Merry’s Intermission

I found my notes and was thinking about what I would have done if Indiana had been a girl. I still would have gone with Yuma because I had already put too much time and effort into her and I had connected with her. If the last baby had been a girl, and especially if she had been a redhead, I thought about using her to revitalize my Babbling Brooks legacy, which is currently on hiatus in generation 7, and has been for a very long time – but, the current heiress is a female child, so Ireland would be the wrong gender. (But, I could still pop Indiana over there as Liliana’s spouse… hmm…).  My second option would have been to use her as the founder of a Build Newcrest challenge or an ISBI challenge. The Newcrest challenge would have been a stretch as the first generation is gardening and I am not fond of that, but it would have been a “challenge”.  ?  Anyways.

Originally, I had planned that Wolfgang would kill Merry by woohoo once she became an elder. Turnabout is fair play after all as that is how Wolfgang died. Then they would both become playable ghosts and move out to “live” forever safe from EA, protected by MCCC.  But, then something happened.  I read Livvie’s Ghibli Legacy (if you haven’t been reading it, you should).  I also read Jenn’s Vatore OWBC.  Again, take the time to read this, if you haven’t already.  Then the rules for the DyNasty of Darkness were posted and this light bulb went off above my head and bells starting clanging.  It was actually pretty irritating, but it was a wonderful idea – which if you have been keeping up with Merry’s story, you have already seen the fruits of the labors.  Labors, plural, because it took planning and work to get Wolfgang back into a state where he could be turned.  Anyways.

Merry and Wolfgang will continue to build up their vampire skills until they move out.  This update should cover the remaining time until Yuma officially takes over as matriarch.  You see, at the moment, there isn’t an official matriarch.  Yuma is working on character traits and will have her birthday as soon as she has at least three traits in the range, positive or negative.  I was debating going for all five, but truthfully, Merry never really used them, so this is more for me than her.  And, I am waiting until the house clears out before aging her up.  Wolfgang needs to become a Grand Master; the triplets need to become teens and move out; Quebec needs to become a teen; and Indiana should become a child.  At a minimum Merry, Wolfgang, and the triplets have to move out before she takes over.  Quebec and Indiana can still be in the house as they don’t take up too much room.  Anyways.

Because of a conversation about the random trait mod I use, and Merry’s traits of Mean, Perfectionist, and Hot-Headed, I decided I wanted to see how often her toddlers received each trait, and how often her kids received her traits:

  • Toddler Traits: 35 toddlers
    • Clingy: 9/35
    • Silly: 6/35
    • Wild: 5/35
    • Angelic: 4/35
    • Charmer: 3/35
    • Fussy: 3/35
    • Inquisitive: 3/35
    • Independent: 2/35
  • Merry’s Traits: 35 kids
    • Perfectionist: 18/35
    • Hot-Headed: 14/35
    • Mean: 13/35

Merry is spending time with her kids while Wolfgang works on building his vampire powers.  The rest of the house is still sleeping so they are playing quietly.  Yuma has already moved into Merry’s old bedroom – so the transition is beginning.

Indiana wakes up and decides he wants some attention.  Instead of getting up and coming to Merry, he calls her to come get him out of bed.

Merry spends time with him reading, then flash cards and blocks.  She is able to get all of his skills up to level 2 or 3.  Yay!

I see a birthday cake which means the triplets are growing up today.  Orleans brought home an A.  Yay!

NO! you little shit! Don’t take the cake!!  Dammit!  At least he grabbed the piece after the last triplet blew out the candles and not before.  Dumbass.  I tried to cancel the action but it didn’t cancel in time.

The triplets are getting closer to moving out – they just need to earn an A in school and earn their scouting badges.  Osaka is Mean and Hot-Headed and rolls Musical Genius.

Oxford is a Hot-Headed Snob and rolls Painter Extraordinaire.

Orleans is Active and Hot-Headed and rolls Successful Lineage.

