Good Golly, Miss Molly (Chapter 3)

Molly and Wade have begun discussing the wedding with Molly wanting to make a trip to Egypt first and Wade not really caring as long as he can finish watching his show.  Of course, Molly did choose during the football to try to talk about the wedding, but in the end, she decides it would be best to go and, hopefully, get it out of the way.  Then after the wedding, she can get busy making babies.  She is very thankful she was chosen for the Wacky challenge instead of the Who’s Your Daddy challenge.  Three pregnancies is a lot better than twenty-six pregnancies.


Finally caught the creature in the act of turning over the trash can.  Too bad it is not possible to throw things at wild animals.


Molly heads to Egypt and, hopefully to complete her lifetime wish.  Six days to make this work.  Egypt isn’t quite as quick as France, but it is still possible.

  • Business Abroad
  • An Introductory Test
  • Agent of MorcuCorp
  • Gems of the Sands
  • Local Intel
  • Into the Fire
  • Digging Deeper
  • The Ancient Library
  • Race to Nowhere
  • Race to Copper
  • On the Side of Good
  • Preparing the Bribe
  • HQ Infiltration
  • Hacker!
  • The Second Relic


Lifetime rewards purchased for the trip: Collection Helper (because, damn, but they want a lot of metals and gems for these adventures).  Even so, Molly wasn’t able to complete visa level 3, which is irritating because she only needs 1% to get there.  It is even more irritating because I almost never can get through the Tomb of the Desert ocean on the first trip.  Inevitably, it is time to return home just before I get the second relic.  She will make one last trip to Egypt and hopefully won’t get electrocuted.


In addition to the usual loot, Molly has completed the Dropa Stones and the Canopic Jars collection, bringing her completed collections to three.  She would have to go back at any point as she needs to have six completed collections, but it would have been nice to complete them at the same time as her lifetime wish.  She stops by the jelly bean bush and picks up a Hungry moodlet along with Adrenaline Rush and Fascinated. (I need to put some lights in this room)


Then she heads home to her finace and they get busy planning the wedding.  It is time to get married and the happy couple plans the wedding for several hours later.  They are trying to squeeze in the wedding before Wade has to go to work. And yes, it is raining. Sleeting, actually.


As soon as possible, Molly heads back to Egypt to finish up her adventuring.  She left Wade at home, because everyone knows your honeymoon is more fun when you go alone…

  • The Second Relic
  • Trading Shawarma for Information
  • Egyptian Cuisine
  • The Third Relic
  • The Age of Copper
  • Trapped at Home
  • Nefarious Intentions
  • Preparing the Bribe
  • Delivering the Bribe
  • A Bit More Copper
  • Tomb Tours
  • A Longing for Gold
  • Finding Mummitomium


Molly has achieved her lifetime wish of reaching a visa level 3 in all locations.  Once she unloads her loot from this trip she will know where she stands on completing her treasure collections.


In the meantime, Wade decides to try out the time portal so he can learn more about advanced technology. Meaning, I just realized he needs to master Advanced Technology for his lifetime wish in addition to owning all of the pretty toys.  Finding himself in the future world of Oasis Landing, Wade enrolls in a class and then spends some quality time with a holo sprite.


He drops by the home of his descendants: Janis, Sonny, Alan, Jereme, and Oscar.  Just to see how they are doing.  They are Wealthy and Blooming.  In reality, I wanted to see if they had any technology he could “borrow”.  They didn’t.


It is time to return home so he makes one last stop at the Imports Gallery to pick up some “trinkets”.


When Wade returns back to his time he discovers a surprise waiting for him.


Sprite (unlocked) Gallery:

  • Rhonda:   Feronix (red fox)
  • Spring:   Futech (aqua angel)
  • Cora:   Jenum (blue Sonic)
  • Susanne:   Simulus (orange gold fish)

Other (locked) Sprites:

  • Zigrid (brown devil) – unlocked by achieving skill 5 in Advanced Tech
  • Chromec (rainbow pony) – unlocked by achieving skill 7 in Advanced Tech
  • Roboid (grey robot) – unlocked by achieving level 5 in Bot Arena career
  • Astrid (teal meteor) – unlocked by achieving level 5 in Astronomer career
  • Pixon (purple raindrop) – one of the default forms
  • Phobus (yellow sun) – one of the default forms
  • Gamma (green rabbit) – one of the default forms
  • Metaso (pink rodent) – one of the default forms
  • Esper (colourful pokemon) – awarded by “learning” 10 sprite forms


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