Good Golly, Miss Molly (Chapter 2)

As I forgot to show the Army of Flamingos with their General Gnome, this update will start off with the appropriate picture.


It is also fun to note that I will finally be able to use the items from Sweet Treats, because if you want to decorate with candy, what is a better choice than a Wacky challenge?


Molly’s down time passes quickly.  The town has seen an influx of berry sims moving in and Molly spends a little bit of time scoping out the newcomers and then picks out one for herself.  Wade Blush catches her eye and Molly quickly snatches him away from one of the local ladies.  In a race against Story Progression, Molly woos Wade until he agrees to be her boyfriend.


He then rushes off to work and Molly heads to France.  Molly picks up several lifetime rewards for this trip:

  • Jetsetter (cheaper trips)
  • Learned Relic Hunter (better collectibles)
  • Prepared Traveler (longer trips)
  • Steel Bladder (peeing is a thing of the past)


Molly has six days to make visa level 3, and France is easy enough to do.  The quicker she completes her lifetime wish, the sooner she can have babies.

  • A Trivial Affair
  • Celtic Foray
  • Trouble at the Museum
  • On Patrol
  • Something in the Chinese Exhibit?
  • Strange Sounds
  • The Curator’s Final Exhibit
  • Success with the Haunting
  • In Need of Nectar
  • In Need of Grub
  • The Search Begins
  • The Lost Library of Landgraab
  • Code Breaker
  • Code Broken
  • Landgraab I … Kidnapper?
  • The Groundskeeper’s Journal
  • The Key, Please
  • A New Ring
  • Here’s the Key
  • Chateau Crawl
  • The New Nectar Machine
  • One More Component
  • Nectowhiz Delivery


And at the very last moment, Molly achieves visa level 3 in France.  She is excited and tired and ready to go home. She really is excited, she is just too tired to look excited.


She had quite a haul once again.  Lots of nectar and jewels and metals, along with a lot of money bags.  She even swiped the gnomes from the museum.  After a quick trip to the consignment store, Molly harvests honey from the bees, and then snags a jelly bean or three. First she becomes Oddly Powerful and then she becomes Berry Blue.  She decides to keep any plumbbob gemstones she comes across as part of her collection.  At this point she has a pink diamond, citrine, and quartz.


Molly also decides that with only a trip to Egypt remaining it is time to bring Wade into the family.  Thankfully, he says yes as it makes a much happier story that way.  Wade moves in immediately and they begin to plan the wedding.


Wade Blush


  • Hates the outdoors
  • Great Kisser
  • Athletic
  • Ambitious
  • Friendly

Lifetime Wish:

  • High Tech Collector

As a high tech collector, Wade wishes to own a Windcarver, Dream Pod, Food Synthesizer, Holo Disk, and Jet Pack.  Molly already has the food synthesizer so they will work on collecting the other items.  Wade is working in Culinary, which is fine with me as I love the fridge reward at level 10 ~ no spoilage.


With another good haul, it is time to work on the house some more and to add Wade’s flamingos.  Each set of three will be the changed to the favorite color for that person.  Molly’s color is pink and Wade’s color is spiceberry.  Just for the record, I really don’t enjoy decorating houses, not that it was obvious or anything.


Wade’s DNA donors are Fushia Blush and Power Punch Sugarush from the Exchange.  I am enjoying this Story Progression invasion of the berries.  (Thanks for the information, Jenn!).    One of them has the pale rainbow skin (I think it was Fushia) which is why Wade is green.

Fushia Powerpunch

Join us next time to see if Molly completes her lifetime wish and gets married and has babies.


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