Moon Wolf Pack, Chapter 1

I promise, this will be the last restart. I will either complete the challenge this time, or I will move on to something else. I am making a couple of changes to the rules. The most important is that I am changing the life span back to Normal; but, the house will still need to be §50,000 by the time Rocky dies.

Saga spends all of the initial §2,000 that she is allowed to start the challenge, and this is what she has to show.

Rocky starts his campaign of terrorism on the local birds. Saga loves the feathers than he brings home.

The dogs are all off hunting, and as they bring home something to sell, Saga is working on filling the five feeders.

It has been raining all day, so everyone is a little soggy.

When Saga lays down to nap, all of the dogs get some sleep also.

Rain, rain, all day long. Saga has been thinking that she really needs to build a shelter.

One good thing about the rain is that she can shower in the rain. The dogs will need a tub, but at least Saga can stay clean while it rains.

The first day ends and everyone lays down to sleep. Saga has been able to plant one Bonsai plant and fill all of the food bowls. She is hoping tomorrow is a financially productive day.

It didn’t take long before the first dog got sick. This is Pepper, who is a Papillon.

Saga wants to buy her own exam table so that she doesn’t have to leave to take the dogs to the vet when they get sick, and the good one is §2,500, so everyone works hard. Rocky, the Raccoon, brings home enough varieties of feathers so that Saga can assemble the bird statue and then sell it for the table.

Pepper is still hunting, but leaving a trail around the island.

Success! And, even better, Pepper can be cured with a small treatment.

Monday night comes to an end, and while Saga has started on the house building, she is still sleeping outside, with the dogs spread out around her.

Saga has been using the grill on the island to make a platter of burgers, which she then eats until they spoil. Which isn’t long. She is hoping to collect enough soon to add a basic kitchen to the house.

Her days are spent sending the dogs out to hunt, loving on them when they come back, and trying to figure out other ways to make money.

At the end of the day Tuesday, she heads over to the dogs that are “stuck” on the beach. They aren’t really stuck as they get out to greet her but they won’t come when she calls.

She has also been hanging on to all of the shower in a bottle that the dogs bring home, because she really needs those. Rocky is having his first fight – with a ghost cat.

All of the ghost dogs come to visit also, but she hasn’t tried asking them to hunt for her. Hmm.

A view of the “house” in the daylight. It is 8×4 (32 tiles) with a roof covering 16×8. So basically, four 8×4 sections.

On Wednesday she makes another trip around the island, collecting items that weren’t brought home and collecting her missing dogs.

In order to make sure no one gets lost and to try to actually find all of the gifts, she takes the pack with her. Yep, there are seven present.

She would scope out the next gift, run to pick it up, then call the pack to her. Apparently that was boring because Brittany ran away before they could get home. She posted a missing pet bulletin and now she waits for her to come home.

Wednesday ends and Thursday begins and her lot is currently worth §8,627. If only she could get the dogs trained to stop waking her up and to stop barking. And drinking out of puddles. And playing in puddles. But mostly she wants to sleep.

Brittany came home and Saga makes a point to welcome her back. Then she locks all of the pets out of the house. They have the shelter under the roof, which will become the pet porch as the house is improved.

Needing some refreshment, Saga takes another shower in the rain. She is going to have to break down at some point and get a tub for the dogs.

The house is coming along with a current value of §11,598. I am really trying to avoid the need to manage a garden, so almost all of the weight of earning funds is falling to the dogs and Rocky. That being said, she has removed the Bonsai plant (§35 per fruit, but only one fruit per harvest). Now she has Bluebells (spring and summer) and Roses (spring and fall) and Catnips (all year round).

I doubt the house itself will get any larger. The rest of the value will come from the fixtures and furnishings as the interior is defined and decorated. The lot traits are Training Ground, Penny Pixies, and Private Dwelling.

Rocky gets into another fight, this one is with Dixon. Dixon wins the fight also.

When Saga turned around to see who was fighting, she slipped in the mud puddle and went splat.

She is done and over with today (Thursday).

All of the dogs are home except for Winter, who is camping out on the beach. Saga thought about going to get her, but realized that she wouldn’t make it without passing out.

Bright and early the next morning – Friday – Saga heads off to get Winter and bring her home.

Back at the house, Rocky has a great day collecting feathers, and he finds two of the missing feather allowing Saga to assemble two more birds. That pays for a very nice tub for the dogs and the beginnings of the kitchen.

Every dog gets a bath on Friday. Then Saga collapses into bed and doesn’t move until Saturday morning.

After taking Friday off from hunting for the batheing, Saturday was supposed to be a back to work day. There were some items brought home, but there wasn’t a lot of effort in the process. This fight is not Rocky. It was Brittany and Goldie.

Saga insisted on going to bed early – she is still training the dogs against waking her up during the night and she isn’t getting a lot of sleep – and when she went to sleep, so did the rest of the pack. Wherever they might be at the time. Dixon and Rocky were the two off-lot this time.

More progress is made on the house while Saga sleeps. She gets up in the morning and actually has a kitchen, bedroom, bath, and living room.

She needs to become companions with one of the dogs, and Winter is the one that has already been right at her side, or under her feet. And they have a great relationship, so there is that.

Rocky is the star of the show though. His feather gathering has virtually paid for the entire house. While Saga runs the island looking for items that never made it home, Rocky comes with and gathers feathers as they go. He makes it possible to assemble three or four more birds.

Saga calls it a night and heads to bed. She is letting everyone into the house since most of them are trained in some manner. The value of the house is §26,452. Rocky is 8/11 days, and I just realized that I never did change this back to Normal, so they are playing on Short.

Monday morning (I think) Saga is the first one awake. It is time to get the dogs up and hunting. They can’t assume Rocky is going to bring in enough to finish the house.

Pepper is sick again, but this time it is just fleas.

Bees! She needs bees! Her roses are in hibernation so she is relying on the Blue Bells for some daily income.

It is bath day again, although she doesn’t start until mid afternoon, and six dogs takes about twelve hours. It will be Tuesday morning before she finally gets to bed. It feels like we lost the momentum the moment I realized I was still on Short. So, don’t be surprised next chapter to find out I went ahead and changed it to Normal.


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