I don’t think this one is helping.

I realized all of the kids were crying nonstop so I checked and not only were they still mourning for Riviera, but they were also desolate.  Wusses.  Fine, go socialize.  Talk to each other.  Geez.

Get used to this Yuma – this is going to be your life.


A rare moment of weakness, I buy a moodlet solver for Greenland because I want his ass out of this house.

Run boy run – like your life depends on it!

Maybe, just maybe, I pushed the boys too hard today.  Maybe, just maybe, I should have given them time to go potty.

{do you see them too?}

Nope, I don’t see anything.

Some things never change…  {soon Merry soon – everything will change}

Are you feeling better now?  Then get your ass back in there and finish your badge!


Greenland Grace

  • Art Lover, Geek, Hot-Headed
  • Gregarious (Popularity aspiration)
  • Responsible (character value)
  • Happy Toddler (level 3 all skills)
  • Physically Gifted (childhood aspiration)
  • Scouting Aptitude (scouting career)
  • Heat Acclimation, Cold Acclimation, Waterproof
    • A in both elementary school and high school

As soon as Greenland moves out, Merry invites Wolfgang to join the household.  Now they can be together for real.

But wait, there’s more!

There is a new wishing well on the back corner of the lot.

So, I have a surprise for you…


I’ll show you soon…

Wolfgang decides to throw in some money and see what happens.  It can’t hurt to ask, right?

He starts off with making an offering.  And then he makes a wish.

His first wish is Wish Not Granted {negative}

He can try again later.

Hmmm, this doesn’t look promising.

The second time he tries, he is still Just a Ghost {death}

He will try again.  We are not giving up.  I don’t want to have to fish up Ambrosia ingredients.

Finally, finally, finally.  That took long enough.

Wolfgang has experienced a Miracle Revival {overwhelmingly positive}.  He will be around a long time – for a sim anyways.

Careful dude, whoever you are.  This is how you become a baby daddy.  He is one of Yuma’s friends.  Indiana is definitely not happy about this.

Yuma standing there looking so proud for changing Indiana’s diaper.  She is going to be changing a lot of those in the future.  One thing I have noticed, despite the fact that she looks a lot like Merry, her expressions are so different from Merry’s.

Merry’s transformation into a vampire is complete!  Wolfgang is shocked.  He just came back to life for Merry, and now she is a vampire.

This is the outfit that I have been seeing in ghostly form for a very long time:

Of course, Merry doesn’t immediately have the ability to turn Wolfgang, but she does know how to research.

{Thirst is not deadly}

Dude, enjoy that coffee while you can…

Once Merry is able to turn Wolfgang, she offers to bring him over to the dark side.  Of course he agrees.  Immortality with his love, after all.

The process has started for Wolfgang.

Now my love,

We will be together for eternity.

Wolfgang has moved in temporarily but he and Merry will be moving out before Yuma takes over as matriarch.  This is the time between Merry’s reign and Yuma’s reign, when there is not an active matriarch in play – Merry is an elder and Yuma is a teen – so I am using it as a “gray area” to play out this mini challenge for Merry and Wolfgang.  Their challenge is to gain the listed powers below and to move out before Yuma takes over.  Well, they must move out by the time Yuma becomes a young adult, no matter where their powers stand.  They have 10 days remaining till Yuma’s birthday.  The challenge is gain all of the powers listed.  I have given Merry the Vampire Family aspiration and Wolfgang has the Master Vampire aspiration.  I am not planning on completing them, but that is the mindset I used for them.  Neither is taking the Good Vampire aspiration as they are both Mean sims.

Merry actually won the lottery the day she became an elder.  This happened at the exact time Caleb was turning her and it shocked me because I had forgotten about it until the Rosebud notice popped up.  I was trying to figure out what happened, then I started to hyperventilate.

As for what I would have done had Indiana been a girl, I don’t know.  I was already heavily invested in Yuma by that point, and I think Yuma was going to be the heiress no matter what.  I was really expecting the last baby to be a girl, and was very surprised to see that it was a boy.  Merry strung those boys together at the end.  I think I would have kept Ireland (the name I had chosen for the girl) in the house.  I just don’t know what I would have done with her.

Speaking of Merry’s last boy: Indiana grows into a Fussy Blonde toddler.  35 kids and Merry has one, single redhead (thanks Quinn).

Merry goes out to got some dinner from the local food vendor.

While Wolfgang reads up on what is happening to him.

Merry is also still researching.  it may be boring, but it is one way to gain the points she needs to gain her powers.  Osaka and Oxford are playing the typing game.

Orleans lost his place at the computer to Merry so he is outside on the monkey bars, for now.  The triplets are still working on their motor skills.

Wolfgang explains to Indiana who he is and that he will be helping to take care of him.

Then he asks him if he wants to learn to use the potty.

Yes, Merry, it is boring,  But it is daytime and you can’t go out in the sunshine any more.  Not yet.  So keep researching.

Merry slips out of my grasp for a few minutes and takes a break from the mind-numbingly boring research.  Boring it may be, but she is now a Prime Vampire with enough points to purchase Perfect Sun Resistance as soon as she becomes a Master Vampire.  She just has to suffer through the research a little longer and then she can start hunting, umm I mean recruiting her five offspring for her aspiration (assuming I she chooses to do so)

Indiana and Wolfgang finally come to an arrangement where Indiana cooperates with Wolfgang.  That does look like the face of cooperation, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look…

Nope, that does not look like cooperation to me.  This looks like mutiny and abandonment, in fact.

Osaka! Aspiration completed and he has his A in school.  He is joining the scouts and waiting on his brothers to catch up.

Indiana proceeded to make a mess in front of Wolfgang which meant trouble for the little man.

Except that first I had to make Wolfgang a caretaker for Indiana, then he could scold him and put him to bed.  Little man doesn’t seem to be too worried though.  I can just hear the words “you are not my daddy” coming out of his mouth.

Oxford completed his aspiration and has already achieved his A in school, following Osaka by less than an hour.

A smile, Merry?  That must mean you are now a Master Vampire!  And, that means you have Perfect Sun Resistance.  You can go back outside once again.

Orleans has maxed out motor and completed his aspiration, but the slacker still has a B in school, which means he is holding everyone up.  No one gets a birthday cake.

Merry heads out for her nightly feeding.  Tonight it only takes one to fill her up.

She leaves a witness – a witness that she scared the shit out of apparently – as he had a vague memory of something similar happening to him previously.

Yuma is learning to take care of her first toddler by practicing on her brother.

That diaper change did not go well at all – Indiana peed all over the floor.

Just call her Grand Master Merry.  She and Wolfgang will get true makeovers once they are both ready to move out.

I don’t believe that is what you were told to do – back in the house.

Wolfgang has finally transformed into a vampire – he joins Merry!

Well, that is not acceptable, not at all.

Indiana has been doing his part in skilling.  Basically there hasn’t been anyone available to deal with his fussiness, so he has been doing stuff on his own.  After leveling communication to level 3, he is now working on movement.  Well, he is playing in the ball pit, but close enough.

Quebec is close to completing his aspiration also.

I know, enough of the kids – you want to see Wolfgang.

{two hours later}

With both Merry and Wolfgang done with their makeovers, here is their couples “dark” picture.

And to bring this update to a close, how about the one thing Merry has been waiting for a very long time?

Was there ever any question as to what Merry’s answer would be?  (I actually held my breath – you never know with Mean sims)

A kiss to seal the deal.

And finally, some bat woohoo to celebrate.


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