Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.6

It is Thursday morning and we still have until Monday before the youngest twins become children. Between now and then, there are two holidays – Night on the Town and New Year’s Eve.

Time for the twins to improve their creativity. Hopefully this stage will pass quickly.

Faith masters movement, and as soon as Emma gets it mastered, this slide is going bye-bye. Or maybe just moved outside.

Izzy can’t stop the girls from making messes today, so he drinks. He drinks until he is sent to work on his knitting. He is making some cute things for the house.

The pod of kids come home from school. Ace actually has an A now, so he must have gotten a B I missed earlier in the week. Beau, Claire, and Drew all have a B now. They are all sent to work on homework.

Emma is throwing a fit because she is hungry. She had already taken the plate of food to sit down to eat, when she decided she needed to throw a tantrum first. Eat the {damn} food child.

Dinner for the toddlers, homework for the children (Drew is in one of the bedrooms), and Izzy is still knitting.

It has been a long day, and they start way too early. The toddlers are done for the day and waiting on someone to read them to sleep – because they have not mastered imagination yet, so they must listen to stories every possible chance.

As everyone starts to wake up, they are all assigned tasks to complete before work and school.

It is possible that they could use a third bathroom, but oh well.

They are dancing between every activity in order to work on the fitness badge.

Emma mastered movement, leaving just thinking – which is also the same skill Faith still has to master.

There are messes made until imagination is mastered – now they just have thinking remaining. For a hot moment I forgot about watching Izzy and had them checking out the canvasses. Then I remembered.

Izzy is working on the knitting aspiration and the toddlers are watching him knit. Emma is lonely.

Emma is still lonely.

Izzy tries to escape from the watchers.

But it doesn’t work.

Everyone is home, and I believe they all have an A now. I will check “tomorrow” when I open the game again. I do know that Beau got an A because he has now completed his aspiration.

Penny receives a promotion to the split and she chooses Master of the Real.

Since it is free food day, Penny and Izzy head over to get some free food. Izzy, at least, had the brains to put on his cold weather outfit. Penny just froze while she ate and then ran home. Thankfully, she didn’t actually freeze. I am not quite ready for her to die.

The toddlers are done with the day. They are to about level 3 (Emma) and level 4 (Faith) in thinking. It is Friday night and they still have until Monday (I believe) before their birthday. Easy peasy.

Ace and Beau have both completed all of their badges. That means there is nothing that I will be directing them to do until they become teens. The focus is on the toddlers for their last skill, and the middle twins to complete their aspiration and badges.


So, this update has been played out over quite a few weeks. So, if it jumps around or seems like I don’t know what happened previously, well guilty. I added dividers in the spots where I stopped one session and started a new one.

Today (9/3/2020) was the update for the Star Wars game pack that is coming out next week (or most likely, by the time I actually post this, today 9/8/2020).

The toddlers are my focus until they master thinking.

They are looking all cute and adorable but they are both truly pissed off for one reason or another.

Izzy needed to knit while listening to music, so they had to add a fabric cube next to the stereo. Whatever, LOL.

Faith has mastered thinking and she is done. Emma still has a bit to go but she was so unhappy that she wasn’t gaining any skill.

Clean, but still unhappy. And she woke up Faith, who had gone to sleep already.

Finally, Emma has mastered thinking, so Izzy puts her to bed.

While the toddlers sleep for the next two days (I wish), the middle twins are working on their social and funny badges. Ace and Beau have completed both their aspiration and their badges, so they get almost a full week to just be kids.

I did mention that Ace and Beau had completed their badges. They dropped out of scouts because the weekend meetings just gets old.

No, no, no, no. Emma is re-routed to the kitchen to eat something, and then Claire is sent back to bed.

Oops, guess what I forgot…

Faith gets up about 3am and she thinks she is going to wake up the oldest boys. She is sent back to bed.

Ace and Beau are still up early though, and since Claire had an uncompleted project, the boys decided to work on it for her. Normally, once the kids have an A in school, I save their projects for teens, or sell them if they are already teens. But since Claire started it on her own, they will see this through.

Everyone is pouting because they forgot to watch the countdown to midnight.

My focus is now on the middle twins – so everyone else is doing whatever. 🙂

Claire and Drew head off to the park for some fishing since it is still mid-winter at home.

With that badge, the twins have become Llamacorn scouts. And then I remember that they still have to complete their aspiration.

Drew needs a BFF, so Claire is the logical choice.

Then they both drop out of scouts.

Claire heads out to the park for some motor skills while Drew is working on making friends with three children and two adults.

Back home, everyone is still alive, and actually pretty happy.

Penny masters painting and I remember that she still needs to work on her aspiration.

Monday finally comes around, and we are going to get some birthdays this week. All four of the kids are getting ready for school, and yes it will be nice to have them out of the house for the day.

Izzy is trying to help Emma blow out her candles but the maid snatches up the cake and puts it away before Izzy can get her there.

The second time works and Emma blows out her candles.

She is excited because she thinks birthday wishes come true, but life is about to teach her a lesson.

Faith is the last toddler of this generation and the maid has been warned not to touch the cake.

With the maid properly engaged, Faith blows out her candles.

I send Emma and Faith to claim their new bed and get some sleep. We are waiting on Penny to get home before they have their makeovers. Drew is working on his social skill while Ace is watching television. Izzy really just wants to have a bath.

So, Emma rolled Glutton and then she rolled Whiz Kid.

Faith rolled Cat Lover and then also rolled Whiz Kid. For real, I used a 4 sided die to roll.

The girls climb back into their bed and everyone is going to sleep tonight.


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