Moon Wolf Pack, Chapter 2

As we return to Saga and her pack, the house is just over halfway at §26,586; and Rocky probably has about a week left. The lifespan setting is still set at Short – I am going to continue on and try not to freak myself out that Rocky is going to die too soon. It is Tuesday morning of the second week. And time to get these lazy bones up and out hunting. Okay, so I forgot to take a picture of them sleeping, but here is Saga making herself some breakfast.

Oh no, the doggos are becoming elders: Dixon is the first one to have the sparkles.

Saga is standing out of the way while Rocky collects some feathers. I have to keep her out of the way because she will shoo the birds away before Rocky can scare the feathers off.

Winter is the next one to become an elder.

Then, it is Goldie’s turn.

Pepper makes number four, and the last one to age up on Tuesday.

Saga spends Wednesday fishing while the pets do their collecting. She catches some fishes and a camera, but nothing really valuable.

Rocky finally brings home the missing feather. For the entire first week, it was the Heron feather that he couldn’t find. Now it is the Parrot feather.

Of course, Goldie enters her dotage with one illness or another. Luckily, it was something Saga could cure with a medicated biscuit.

On Wednesday, Timber ages up. And at some point, Brittany aged up but I missed that one.

Saga is trying to take pictures for Simstagram, but Pepper is the only one that understands the process. The rest hid behind walls and furniture when it was their turns.

The thunder and lightning is scaring the pack and they are not going out to collect anything. So, Saga sucks it up and makes the rounds to see what was left off the lot.

Dude – really? Saga sent him to scare the birds, and then she went to bed. It is like they are tied into her schedule because the instant she went to sleep, so did the rest of the pack.

Oh great. Now Saga Brittany has had her birthday. That just leaves Rocky the Raccoon as an Adult, but I expect him to become an Elder soon. It is now Thursday morning, and I was hoping to be done by Friday evening. That all being said, she has enough, if she sold the remaining feathers, and spent all of her savings, she would be at §46,165-ish, so it is possible.

She should have planted lilies as soon as they were in season, or before. They are much better than blue bells, but they don’t bloom until summer. Thursday is a nice, clear day, so everyone hunts all day long.

I have been doing the math and she almost has enough funds to finish the house. It will take everything she has, and everything she can sell, but depreciation has not been calculated so she will probably be a little bit short. Once Thursday is done, or when Rocky becomes an elder, she will pause and sell and build.

Last collection of the day, and it is time to spend it all expanding the house.

Saga has spent all of the money on the house, and is at §47,128. So close. She takes winter on an adventure to see if they will bring anything home – they catch a trout. Or rather, Winter stole the trout from the sim they met on the adventure.

So, everyone is heading out for some more collecting. She is going to finish today – Friday of week 2.

One of the tricks I learned by reading Soulgal7’s completed challenge, is that dog poop is worth §80 by throwing away in the Nanocan.

The last bird statue is kept on the lot as a trophy for completing this challenge. The final house value is §50,259.

The house still qualifies as a Tiny house – 64 tiles. The pets area does not count towarsd the tile count because there isn’t any flooring and the fourth wall was left off.

The final interior – kitchen and bedroom, living room, and pet recognition wall.

It is Friday of week 2, and I am Done!

Timber is the last one home, but all are now accounted for…


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