Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.1

After reading the latest joint legacy between MeadowThayer/Haleigh (MeadowThayerr) and Taube/Roxanne (22Taube), The Quest Log, I decided I wanted to to do a joint legacy with my sister. We talked through several ideas, deciding that instead of a regular legacy, we would share a Board Game challenge. This is only eight generations instead of ten, but the rules for the challenge sounded like fun. So, here we are.

The Board Game challenge was created by Javabean Dreams (idreamofjava). The challenge as a whole is based upon Monopoly and each generation is a set of properties, so there are color requirements specific to the generation. Then each generation is also based upon a second game and has goals and rules specific to the second game.

So this is how this is going to work. I will start with generation one, with a founder created by Deanna (singinghymns, dlwarren). When the oldest kid becomes a teen, we will setup a heir poll for all of the kids. The heir poll will run until the oldest kid becomes a young adult – so two game weeks. At that point, the heir will be determined. We will transfer from one generation to the next at the point that the heir becomes a Young Adult. We are going to share the save file so all progress within the neighborhood will be kept.

Generation One Rules:

Monopoly: Mediterranean Avenue & Baltic Avenue

Color: Purple

Secondary Game: The Game of Life

  • Founder may only enter one of the careers that are shared by The Game of Life and Sims 4:
    • Entertainer
    • Athlete
    • Detective
    • Doctor
    • Business
    • Artist
  • Only the founder can be employed. Spouse and children must remain unemployed.
  • The founder and spouse must take a honeymoon after getting married.
  • With the birth of every child, deduct §1,000 from the family funds.
  • At the end of the generation, prior to the changeover, the family must move to a new home/new location.


Penny Bags (created by singinghymns)

Traits: Family-Oriented, Active, Art Lover

Aspiration: Big Happy Family (thanks Deanna)

Career: Artist, Painter

Really? Really. Penny is starting on the largest lot in Newcrest. While the challenge states “standard legacy rules apply”, the challenge involves moving several times, so she is only going to be here for one generation and then they will move as they hand off to the next generation. So, Newcrest. Really.

She also has to give up all of her savings so that she is starting off without the cash. She buys the Knight and then gives away the remaining §3,300. I could have let her keep the §1,800 that most normal legacies start with, but I didn’t.

She is not really impressed with these choices, but she will survive.

And I just noticed that she has braces. And lots and lots of freckles. Deanna done good.

Penny checks her list and she needs a spouse and a job. A house would be nice also. Even a simple hut would do. So, she heads out to see who she can meet. At her first stop, there are a lot of teens and paparazzi running around.

While she waits, she gives the punching bag a few rounds.

And then she hears that he is here. Izzy Fabulous. And isn’t he fabulous? She tries to introduce herself and makes a complete fool instead.

But he doesn’t leave and eventually he starts talking to her. She is able to get some pictures for the house.

Apparently Izzy likes her enough to agree to become her BFF.

Getting tired of all the interruptions, Penny invites Izzy back to her house. Umm, her empty lot.

While she is working the romantic, Izzy makes the first kissing move. Dude, used mistletoe and everything.

Of course, Penny took advantage of the situation and got Izzy to agree to be her boyfriend. Of course, he never promised to be exclusive.

Izzy received a text and he had to leave. Which works out fine for Penny because it is time to get a job and start making money. Since I know Izzy will bring cash into the household when he moves in, Penny is going to have to earn enough money for the wedding and the honeymoon before that happens. I am thinking that once she has §1,000 and a basic shelter, then she will be able to propose to Izzy, marry him, and move him in. So, she finds a job as a Painter to get started. She also sells some of the extra pictures she took of Izzy so at least she has enough to buy dinner now.

As Izzy heads off, Penny begins a sweep of the neighborhood. She actually collects two §100 frogs and begins breeding them.

She stops at the park next door to meet the chick with light purple hair.

Apparently she was a distraction and Miko forgot to finish cooking the chicken, and it is too advanced for Penny to finish. So, there is sits, not quite ready to eat.

Back at the “house”, Penny cleans out her inventory, selling what she collected. She also makes sure to vote for one of the NAPs – the one that will benefit her as a painter. Promote Creative Arts is the name is the NAP.

She is able to buy an easel, leaving just enough to start a small painting. Hopefully she can sell it for more than the canvas cost.

After spending all of her money painting, she finally gets to where she is selling them for more than their costs. It is also getting really late, but the food stall is still open so she heads over to grab a bite to eat.

After eating she is planning on getting some sleep on the nearby bench. She doesn’t think about changing until she is just about frozen.

She changes her clothes into something warmer and then sleeps pretty well for the rest of the night.

It is just about time to go to work for her first day, but first she must pee.

The day is over and she survived, but she is not having any fun. She is challenging me on why she has to wait to move Izzy in.

Despite her falling needs, she is able to make a sweep of the neighborhood for things to sell. She makes enough to get a bed and shower. She is out of money though so there won’t be any painting tonight.

Penny makes her daily rounds to collect the collectibles and I see that Marcus is stealing the wild plants. I didn’t realize that NPCs would harvest wild plants, or maybe it is something I set in MCCC? Accidentally.

Penny needs something fun to do, and then I remember she is Active, which means she is also tense from not working out. So, two birds, one stone. It works just enough to get her back to collecting.

Another day, another dollar, and a promotion, so that is good.

The weight of the challenge has landed squarely on Penny’s shoulders. She is completely exhausted.

She is still using the public toilets, and struggles to get home afterwards.

Izzy has come by to see her every day. He is waiting patiently for her to get back home.

The two needs that are completely in the red – energy and fun. So, she asks Izzy to help her fill one need and then she sleeps until morning.

Izzy stands there viewing the empty easel until finally he leaves.

The next morning, more collecting, this time in a storm. She tries to collect as much as possible before leaving for work and then gets the rest when she gets home.

Dude! Y’all need to stop harvesting the wild plants until Penny has what she needs.

Izzy is back and Penny is on her way home.

Yes!!! Damn straight Penny is taking this money.

As soon as she wakes up, she will be proposing to Izzy.

Say yes, say yes, say yes.

He said yes. It is only Wednesday evening but it feels like it has taken forever to get to this point.

Penny asks to see Izzy’s formal wear and he is already wearing the purple. He is perfect for this generation’s spouse.

She adds the cheapest wedding arch to the back corner and they head over for an impromptu wedding elopement under the arch.

They seem just perfect for each other.

The vows and the rings are exchanged.

The confetti is thrown and there is the first kiss as a married couple.

Izzy Fabulous

  • Traits: Genius, Outgoing, Cheerful
  • Aspiration: Party Animal
  • Career: He will be quitting from his current job as a Dedicated Dresser in the Stylist career (level 6).

Izzy sells the three lumps of clay and keeps the sketchpad and camera that is in his personal inventory. In the family inventory he adds the style board, which is sold, a computer, dresser, and mirror. He brought in §20,000, which they suck it up and donate to charity.

They head in for some post wedding woohoo, but Penny is still struggling.

While he waits, Izzy starts painting. But he stops when Penny finally gets there.

After the woohoo, Izzy completed the painting and sold it while Penny got some more sleep. Then it is time for their honeymoon, so Penny calls and makes the arrangements.

They go to the smallest, and cheapest, rental in Granite Falls, where they will be spending two days for their honeymoon.


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