Moon Wolf Pack, Chapter 0


This is a challenge created by Lilsimsie, Hatsy, and Steph0sims. The goal of the challenge is to live off of the land with six dogs and a raccoon, eventually building a house worth §50,000 – and doing all of this on the short life span – and before the raccoon dies. There is no scoring – it is do or die trying.

I decided to give this a try as I was looking for something to do between drifter houses. My parameters for the challenge was something that was a single generation challenge. I did make a list of challenges that I found and this is the first one I am going to try.

Our dog-loving sim is Saga Moon. She is excited to move to a remote, uninhabited island in Brindleton Bay along with her raccoon and six dogs. Saga is Dog-Loving, Cat-Loving, and Outdoor-Loving, and her aspiration is to become Friend of the Animals.

Joining her on this challenge are her raccoon and six hunting dogs…

  • Brittany is a Brittany – Hunter, Active, Smart
  • Timber is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi – Hunter, Adventurous, Vocal
  • Goldie is a Golden Retriever – Hunter, Loyal, Friendly
  • Pepper is a Papillon – Hunter, Active, Playful
  • Winter is a Samoyed – Hunter, Hairy, Couch Potato, Adventurous
  • Dixon is a Shih Tzu – Hunter, Sleuth, Loyal
  • Rocky is a Raccoon – Territorial, Mischievous, Aloof

Saga takes the initial §2,000 and builds some walls, sets up a camp shower, and stakes out a tent. She is starting off with the Tier 1 Micro Home (32 squares) with all six of the special traits, plus three more regular lot traits:

  • Lighten the Load (lower bills)
  • Let’s All Get Along (relationship gains)
  • Let It Grow (plants)
  • Feelin Fine All The Time (happy, inspired, focused)
  • You Got The Touch (skills increase faster)
  • Cozy Comforts (everything is twice as comfortable
  • Off-the-Grid (no bills, no utilities)
  • Private Dwelling (no visitors)
  • Training Ground (pet training skills faster)
  • Penny Pixies (random amounts of money found)


I started over several times working on how to get started. One change I made was to remove Off-the-Grid and add Penny Pixies. The other was to start with a different house setup.

Now, Saga is ready to try again.

The main reason I removed Off-the-Grid is because Simstagram Pet doesn’t work without utilities – power and internet.

The first day was productive but fairly miserable. It rained all day but everyone worked together to help provide some shelter.

Winter is a couch potato and she does not like hunting, even though she is a hunter. She tended to stay close to the “house” throughout the day. I also noticed that Saga would try to thank each pet, which meant she kept running off of the lot, which then resulted in packages being left all over the island. She went around looking at the end of the day, trying to collect everything.

She also received enough feathers that she was able to assemble and sell one of the bird statues, which allowed for a nice addition to the house. Having read Soulgal7’s completed challenge, I did pick up a few tips. One of them is to capitalize on the poop. Each poop thrown into the Nanacan is worth §80. So the can was added, all of the dogs were told to go poop, and Saga went to bed.

The instant Saga got under the covers, everyone came running to get some sleep also. She is going to need to add a tub for baths, but for right now, they all just stink.

At the end of the first day, or rather, Monday morning… §6,875… and it is still classified as a Micro House, 32/32 tiles

Saga buys a tub, but she never has time to give anyone a bath. She hasn’t slept in hours. This is rougher than those twin toddlers that chased me out of the Drifter House 010.

I am probably going to have to regroup and start over, but I haven’t given up yet.

Everyone came home to sleep except Brittany. She just stayed where she was even though Saga called her home.

Well, this is actually not too bad at the moment. The sleep they get after being drained is quicker and more filling than actually sleeping.

This is the bird statue that you can assemble from the feathers the raccoon brings home. It sells for §2,500 each.

Saga is begging me to stop this madness.

Saga has been calling Brittany and when I check on her she is acting like she is either stuck or something.

Saga heads over to check on her and calls all the hunters to go with her.

After making sure Brittany can actually get out of the pile, everyone heads home.

Today is bath day, which, yeah right. Saga is able to give three baths before she says fukit.

This is truly worse than twin toddlers and is coming close to being about as rough as three or four toddlers. I am definitely going to regroup and reconsider my approach. I am doing something not quite right for it to be this bad.

Rocky has been chasing birds and he decides to sleep away tonight.

Saga had to get up and call Rocky to get him to come home. Then she goes back to bed, leaving the doggos to wonder what is going to happen now.

Okay, starting over. Same Saga, same pups with some modified coats. This time I am going to try to not get panicked that I will run out of time. Rocky will be an adult for 12 days and then he will have a few days as an elder. So basically, two weeks to build a house worth §50,000 using primarily what the dogs bring home.

Saga still starts off the first day by sending the dogs off to hunt. She also send Rocky out to chase some birds.

The presents come in at a fast clip all day Sunday.

She tries to give baths as the dogs come home, but they might just live to stink.

Winter was a couch potato last attempt. Now she is adventurous but she stays close to Saga as much as possible.

Rocky brings home enough feathers for his first bird assembly.

Goldie is the stuck dog this time, only maybe not so stuck as she eventually does come home.

Saga decides she needs a bath and who needs walls. The dogs also need to have baths, but it takes two baths to clean each one, so really thinking they are just going to stink.

The first doggo to get sick is Brittany. Once she comes home, then Saga can work on getting her well again.

Saga buys the cheap exam table and gives Brittany a thorough exam. Turns out she has Squirrel Scratch Fever, and the only thing Saga can do is put the cone of shame on her until she feels better.

They are finally settling into a routine where the dogs hunt during the day, then Saga makes a round of the island to collect the gifts they didn’t bring home. She tries to sleep whenever she can, but the tent is not working with the dogs.

She decided that she would have to have a small garden, both for something to do while the dogs hunt and to supply a small daily income. That all being said, I am going to restart one more time. This time I have faith it will be the one that I complete.


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