Montrose Legacy, Scoring

Scoring (70 out of 103 possible points)

Family: 9 points

I did not have a generation with 10 children, but it did cross my mind.

Creative: 10 points

Generation 8 (Finola) reached level 10 writing and wrote a biography for all heirs and spouses before her death.  I do have the new magic painting and I wish that had come out before I started.  But it didn’t.

Fortune: 6 points

You would think after 10 generations that the family would have more money, but several generations didn’t work, they played.  And there was never many in the family – just the heir and spouse for each generation.  They were within §100,000 of the next point but did not have enough time to do anything of value to get it.

Love: 6 points

The 9 spouses brought 20 unique traits – 1 short of another point.  And, while both Love aspirations were completed, they were not completed by the same sim.

Knowledge: 7 points

Ahh, knowledge.  Over the course of the legacy, skills were mastered 59 times.  Generation 6 (Roisin) mastered the most skills with 10.  Unfortunately, not all skills were mastered: Guitar, Mischief, Pet Training, Pipe Organ, Violin, Wellness.  Our toddlers never mastered Communication or Thinking.  Thinking is always the hardest skill for my toddlers to learn.  I find they learn Potty, Walking, Imagination, then Talking, and maybe Thinking.

Athletic: 8 points

Aspirations were completed 39 times.  Generation 7 (Laoise) completed the most aspirations with 7 (but she was a vampire – even so, none of the ones she completed were related to being a vampire).  They never did complete all aspirations once, skipping both Deviance, all the Family, all the Vampire, Grilled Cheese, Mansion Baron (you would think I would have set this up to complete as an easy one, but no, I didn’t), City Native, Outdoor Enthusiast (it is so hard to get the 5 nights in the tent to register), and Party Animal.

Nature: 7 points

Generation 7 (Laoise) completed 13 collections and set up the consumable aspiration rewards while Finola painted all of the emotional paintings.  The only deaths on the lot were Old Age, Overexertion (no, I don’t generally kill my elders through woohoo, nope not me, can’t prove nothing), and Sunlight (the Count came by for a drink and forgot to go home afterwards.  I don’t know why, but serves him right.  Seriously, this one wasn’t me).  Because I wasn’t worried about regular careers, the only ones that were completed were Detective (gen 3), Doctor (gen 4), Scientist (gen 5), Mixologist (gen 6), Start-Up Entrepreneur (gen 7), Art Critic (gen 8), and Chef (gen 9).  None of the spouses reached the top of their careers.  None of the teens ever took jobs – they were too busy working on skills and values.

Food: 5 points

I thought this would be easier, but seriously not.  The fridge and stove was a piece of cake (pun intended).  Generation 9 (Aoife) mastered all four skills – cooking, gourmet cooking, baking, and mixology.  Generation 6 (Roisin) and Generation 9 (Aoife) each reached the top of the one of the Culinary careers.  Both of their spouses got fat. During Generation 6 there were many dinner parties with at least 6 sims sitting at the table eating, and still silver was the best Roisin could do – yet, Aoife earned two gold medals on her only two dinner party attempts.

Popularity: 4 points

Speaking of parties, just for the record, I hate social events.  The only one I can do well is the Dates.  Which don’t count for anything but the number of Gold Medals.  Generation 6 was the party generation and Roisin got at least silver on everything she threw.  The one event type never attempted was the Wedding Party.  She only achieved Gold on the Date and Play Date.  As mentioned above, Aoife got Gold on the Dinner Party.  Throughout the legacy, the family as a total of 3 Bronze medals, 12 Silver medals, and 21 Gold medals.  If my math skills don’t fail, that means those 21 Gold Medals consist of 2 Dinner Parties, 1 Play-Date, and 18 Date-Dates.

Deviance: 8 points

This category was the easiest, but caused me the most heartache, and led to the one time I considered going back to a previous save.  Only briefly but the thought crossed my mind.  Over the course of 6-7 generations, each sim, as they were dying, would bequeath their inventory to their heir.  Potions accumulated.  Inventory grew.  By the time generation 7 (Laoise) was working on the collections her inventory was massive.  She was trying desperately to get the last damn void critter card.  She seriously only needed one card.  Buy, open, sell/delete.  Buy, open, sell/delete.  At some point one evening, I was delete-delete-delete-deleting.  I must have accidentally deleted a stack of Potions of Youth.  I didn’t realize it until the next day when I went to count it for the spreadsheet.  I believe it was well over 99+ but I couldn’t prove it.  I thought about going back to a previous save from the day before but would have lost so much collecting progress and the thought of replaying was not palatable.  So, I sucked it up and pulled up my big girl panties, whimpered a little bit, and moved on.  To put this in perspective – generation 6 alone completed seven aspirations and my sims don’t get to buy Moodlet Solver potions or very many traits, so that was a lot of aspirations points to spend.  They spend their points at the end of their life on Potions of Youth to score their success.  Generation 7, 8, and 9 busted their collective asses and managed to earn back 47 bottles of Potions of Youth.  The remaining 33 bottles were only worth 2 legacy points but would have taken 49,500 aspiration points so we are happy with the points earned.

Parenthood: 1 point

Every heir had five-character values when they aged up to young adult but I was not able to get Argumentative, Insensitive, or Irresponsible.  I tried but I just couldn’t play that way.  It is easy enough to achieve all five-positive value on a single sim.  During the child age, have the parent teach to say sorry (conflict resolution) and teach please and thank you (manners) until they are in the range.  Then during the teen age, have the sim spend one weekend doing six volunteer activities back to back for empathy.  They should also jog to clear mind for emotional control every day.  Responsibility comes from doing their homework daily.  The hardest part is keeping them from asking for advice.  They will always lose ground on one value, which then must be made up.  Conflict resolution can sometimes be made up by asking an elder how it feels to be old and then apologizing, but not always.  Negative traits are hard for me to do, but the two I did get, I found it is easier to start as a toddler when the behavior was still cute.  And it was fun to watch my adult sim throw a tantrum and belch and fart.  Keep in mind that every so often, a fart is not just a fart and Laoise would go take a shower.

Handicaps: 0 points

Nope, no extreme start for me.  I like Twin Oracle Point – nice size, no neighbors.

Penalties: -1 points

One time, one freaking time, I forgot to pay the bills.

Family Tree

I use the wonderful Plum Tree App website for my Sims family trees.  This website was created specifically for sims legacies.

Montrose Legacy


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