Monopoly & The Game of Life, Chapter 1.8

This should be the last chapter of this generation. But there are eight days remaining to play, so it all depends on what the family throws at me.

I missed another birthday. Penny has just become a Middle Aged Adult. But don’t tell her that.

Izzy finally crafted the last legendary item and he is one item away from becoming Lord of the Knits.

He teaches Penny to knit and completes his aspiration. That means the only remaining things to take place are for the teens to earn an A in school.

Claire and Drew have been working on gaining a skill so that they can get their A in high school. They have been working really hard. Way too hard for a simple level 3.

Faith notices a blue haired boy walking by. Bklue – aqua? Whatever – it isn’t purple.

Penny earns a promotion and has reached level 8.

Inside, Izzy has given up on his knitting. I try to send him to bed but he gets back up and naps on the couch instead.

Penny needs to improve her logic for her next promotion, so she is sent to play chess and promptly forgotten.

It isn’t fair. The teens are getting part time jobs once they have their A in school. The boys all need a level 2 skill while Claire’s job requires a level 4 skill.

This has been struck by lightning but it doesn’t give me the option to replace like other broken and burnt items. Eventually, I will remember to replace it when I am in build mode.

I added a Summer Fun holiday that includes grilling, egg hunting, water activities, and the Flower Bunny. Drew is the only one that ends up needing to be friendly with Flowers to complete the holiday. The rest of the household gets there with egg hunting, water sliding, and grilling.

The holiday is over and Flowers is still hanging around.

Claire fights off a sprained ankle and heads out for a run in the rain. She is still working on getting her fitness to level 4 for her job as a life guard.

Free willy time, and they all choose to dance.

Izzy is looking to see where Penny is, and if she is going to come get Faith to stop playing on the rocking chair.

Sunday brings birthday cakes for Emma and Faith, and now everyone is a teen. Three more days until it is time to hand this off to Deanna (when Ace and Beau become young adults).

Emma rolls Glutton and Romantic, and actually rolls Serial Romantic.

Faith rolls Cat Lover and Kleptmaniac along with Master Chef for her aspiration.

Dumb-ass. Faith took a job in the Fast Food career so she is working on building her cooking skill. This is not how that is done.

The kids begin the last 24-hours of this generation.

Claire decided to start a phase where she just wants to be far away from her family.


And then I got distracted by work emails and forgot to pause the game… not much happened as everyone is still alive…

The hot tub is where the teens hang out when they are avoiding the rest of the family. But I only catch them in the hot tub one at a time, never two or more.

Today is birthday time for Ace and Beau. They take the day off from school to hang around the house. Waiting for their birthday bubbles.

And it is time to blow out the candles and end this update. Deanna will be taking over the next generation.


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