Mulligan Legacy, Chapter 1.2

I had such a hard time getting this legacy started, with many restarts, that I did not do a good job of documenting what was happening or even taking pictures.  To date, Tara Mulligan has started her legacy with the extreme start and selecting the Dresden House lot. She spent the first week working on her fishing, making a pretty good nest egg by the time she finished it.  She had joined the Garden Gnomes club and spent the week with several of the club members, fishing and rallying the troops.  Once she completed her aspiration, purchased her suit of armor, and set up some basic household needs, she started looking for a companion.  She thought she might have a chance with fellow club member Bjorn, but he was happily married and refused to do anything more than flirt.  Then she saw Minkz. Minkz was already single and more than willing to give her the time of day, and night.  They were quickly married and he joined the Legacy Gnomes club.  Tara had convinced the leader of the Garden Gnomes to step down, renamed the club, and changed the activities.  All members of the household will be a member of the club until they die or move out.  Now that she was married, it was time for everyone to get jobs.  Minkz took a job as an Entertainer with the goal to become a musician.  Tara took a job as a Secret Agent hoping to become a Diamond Agent.  Finding herself pregnant almost immediately results in the birth of a daughter, Shea.  Tara’s legacy will go to the first born each generation so the plan is to only have one or two children each time.

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By the time Shea is ready to become a teen, the family has had a fairly profitable run.  Tara has mastered Logic and Fishing and completed Angling Ace and The Curator and is on the last tier of Freelance Botanist.  Minkz has mastered Piano and Guitar and completed Musical Genius.  Shea is a prodigy mastering Mental, Social, and Logic and completing Whiz Kid.  The family is living in the Back to Basics house built by Zenith25.

01-31-16_5-14-31 PM

And to tie up this chapter, where I only took three pictures, while Tara was waiting on the Tulips to grow behind the Landgraab mansion, she needed to potty so she stopped in to say hello.  Just in time for both Nancy and Geoffrey to meet their fate.

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Tara Mulligan

  • Loves the Outdoors, Cheerful, Insider (Collector, Appraiser, Angler’s Tranquility, Connections)
  • Angling Ace, The Curator, Freelance Botanist
  • Secret Agent, level 7

02-01-16_6-10-43 AM

Minkz Hayden

  • Music Lover, Foodie, Self-Assured (Piper, Quick Learner)
  • Musical Genius, Fabulously Wealthy
  • Musician, level 5

02-01-16_6-10-50 AM

Shea Mulligan

  • Genius (Mentally Gifted)
  • Whiz Kid, Social Butterfly
  • “A” Student

02-01-16_6-11-00 AM


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