Merry puts Indiana to bed for the last time.  Yes, Wolfgang has achieved Grand Master and it is time for Merry and Wolfgang to move out and enjoy their retirement.

While the rest of the household gets some sleep, Merry and Wolfgang Netflix and chill.

Actually, I realize no one was sleeping, so I decided they could all crash after the wedding.  Let’s get these two married.  They have waited long enough.  Of course they are getting married in their dark forms, not their normal appearances.

Maybe I should have let them pee first, but whatever…  Merry and Wolfgang are happy and that is all that matters.  I couldn’t keep anyone in their seats, they all kept trying to get up to go find a toilet.  Indiana made it up just in time for the confetti, because Merry and Wolfgang didn’t wait on anyone.

The minute it was over, the exodus home started.

Merry and Wolfgang never even noticed.  In fact, they could have gone alone without the household and would have been just fine.


A selfie

Another married kiss, the first of many

Only one accident on the way home – way to go Osaka.

Yuma started off good, carrying Indiana to the portal home.  Then she put him down and left.  Leaving Indiana to wander around the park alone.

This is all leading up to …

Merry and Wolfgang moving out to their very own house.  And I just realized that when they got married, she became Merry Grace Munch {sigh}

Yeah, so I don’t want to age Yuma up just yet, and I just realized that by moving Merry out, there isn’t actually an adult in the house now.  That means my teens will have to take the day off from school to stay home with the toddler.  So, Yuma has two days of vacation, plus tomorrow is a holiday, so that gives her three days.  Indiana should be eligible to become a child in 2-3 days, which means she should be fine.

Indiana, of course, is going to cry over everything.

What is really interesting, is that whereas Merry’s option were to Yell or Scold, Yuma has the option to Lecture about Misbehavior.  The difference between Mean sims and not-Mean sims.  I am still curious as to what Yuma’s third trait is going to be but hopefully since Merry has moved out, she won’t be influencing Yuma’s last trait.  I am really hoping for a completely new set of traits for Yuma’s reign as matriarch.

And with that dab of glue and a splash of glitter, Quebec completes his aspiration!  It is birthday time – however, since “someone” ate the last birthday cake, Quebec will need to wait for Yuma to bake a new one.

Yuma is currently upstairs completing everyone’s school projects so that they can work on badges and aspirations. ?  As long as the correct sim starts the project, anyone can work on it and complete it and the original sim gets the credit. ?

So I jumped the gun a bit on Quebec.  He hasn’t achieved his A in school yet, so he has to wait on his cake.  And since it is now a holiday, he has to wait two more days.  Oh yippee.

Yuma is still going to make the cake and get it into the fridge.  If she can stay focused long enough.  It’s those damned nargles.  It is Winterfest and everyone knows that they infest the mistletoe.

Quebec spends a little bit of time with Indiana but he finds it irritating and runs off before he completes either badge.  Come back here you brat.  Dammit!

Winterfest comes and goes with my usual success in picture-taking.

I don’t know why it is such a hysterical holiday.  Yuma spends time trying to calm her hysterical butt down so that this challenge doesn’t die an early death.  This should be a holiday tradition.

Yuma asks Indiana if he has been good or bad.  Fussy brat tells her he has been really good.

Father Winter makes his annual visit and since Quebec is the only one that really cares about meeting him, he is the only one that gets up.


Merry was my super-duper-repairer.  Now it is whoever isn’t doing something important.  Today, Orleans was volunteered because he is still working on his Civic Responsibility badge.

Merry’s last toddler has completed his level 3 skills.  He will be having his birthday cake after the holiday.  I am going to let him finish it out as a toddler so that his traditions don’t change.

I almost forgot to have Indiana blow out his candles before everyone left for school.  Actually, I did forget.  Everyone had left except Osaka, so I quickly had Osaka bring Indiana to the cake and then as he was spinning into a child, Osaka left for school leaving Indiana home alone.  I really am glad Sims 4 children are allowed to stay home alone.

