Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.4

Claire is the first of the second set of twins to master a skill. Communication, of course.

Ace and Beau are both top-notch toddlers, so they are left to their own devices until their birthday on Friday. It is currently Wednesday evening.

There is so much purple in this picture. And as I work on the house, I think about how the next generation will be moving out and living somewhere else.

Taking advantage of the fact that all of the toddlers are awake, the two younger ones are set to skill-building. Claire takes her turn on the slide for movement.

Drew gets a little time with the stuffed bear but then he is sent for some potty time.

While Claire and Drew are working on their skills, Ace and Beau are getting baths. Guess who used their diapers this time.

Just another picture of Claire as she figures out the movement thing.

A lot of work was done on the house, spending all of their money. The kitchen is done – although I will probably add a dishwasher at some point. And maybe a microwave.

The living room is done. Ignore the tree, still waiting on Winterfest, but the tree is permanent.

The front entry with the globe bar that no one has used yet.

The front part of the activity room, which is just art type activities and the computer.

The other side of the art room. After taking the picture I find some canvasses that are stacked up against the wall and those are placed under the blue painting.

From the front door back to the baby pod on the left.

Izzy and Penny get Ace and Beau back to bed with stories.

Then they work on getting Claire and Drew to bed. Penny is struggling with this pregnancy, although maybe she could have taken a moment to pee before trying to get Drew to bed.

It is Harvestfest, and they need more money.

Today is the last day the boys will be toddlers. Their birthday is tomorrow, and hopefully it will be early in the day.

Izzy makes the grand breakfast feast, which was poorly done. While the traditions are satisfied by the eating of the feast, the toddlers then are sad because it tasted bad.

Drew begins the day with his first mastered skill – the Potty.

Claire and Drew are working hard on their skills, leaving Izzy and Penny to play with Ace and Beau.

At this point, I have just given up. Claire and Drew are being directed, and the house is a complete mess.

I thought Izzy had found the bar but it was actually Penny. However, Izzy is the one that drank the drink.

Penny paints her first masterpiece and since it is in the house colors, she hangs it up in the boys’ bedroom.

Then she paints her second masterpiece and posts it on Plopsy because we are not hanging that up in the house.

Vlad has been poofing in and out of the house all evening. He thought he would fit in with the pink sunglasses, but that is a nope.

Izzy was directed to read Claire to sleep. In her bed. This is not going to work. Claire has now mastered communication, movement, and potty. Drew finished the day with the same mastered skills. They will be working on imagination and thinking starting tomorrow.

The notification for their birthday has just popped up, so Izzy is making a cake and they are getting their last sleep as toddlers. They have both mastered everything so will be aging up as top-notch toddlers.

Both boys wake up while the cake is baking and they head for their last time on the potty chair.

After Izzy gets the cake ready, he brings them to cake, in birth order, so Ace goes first.

Then Beau gets his turn.

Ace becomes a Cat Lover and takes the creativity aspiration.

Beau becomes Neat and takes the mental aspiration. They have not had their makeovers yet.

More rooms are finished – starting with the master bedroom.

And the master bathroom.

After joining the scouts, the older boys begin working on homework and their badges at the same time. Drew chose to eat near Beau so he was useful in that aspect.

Today is the day of messes as Claire and Drew begin working on imagination.

Beau needs a chess table and chemistry lab since he is working on mental.

Ace gets to use the art table and they add a keyboard for his music practice.

Miko comes over, but she lost her chance to become part of this challenge. There is no room at the inn. Besides she married a Landgraab, apparently.

Drew takes his mess-making ways outside. And happy to see that he changed into his cold weather outfit first.

Penny is home with a promotion and two more sales on Plopsy. She should be going into labor soon.

Claire masters imagination and Drew is getting close.

Unfortunately for Drew, he doesn’t get it mastered before he passes out. Penny was standing there about to put him to bed.

Between putting Drew to bed and getting Claire in bed, Penny has a little accident of her own. It didn’t help that the other toilet, which was closer, is/was broken.

The boys meet in the kitchen as they have something to eat before heading off to bed. It has been a long day for everyone.

It is time for the last of the babies to join the family. And yes, it is twins again. This time two girls – Emma and Faith.

Drew is the first one up the next morning, if you can call it morning when the sun hasn’t come up yet.

Ace was soon after and they both congregated at the nursery, noticing their new twin sisters. Ace is sad, Drew is angry.

Beau swings by and leaves with an attitude also.

Izzy and Penny are amused by the reactions of the older kids. They will accept their new sisters soon enough.

Ace and Beau head off to the river to do some fishing and earn their outdoor badges. Drew is working on mastering imagination.

Claire is the last one up, and she is stinky to boot.

Drew masters imagination and he will now get to spend the last three days of his toddlerhood learning how to think.

Claire just found the new twins and she is also angry.

Izzy spends time with the toddlers listening to Claire bitch about the new babies.

Badges complete but the boys stay to fish until it is time for scouts.

Seriously, she is yelling at everyone now. It doesn’t help that she is fussy.

Claire’s yelling hurts Drew’s feelings.

Drew and Claire are going to watch each other to level their thinking. Nothing wrong with this plan, is there?

Back home from scouts, Ace and Beau are working on more badges. Eventually they will get back to their aspirations.

As the evening winds down, one of the boys, Beau I believe, tries to work on his social and funny badges with Claire. She is not impressed.

Claire is ready for bed and Izzy is standing nearby waiting to put her to bed. If only she would wake up.


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