Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.3

Morning comes and the boys are set to learning their skills. Ace was supposed to be working on communication but the overwhelming need to check on him means Penny is working on thinking instead. Not really complaining as long as he is working on something.

While I was getting Beau up to level 2 on the potty, Ace slipped away from me.

Thankfully Izzy is hovering so he was right there to scold the boy for playing in the toilet.

Well that isn’t any fun. Both boys got the red eyes, which is weird since Penny’s are lilac and Izzy’s are green.

Finally, both boys are on the potty, where they will stay for the day. Or at least until they get hungry or sleepy. But this is their job for today.

Izzy is not a neat freak, so there is no reason for him to be mopping the grass.

Izzy made food so the boys take a break from their potty training to fill their bellies.

Then it is back to the potty for more training. Beau is the first one to master the potty so he is sent to the stuffed bear for communications.

Once Ace masters the potty, Penny reads him to sleep. Beau is still working on communication.

Penny puts Beau to bed once Ace is asleep even though he hasn’t quite mastered communication. It has been a long day and the boys have done well.

The boys have been good about staying on the same schedule. They sleep at the same time and eat at the same time, and they even potty together.

There is enough money in savings for the boys to get a large dollhouse. They will gravitate to this all day.

With a few breaks here and there for making messes and talking with the stuffed bear.

Beau is the first, again, to master communication.

Izzy gets the boys to take a break in the afternoon for several stories. And I just realized, they have not changed out of their sleeping outfits all day.

Ace finally masters communication, and just in time, as it is bedtime. That means for their first two days as toddlers, they have both mastered one skill each day.

Penny comes home and helps to get Ace to bed, then she collapses in her bed for the night. The baby is expected to make an appearance before morning. That leaves Izzy to clean the house before he can get some sleep. They don’t have the Free Services trait and can’t afford a maid yet. Although they did spend §100 for a caterer to come in and stock the fridge.

It is time for Penny to have this baby.

Of course, it is twins again. This time it is a mixed set – Penny is holding Claire and Drew is in the second bassinet.

The boys check out their new siblings and they are both pretty pissed. And then, on top of that, there is a thunderstorm raging outside, so they are also scared of the thunder, lightning, and rain.

It is time for the toddlers to have their first bath. Izzy takes Ace…

And Penny takes Beau.

Today is the day to work on imagination, so the twins are going to be making messes. Beau thinks he wants to go outside to do that, forgetting all about the scary thunderstorm.

Ace is happy making messes in the house and gets right down to business.

Beau runs back inside and realizes that it is just as much fun to make messes inside.

The boys didn’t master imagination today, but they both reached level 4, so that is good.

Ace decided to check out the new rocking chairs and caught a quick nap before he was put back to bed. He got up to potty and eat, so that he can sleep through the night.

Beau, on the other hand, was in the process of getting into bed, when it just become too much. He takes a quick nap before letting Izzy put him to bed.

Everyone is asleep except Penny, so she gets to enjoy some television without interruption before heading off to bed herself. I was going to have her pregnant three times, with the expectation she would have three sets of twins. But with the four kids now, she has enough to work on her aspiration – she only needs three.

Penny gets the boys up early for some story time. She isn’t doing this for them so much as she needs to read to children for at least two hours. Beau is cool with that, Ace not so much.

Another story.

And another. At this point, it is for the boys and Beau has now mastered imagination. Ace is really close, but not quite there.

The boys are both needing to go down for a morning nap and first they need some food for their hungry bellies.

While waiting for someone to have a moment to read them to sleep, they follow Penny around watching her.

Penny leaves for work so Izzy gets to put them to sleep.

Ouch. I have MCCC to auto pay the bills each week, and this is the first week where they have not had the money in their account when Monday rolls around. The bills are still way too low compared to how they were before Eco Lifestyle was released. It also reminds me that they need to add solar panels and water collectors before the inspector comes around to check them out.

Instead of spending their savings on the eco items, they buy the kids a slide for the indoor hallway. The boys are working on their last two skills – Ace is sliding for movement and Beau is watching for thinking.

They have each reached level 4 in the skill they are working on, plus they are level 2 in the other skill. And now it is time to eat again and go back to bed.

Ace and Beau switch places and continue working on their remaining skills when they wake up.

It is also time for Claire and Drew to become toddlers – and count them, there are four toddlers for the next three days. Claire is the only one to pick up Penny’s eye color. Drew also got the red eyes as Ace and Beau. Claire is Fussy and Drew is Angelic.

After letting all of the toddler work on their skills and then eat, Izzy decides it is bedtime for all of them. And since it is only early afternoon, they will probably be getting off of a normal schedule as a result.

Beau has been the top performer between him and Ace. He will probably be the first one to become a top-notch toddler. And he is so adorable.

With just the last little bit of thinking remaining, he grabs the tablet and sits to play a game. I got tired of spamming watch, so he is doing this.

Ace finally mastered movement, so he is using the blocks for the same reason. I am working on Claire and Drew now.

Claire and Drew are spending the night on the potty. This is not what they would call a fun time.

There was a strange girl standing outside, so Beau takes his tablet and heads outside to chat with the stranger.

W.T.F? This was not planned. I wasn’t even aware that they did anything to make this possible. I had originally thought that she would have three pregnancies, but decided after two sets of twins to call it quits on the kids.


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