Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.7

With such a full house, there is currently a lot more playing than picture taking. The kids get up really early Tuesday morning since they all went to bed without eating. That means we get a chance to remind ourselves where they each stand. Ace and Beau have completed their aspirations, received all the badges, and earned an A in elementary school. They are just waiting for their birthday to become teens. Claire and Drew have earned their A in school and received all the badges. They just need to master their skill to complete their aspiration, so they will be taking a day of vacation to get that done today. Emma and Faith are just beginning as children – their grades are still at C level, their aspiration is just beginning (they both rolled Whiz Kid), and they have just started to work on badges.

Penny is working on both her career and her aspiration. I belatedly realized that she needs logic for her career, so she is working up to level 2. Izzy is working on the knitting aspiration so his butt is tied to the rocking chair as he attempts to knit ten excellent items.

It doesn’t take long and Claire has mastered motor and completed the aspiration.

Drew takes a hair longer as he needed someone he could talk with, but he also masters social and completes his aspiration. Now the focus is on the two youngest twins.

Penny finally gets a break and heads out to a local gallery to admire some paintings. That gets her to the last tier of her aspiration – five masterpieces.

Since Emma and Faith have the same aspiration, it should go better and faster for them as they will be doing the same things.

Probably should have let them go to bed without playing three games of chess, but oh well. Emma passed out inside the house. Eventually they both made it to bed.

Emma and Faith work on their homework the next day. It is probably really early in the morning because I have been sending them all to bed when they get home from school and then letting them work on stuff when they wake up.

For the mental aspiration, they need to have an adult read to them for two hours. Apparently this never happened as toddlers, so Penny is reading them the same book over and over until the two hour timer checks off.

I don’t blame her – Penny gets some hot tub time in before going to work.

Izzy is having a bout of extreme loneliness. He is struggling with the knitting of excellent and legendary items, but he is able to check off the other tasks on the milestone. And he chats with a friend to take the edge off.

Home from school, Izzy is still knitting and one of the kids brought home a straggler. I thought he was one of mine until it finally dawned on me that his hair is not lavender.

It is time, finally, for the older twins to blow out their candles and become teens. Ace goes first, because of course he does.

I am actually loving this, although I am sure there will be a makeover coming at some point.

Ace rolled Cat Lover as a child and then he rolls Genius as a teen. He also rolls the Bestselling Author aspiration.

Beau takes his turn at the cake as I am holding my breath that he blows out the candles before someone steals a piece of the cake.

Okay. Surprisingly, I am also liking this for Beau.

Beau rolled Neat as a child and then Perfectionist as a Teen. He also rolled the Bodybuilder aspiration.

Ace and Beau grab a quick nap and then get their homework completed. They also complete a project so hopefully they will get their A’s pretty quick.

The focus now is on Emma and Faith as they need to improve their grades, complete their aspiration, and earn all the badges.

Apparently I changed Love Day to be a day off from work and school. And today is Love Day. So, the teens are sent out for writing classes, because the next generation is about reading and writing. (then I re-read the rules for the Scrabble generation and I am not right).

However, they do need a level 3 skill for school and Beau is being difficult. Ace went to two writing classes and reached level 3. Beau went to three writing classes and is still level 2.

While the teens were taking writing classes, the youngest twins were working on badges. They are stuck on their aspiration, needing to complete homework while focused one more time. They already have an A in school, so they just need to complete the remaining badges.

And then I forgot it was Love Day so that sucked for everyone.

The teens are definitely going to have makeovers.

Emma and Faith are pushing hard to get their badges done this weekend.

Ok, makeovers are happening in a few minutes.

Izzy is still trying to knit excellent items but first the entire house has to get sick.

This is the commemorate the last of the badges for this generation. All six children have become Llamacorn Scouts.

The girls spend the rest of their weekend working on mastering mental. That way, once they get past the focused homework, the rest of the aspiration will be quickly completed.

Penny finally paints her last masterpiece and completes her aspiration. Now if only Izzy would get on the ball with his…

Izzy needs to create several more legendary knitted items and then he needs to teach Penny to knit.

Emma is the first of the last set of twins to complete all of her childhood goals. Just waiting on Faith to get out of playful and into focused so that she can catch up.

Faith finally is able to complete her homework while focused and then it is time to create three emotion potions, and the last child aspiration is complete. In fact all of the kids have done their things.

Izzy is the last holdout on getting shit done. In addition to creating legendary items, he is also working on unlocking all of the knitted items in the catalog for the rest of the family.

Drew decides to be a bear. A sick bear that stays home from school. At least he decided to be a purple bear. Although I keep thinking I should be putting the kids in light blue, and then I think that the heir will get to be light blue and the rest will remain purple.

My sims don’t get to use moodlet solvers often, but I really want Izzy focused. He is really close – just needs one more legendary item and then to teach someone to knit.

Damn, damn, damn. I must have missed the announcement that it is Claire’s birthday. She surprises me with this.

That means Drew is right behind her, but he is able to get to the cake in time.

And that makes four teens and two children. Claire and Drew will need to get an A in school but otherwise, everyone is on free willy time.

Claire rolled Self-assured and Dog Lover along with the Beach Life aspiration.

Drew rolled Green Fiend and Snob along with Academic aspiration.

I just realized I never showed Ace and Beau with their makeovers… There are eight days until Ace and Beau reach their Young Adult birthday. At this time, the game file will be transferred to Deanna. Eight more days. One more update.


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