Mulligan Legacy, Chapter 1.1

So, the Tara in Chapter 1 has been replaced by this Tara.  Yep, another restart, but this one has gotten off to a good start and I am happy.  Finally.

Tara Mulligan – Loves the Outdoors, Cheerful, Insider – Angling Ace

With another restart under way, Tara once again moves into the now-empty lot of Dresden House.  She immediately joins the Garden Gnomes club and heads off to her first club gathering at Hare Square.  She doesn’t plan on getting a job until she can purchase the Connections trait.

01-30-16_8-48-19 AM

Members of the Garden Gnomes include Moira Fyres, Bjorn Bjergsen, and Lucas Munch.  Activities for the club include fishing, gardening, and collecting frogs.  With the aspiration to become an Angling Ace, Tara convinces the members to join her fishing off of the pier.

01-30-16_8-51-34 AM

Starting over also means that Tara needs to make enough money to buy the suit of armor again.  She takes a minute to introduce herself to Preston Diehl.  She hasn’t decided on a spouse yet, so options are good.

01-30-16_8-53-54 AM

The entire club can finally fish together.  Tara has the plan to take over the Garden Gnomes once she is ready to get married.  There isn’t any point in becoming leader until she is ready to replace the members with family.

01-30-16_8-55-46 AM

At the end of her first 48 hours, Tara really needs a shower, but she become the leader of the Garden Gnomes, reached level 9 fishing, and is 4 unique fish away from completing her aspiration.  She has enough money to return home and get started on the legacy properly.

01-30-16_9-46-32 AM

Having sold all of her fish, Tara purchases her Suit of Armor, along with a fridge, counter, stove, toilet, shower, sink, and decent bed.  Those fish turned a pretty decent profit.

01-30-16_9-56-52 AM

After a visit from the Welcome Wagon, Tara takes a quick nap and then heads out to a party at the Chalet Gardens.



As the party winds down, Tara heads off to Granite Falls for a quick vacation.  Quick, as she can only afford to rent the campground for 1 day.  She invites Moira and Bjorn to join her for a club fishing trip not realizing that club gatherings are not available here.  With no time to waste, Tara heads off to the river to start fishing.

01-30-16_1-14-01 PM

Tara completes her aspiration Saturday morning at the end of her first week.  She sells all of her fish and heads home with $7518 in the bank.  She has successfully survived the first week of the extreme start without getting married or pregnant.  She switches her aspiration to Curator and prepares for the next challenge – locating a spouse, a house, and a bushel of kids.  Or something like that.

01-30-16_1-56-26 PM



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