Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.2

Penny and Izzy begin their honeymoon with some woohoo and then some sleep. Penny is still suffering from the effects of trying to get this challenge started. She will be using vacation days since she is supposed to be at work today and tomorrow.

Izzy takes the moment to quit his job, since the challenge doesn’t allow him to be employed. Then he makes some prints on his sketchpad before falling back into bed for some sleep. At least he has a great way to make money while staying home.

After a good night of sleep, the first thing they have to do is to watch the season premiere of some television show.

Then there is lunch of sandwiches, since they chose the smallest and cheapest cabin, the one without a stove. Although now that I think about it, there is a grill outside.

They try their hand at fishing, and while Izzy picks up it up quickly, Penny keeps giving up and leaving.

I finally get Penny to continue to fishing, but now it is time for Izzy to work on his aspiration some. He heads into the common area to meet and greet as many sims as possible. He also makes himself a few new friends.

Once Penny made the effort, she began catching fish. I was hoping she would catch good, non-fish items, but no luck there.

They meet back at the cabin for dinner and bedtime. It was a pretty good day.

I keep catching Izzy at the mirror – he is a one-star celebrity with the Networking perk and the Vain Street quirk. Penny is opted out of the spotlight, but Izzy is going to do his best to stay in the spotlight. If he loses his one-celebrity, then he will retire from the celebrity lifestyle.

It has been a long time since I have taken sims to Granite Falls and just let them chill out.

This must be Izzy’s signature movement.

Since it is Love Day, they plan a date. Unlike at home, where they can have home dates, in Granite Falls they actually have to so to a non residential lot. So, they end up in the National Park. Penny does her part to blend in by developing tiger stripes.

After they finish their date, and complete Love Day traditions, they head into the Deep Woods.

They collect nothing. And they sneak into the Hermit’s House to use his bathroom.

Yes, they are newlyweds.

With their vacation winding down, they stop at the fishing spot near the waterfall for a few hours.

Then it is time to head back to the cabin to get ready to go home.

Penny makes their last meal while Izzy greets another of the neighbors.

One last quiet dinner before getting some sleep before heading home.

And, they are still newlyweds.

And then, they are back home. Their house received a little bit of a remodel while they were gone, so it is much more welcoming than it was when they left.

Ahh, Caleb. Still rocking the weirdness.

It takes a little bit but eventually he leaves on his own. No one got their blood sucked, this time.

While Penny works on her paintings for work, Izzy heads out to vote on the NAP for this week. He chooses the NAP for being active, fit, and clean.

Then they split the neighborhood up and make a collecting run.

Penny was going to sell this painting, and then she realized that it would fit into their house perfectly. So this one is getting hung on a wall. I might be slightly tired of purple by the time this generation is done.

Penny is taking a nap so Izzy heads outside to meet more sims. He actually completes the first tier of his Party Animal aspiration. And now, he needs to start throwing parties. Joy.

Who?!? Prisha is the bear that Izzy made friends with while they were in Granite Falls. She invited herself in and cannot be asked to leave.

Social distancing. Now if only the sims that don’t live here would leave…

It doesn’t take long before Penny finds out she is expecting their first child. And as she wants to have a Big Happy Family, that means they will be having at least three children. Thanks Deanna.

With a baby on the way, it is time to expand the footprint of the house beyond that of the tiny house.

Of course, it is still pretty bare inside.

They don’t even have a kitchen started yet. They have been living out of the small fridge.

Then they spend the rest of the weekend painting and sketching. At some point I remember Plopsy – or rather, I notice the option when they are selling the paintings. So, they are trying Plopsy now. The gratification is not immediate, but hopefully the higher price for the items will make up for that. Since they have a baby coming, they are making sure their savings never dips below §1,000, which is a challenge by itself at this point.

During the day, while Penny is at work, this is where you can find Izzy. He is never far from his mirror.

I was surprised with Izzy changed clothes and headed out of the house, so I followed him. He ran up and introduced himself to Katrina Caliente. This is summer and apparently this is the randomized hot weather outfit EA put her in.

Katrina leaves and Marcus joins Izzy for an afternoon chat. I can control Izzy but there isn’t much for him to do at the house yet. Soon, he will be taking care of the baby. Helping Penny take care of the baby.

Speaking of Penny, she comes home with another promotion. She is now a level 3, Hungry Artist.

Izzy will be handling all of the repairs so that he has a purpose around the house.

The infant space is ready, and yes there are two bassinets in there.

Penny wakes up and attempts to use the bathroom before giving birth. But that is not to be. She also doesn’t have the chance to take a shower. It is go time.

Izzy just realized how much this pregnancy is going to cost them – §2,000. That wipes out their savings.

Ace and Beau, twin boys, join the family.

Penny and Izzy get both boys fed and settled for the night. Then Penny pays the bill for their birth.

Of course, Penny forgot to take off her family leave, so she heads off to work, leaving the twins home with Izzy. He does pretty good with them, even without my help. He also changes them into their new onesies. Ace is on the left and Beau is on the right.

Penny earns another promotion, now she is level 4, Watercolor Dabbler.

Paint, paint, paint. They both keep painting and now that the babies are born, they work on the house every time they get something built up into savings.

Woo! Penny sells her first masterpiece for 4x the amount the art gallery was going to pay her.

Using the money from the masterpiece, Penny makes a huge improvement on the kitchen.

Of course, then she finds out she is pregnant again. Since she had twins the first time, she plans to put back enough for twins again. Maybe. There is so much work to be done on the house and the twins are soon to become toddlers. Truthfully, they live most days with less than §100 in savings. Once she enters her third trimester, then they will begin saving for the new baby/babies.

It is time for the twins to become toddlers. The peace and quiet is gone forever.

They grew into the same hairstyle, so they will keep it. And they will be virtually impossible to tell apart. I believe they are identical twins.

Ace is the first born of the twins, and he became a Charmer.

Beau is the second born of the twins, and he is Inquisitive.

They both get their first sitdown on the potty and then it is bedtime.

Ace peed on the floor and that made him sad. It was actually a struggle to get them in bed with a story. Not sure why, but second time was the charm and both toddlers finally fall asleep.


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