Good Golly, Miss Molly (Chapter 5)

Molly still needs to complete her relic collections so she packs up and heads to Egypt.  She quickly finds the last piece she needs from the Gold Figurines collection bringing her total up to four.  She only needs one item from the Zodiac Animals and two from the Dangerous Creatures collection.  Once she obtains the last of of the Egyptian relics, she heads home.  She will need one final trip to China for the last two relics.


Molly has been thinking about getting a job but with two toddlers and an infant in the house, she decides to wait until Odo starts school.  In the meantime, she finishes sorting inventorying her collection and  finds some curious potions.


And, of course, potions are meant to be used… and Molly becomes the Queen of the Fae.


She decides to make her trip to China and get that out of the way so she can concentrate of other things.  Like maybe her family and a career or two.  It is nice when the right item shows up early.  The Dangerous Creatures collection is completed leaving only the final piece in the Zodiac Animals collection.  And success, finally!  With her sixth collection complete, Molly returns home and empties her bags.  She is done traveling.


The final collection consists of Chinese Vases, Dangerous Creatures, Gold Figurines, Dropa Stones, Zodiac Animals, and Canopic Jars.  Her plumbob gems include diamond, alabaster, quartz, pink diamond, citrine, turquoise, rainbow gem, and lapis lazuli.

Our first birthday comes with Bill growing into a child.  He adds no sense of humor to his traits.  An absent minded slob with no sense of humor.  It is probably a good thing he isn’t pink.


Following Bill’s birthday, Odo becomes a toddler and immediately begins his training.


While I had not considered the Imaginary Friends challenge at first, I have decided to add that to the list.  All three boys have received their special dolls and renamed them to insure that they are female.  As the challenge requires that every child marries their doll, Molly begins studying chemistry so that she may learn the special potion they will require.  Generally I find imaginary friends a pain in the a… neck, for this challenge I will attempt to not destroy the dolls.


You gotta love what I call the potty glitch.  You can see how their pink compares at least.  Oskar has a little more purple.


Molly will probably never win Mother of the Year.  Seriously, she doesn’t Hate Children but she has zero instincts when it comes to the boys.


Bill doesn’t even bother coming home from school until curfew.


I sure hope this is Oskar growing up… and he rolls clumsy.  This is still way better than Bill’s traits.  Way better…


Wade gets a little older and changes his hair style.  Molly is not sure about what he has done.  Or maybe she just realized that she will outlive him by four lifetimes.


Molly eventually figures out how to create the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium and makes enough for all three boys.


She spends a little time with Odo, reconnecting and remembering how to be a mom.

Odo had a fairly rough toddler time.  He was left in his crib for hours on end and even considered running away, if only he could figure out how to go down the stairs.  Really, no idea where he was going, as his queue said potty, which was inside the house.


With the boys all in school, it is time for Molly to get a real job.  If you can call professional sports a real job.  She runs down to the stadium and is hired to be a rabid fan.  Yeah.  With Workaholic one of the mini challenges, everyone really needs to be reaching the top of their careers.  Wade, I am looking at you.


Wade has not done a good job of getting promotions and decides to throw a party to work on his relationships with co-workers.  He also invites his alien buddy, Voohon Xip.  While Molly and Voohon hit it off and dance together, Eileen Glacier makes things awkward by hitting on Wade.


As the party is winding down, it is time for some birthdays.  Odo goes first, making the house toddler free.  He is a clumsy, friendly, night owl.  Still much better than brother Bill.


Speaking of brother Bill, there is now a teenager in the house.  Bill adds natural born performer to his list.


With all of the kids in school and Molly getting a job, the family is ready to start a new chapter.  Hopefully the last one before the heir is chosen and takes over.

No words, I just got nothing.  And now I get to go on a hunt to find this damn piece of custom content.



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