Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.5

Beau starts off the day by working on his badges with Drew. Drew happens to be in a good mood today, because it is only Claire that gets up pissy. I mean fussy.

Speaking of the devil. Claire and Drew are working on thinking by watching. Drew is watching Beau and Claire is watching Drew.

More watching with some fussing thrown in for spice.

Ace needs to complete the social and funny badges and he has two toddlers in a decent mood.

But it is time for scouts, so Claire and Drew have a pleasant conversation for a change.

More watching, and they both get to a sliver away from mastering thinking and claiming top-notch toddler.

Back from scouts it is time to work on some more badges.

Last one to bed is Beau as he tries to finish up the arts and crafts badge. He runs out of steam before he finishes the last two drawings. But once he is done, both boys will only have the fitness badge remaining.

The morning peepee walk as everyone looks for a toilet to use.

For some reason, Ace decided to walk outside, where he peed on the sidewalk.

It is almost time for the youngest twins to become toddlers. Timing is pretty good as the oldest twins have just about completed their badges and just need to work on their aspirations. The middle twins are just about done with their skills training. My goal is for all six children to be viable candidates for the heirship.

With nothing to occupy them, Drew wastes no time in making messes. Penny scolds him for the mess.

And then he promptly makes another mess. When he realizes Penny is about to scold him again, he quickly goes to sit on the couch where he tries to convince her he is angelic.

Being scolded hurts his little toddler heart.

Meanwhile, in the older boys room, Claire is making her own messes.

Penny finally has a moment to help Emma out of the bassinet. Emma is a clone of Claire – both in hair and the fact that she is fussy also. There are definitely some makeovers coming up once the boys get home from school.

As Penny takes Emma to the potty, Izzy is heading over to give Faith a boost.

Faith becomes Independent (thank God).

While the youngest are having their birthdays, Claire and Drew have decided to have a hugfest.

They might have been stuck in a loop because they kept hugging each other over and over until Penny caught their attention to check on Drew.

After their first time on the potty, it is important for the youngest twins to get some food. Claire and Drew keep them company while they eat, although it really looks like Claire is holding court.

I send everyone to take a nap while we wait for the boys to get home from school. Then I also change the lot traits to remove On Ley Line and Party Place, adding in Child’s Play and Good Schools. It is time to get these children well educated.

After makeovers, everyone basically stayed the same, just tweaked their outfits. Except for Emma, who gets a new hairstyle so that she can be told apart from Claire. For the record, Claire is the only one of the children that got Penny’s eyes. The rest got the reddish color eyes. Just saying.

Must be bedtime. Faith queues up three temper tantrums in a row. Once the toddlers are put to bed, and the boys are in bed, Penny and Izzy collapse. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

The oldest boys go to school, the middle twins are sent back to bed, and the youngest twins are working on skills. Faith is pissed about having to potty train but she is also waiting on someone to make more foods to eat.

The middle twins are up and the house is so hectic at the moment. It feels that way anyhow.

Dumbass caterer can’t figure it out. and I just realized there is a pile of debris in front of the stove, which is probably why she couldn’t actually make anything.

Izzy dismisses the caterer and begins to clean up and complete the meals she started. And that is when I remember that it is the twin’s birthday. Yay!

Penny gets out the cake and takes Claire to blow out her candles first. I also just found the digital sketchpad. I was wondering where Izzy had put it.

Claire blows out her candles.

And then it is time for Drew to blow out his candles.

Faith is complete done with this day. She is miserable – lonely and hungry and exhausted. Penny puts her to bed first and then comes back for Emma.

While Penny is putting the girls to bed, Izzy has a private birthday as I forgot it was also his birthday. But at least he was able to finish making all of the meals, except for one which was above his skill level.

The middle twins got their makeover and Drew rolled this for his swimsuit. He gets to keep it since that is apparently what he wants to wear. Drew rolled Green Fiend and took the Social aspiration.

Claire rolled Self-Assured and took the Motor aspiration. That spreads the four child aspirations across the oldest four children. The youngest girls will be randomly rolled. Every one was sent to bed and then they were gotten up to take care of needs in a staggered manner and then sent back to bed.

Because, today is finally Winterfest.

Izzy is sad because his birthday was forgotten, but he will get over that.

Claire is working on badges.

Beau is trying to get focused but he is too excited about the holiday and it is interfering with my plans.

Ace is working on creativity, mostly he needs the time on a musical instrument in order to progress to the next milestone.

Drew needs to meet new sims, so he is taking his homework to the park.

The youngest twins are getting fed so they will have the energy to get some skills done and make it through the holiday traditions.

Emma has mastered the potty and she really needs a bath because that green stink is not all from the potty.

Since Beau can’t get focused for his homework, he works on improving his mental skill. Once the holiday starts, he is finally able to get focused and complete his second homework. Now, if he could just improve his grades.

Drew comes home from the park – it was empty (6am) and he opens a present. Everyone will be opening a present periodically throughout the day rather than one big group.

I didn’t take pictures of everyone, just the ones I noticed. The action was queued up among other actions, so I didn’t catch everyone. I did notice that Faith received a child’s violin. Someone is being optimistic.

Daylight has come so Drew and Claire are heading out to the playground. Claire is playful for her aspiration, Drew is still trying to meet new sims.

Izzy receives a knitting basket so he begins knitting. Emma is working to get thinking up to level 2 so she can use the blocks. I don’t normally use the tablet but I am managing too many sims at the moment, and this kept her occupied.

Drew really wanted to meet sims his own age. This is the only one that wandered by.

Claire finds a moment to open a present. I have no idea what anyone got, and I am not going back to look. They got a lot though.

Drew gives up looking for children and begins greeting everyone that he sees.

This was a surprise. Random stranger gives child a present. I believe that is the opening scene of a cop show. I believe he received the penguin television.

Faith finally gets a bath, and then Izzy tries to put her to bed.

Ace just mastered creativity, which means he will complete his aspiration when he finishes the drawing.

As Ace is mastering creativity, Beau is mastering mental. While Ace will complete his aspiration shortly, Beau still needs an A in school, and he only has a C.

Penny snags up Emma and puts her to bed. It is only 4 in the afternoon, but then, they have been up since 6am.

Aspiration completed, Ace just has one badge remaining, and he also needs to improve his grade from a C to an A before his birthday.

Everyone was heading to bed – it has been a long day. Beau didn’t quite make it.

Father Winter finally shows up so now it is time to see who needs to talk to him to complete the holiday. Since everyone is asleep, only those that still need to complete a tradition for gold will get back up.

Thankfully, Beau didn’t need to get up since he has already passed out once. Ace, Claire, and Drew all get up to meet Father Winter and ask for a present.

That works nicely for Ace and Claire. But, Drew never had an option to ask for a present, so he sang and shared that Winterfest feeling. Happily, this got him to gold, even if he couldn’t ask for a present.

The kids are back in bed and now Penny is up. I didn’t think I was ever going to get him to leave and everyone in bed at the same time, but eventually it was done.


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