Indiana picked up Perfectionist and Artist Prodigy.

Quebec brings home an A and we waste no time getting him to the birthday cake – Gloomy and Creative with the Friend of the Animals aspiration.

I am keeping Yuma a teen because I am not quite ready for her to begin doing matriarch stuff.  I can’t remember if I have already said that in this post, and I haven’t gone back and read through it yet.  I am going to adjust the very-fluid rules for when she takes over the challenge, plus she will be getting a new house (she has §1,000,000 to spend, so we are going to spend it).  I am also going to be using a different naming theme, which may also affect which baby daddies she goes after.  Additionally, and this is a very new idea because I just thought about it, but possibly moving her and the remaining kids (after the triplets move out so just Quebec and Indiana) plus Merry and Wolfgang into a clean world to break all of the family links from Merry’s reign (6 days before Yuma’s birthday so we will see – I have to think about that option more).

This is all to say that I aged the triplets up as soon as they brought home an A in high school.  I dropped both the scouts and the age requirement.  Yep, I am ready to clear the house so Yuma can begin her reign.

Osaka is Mean, Hot-Headed, and a Snob.

Oxford is Hot-Headed, Perfectionist, and a Snob.

Orleans is Hot-Headed, Geek, and Active.

Indiana is the dumbass that decided to check out the snow instead of going to pee.  Seeing the glasses I realize I haven’t given him a makeover yet.

And Quebec brings home an A – blows out his birthday candles.  He is Creative, Childish, and Gloomy.  I bet he would be a JOY to be around.

That leaves only Indiana at home with Yuma.  There is an outside chance that Indiana can actually qualify to move out before Yuma becomes a young adult.  It is going to be a race to the finish line.  Let’s see who gets there first.  But first, it is New Year’s Eve.

Yuma helps Indiana complete his homework and extra credit so that he will be ready for school – he needs to get his B to an A in one day.

New Year’s Eve midnight!

…now back to bed…

Special Yuma moments…

YES! one hurdle down – Indiana comes home with an A – birthday time!  And the cake has been eaten, so Yuma is heading in to make another one while he starts working on his project.  He will need to get his high school A tomorrow, and Yuma’s birthday is tomorrow, so we are coming down to the wire.

Indiana becomes a teen, adding Hot-Headed to Perfectionist.  He rolls [aspiration].  <<worthless information<<  He is shaping up to be a lot like Merry.  All he needs now is Mean.

And I missed the skill requirement – he has everything else and will definitely bring home the A once he has the skill in place.  So, we are not going to give Yuma her birthday cake yet.  Instead, she is going to run the clock and see how long the game will give her before forcing her to grow up.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) Indiana is going to school to grab his A.  He will come home and have birthday cake and then move out.  Yuma will be grown up by the game at some point between now and then, or she will also get birthday cake along with Indiana.  Most likely the game will force her along at some point before Indiana.  Whatever the game does, it will be close enough to Indiana’s birthday that it won’t take very much time away from Yuma’s baby producing days.  However, this will let Yuma start her reign without any of her siblings in the house.  And I will definitely be moving her to a new world, along with Merry and Wolfgang.  {happy dance}

And we made it to the end of the school day – Indiana brings home an A, and they are both still teens.  Now to get to the cake.  Let’s have some birthdays.

Indiana rolls Insider to add to Perfectionist and Hot-Headed.  He will be moved out to join his siblings.

Yuma will be closing out this update and she rolls Genius for her final trait.  Her traits are Vegetarian, Erratic, and Genius.  She has the initial aspiration of Leader of the Pack which gives her Gregarious for her aspiration trait.  She also has all four of the childhood aspiration traits: Creatively Gifted, Physically Gifted, Socially Gifted, and Mentally Gifted.  She has Scouting Aptitude, Responsible, Compassionate, and Top-Notch Toddler.  She will be jumping around on the aspirations completing as many as she can over time.

The next update will by Yuma.1 and will get her started on her reign as matriarch.


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