My Immortal Rose, Chapter 1

You lucked out when it came to parents! Since childhood, you have basically taken care of yourself, and it’s only gotten worse since you’ve become a teenager! Now you’re stuck this way until you complete all thirteen given tasks while keeping a roof over your head and food on the table.

I have already completed this challenge once, but other people have completed the challenge with a better score, and I am no longer in the Top 5. So, I am going to play again, this time for the points. CeresIn has the top score of 3,397 and Jenn has the fifth place with 1,719. My goal is at least high enough so I don’t have to worry about getting knocked out quickly. So, my goal is 3,000 points, which would put me in 3rd place.

Basically, there are thirteen tasks to be completed before she becomes a young adult.

  1. Max a part time job
  2. Have a BFF
  3. Have at least 4 boyfriends/girlfriends
  4. Be friends with 13 people at the same time
  5. Earn $13,000
  6. Collect 13 different rocks, gems, metals, or collectibles
  7. Catch 13 different fish
  8. Write 13 books
  9. Paint 13 pictures to decorate the walls
  10. Cook 13 different recipes
  11. Gain 13 skill points in any set of skills
  12. Grow and maintain 13 plants
  13. Throw 13 successful parties

In order to reach 3,000 points, she is going to have to complete most of the Extra Challenges.

  • Teenage Risk
  • School Nerd
  • Prestigious Callings
  • Perfectionist Streak
  • Hostile Home
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Well Rounded

Emmaline Rose – Immortal Teen

  • Traits: Genius and Cheerful
  • Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Oh yeah, she is also a vampire.

Katie Harper – Foster Mom

  • Traits: Mean, Loner, Slob
  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief

Katie does not get Hates Children since that doesn’t count teens. Her two negative traits are Mean and Slob. She gets Loner also so that she won’t look for a lot of socializing.

Household Lot

Katie and Emmaline move into an empty lot in Forgotten Hollow – Fledermaus Bend. And then, they spent all of their simoleons to build a house. Well, they downloaded a great little house by thewizardsam.

They did their best to add furniture to the house, spending every simoleon that they had in the bank.

They are finally allowed to enter the house, and Emmaline is smoking. She did not enjoy standing outside in the sun while the house was finished.

Katie also heads inside, on her own. Everything she does will be on her own as she is not allowed to be controlled.

As a vampire, the very first thing Emmaline needs to do is to figure out how to obtain perfect sun resistance. This is learned at the level of Master Vampire, so she needs to get busy. She also needs to farm some aspiration points, so she looks to the Vampire-related aspirations. These are fairly quick to complete.

  • Good Vampire: Tier 1 and 2 (900+1100 = 2000)
  • ✔Master Vampire: Tier 1 (900)
  • ✔Vampire Family: Tier 1 and 2 (300+1000 = 1300)

Caleb is the lone sim to show up to welcome them to the neighborhood. After awhile, Katie goes out to greet him. Thankfully, she does not invite him inside and he leaves.

Emmaline decides to start with scouts for her career, so after joining a local troup, she completes her homework.

She ventures out of the office and talks with Katie for a few minutes, and then it is back to taking photos and reading about vampire lore.

Emmaline continues to read the books about vampire lore until she has mastered the skill. They were expensive and she had to take and sell a lot of selfies in order to afford them. Once she is done reading, she sells the books.

She takes a break after the second book to check off some of the requirements for Good Vampire: drinking plasma and making friends.

She takes a break from studying to go to school on Monday and then Monday evening to meet the teens roaming the neighborhood.

Yuki is the first one she meets, and they become best friends with an awkward hug.

She also adds Sofia and Wolfgang to her friends list.

She tricked Katie into helping with her school project on Monday.

It was very difficult for Katie and she finally just quit. Left the project to Emmaline to finish.

Emmaline is trying different things using her vampire powers.

She left Katie hallucinating while she went to school on Tuesday. it took hours for the spell to wear off.

She invites Caleb over to give her some training. She also is working on her social badges. I am not used to having a teen still working on scouting badges, so I keep forgetting.

There is some fishing done, and she picks up several goldfish.

And she continues to research vampire lore on the computer until she becomes a Master Vampire and can purchase the sun resistance power. This takes until Wednesday to complete. Finally!

She picks up all three levels of Sun Resistance, Child of the Moon level 1, Command, Garlic Immunity, Vampire Creation, Cast Hallucination, and Detect Personality. Her weakness are Withered Stomach, Sleep of the Undead, and Fitful Sleep level 1.

Emmaline spends Wednesday hitting up all the houses with teens. She even makes a pitstop at the Delgato’s so that she can entertain Evie for one of her badges.

She also has to attend school because it is important to get that A. She works hard every day at school – Responsibility is going to be one of her character traits.

Emmaline has to paint a lot for several reasons. She is building her skill as this will be one of the skills she masters for the mini challenge. She needs to collect 13 masterpieces to hang in the house. And she needs the money from the paintings she sells – the ones that aren’t masterpieces. The sketchpad is won-der-ful!

Imagine my surprise when Slob Katie actually puts up all of the books. That might just be because the bookshelf was empty – she put them back and then began to take them out one by one again to read.

Emmaline came home from school stressed and more than a little bit hungry. She went straight for Katie’s neck. So much for the Good Vampire aspiration. It is much easier to drink straight from the source, and this ought to make Katie hate her by the time they are done.

No cares given. She watches the season premiere for Game of Lambs or something like that.

Angela and Lilith come over to finish making friends with Emmaline. At the moment she has her 13 friends. That will change once she starts finding boyfriends.

Hahahaha! Not even vampire powers can make a slob care enough to clean.

Emmaline and Yuki head out to the park, and she sees Hugo coming. It is Love Day and she is looking for a boyfriend. She makes friends with Gemma to replace Hugo on the friends list, and moves Hugo to the boyfriend list.

Back at the house, it takes a little effort, more than she expected. But they have a Gold Date, and he agrees to become her boyfriend.

She drinks some of the birth control, which I believe is from MCCC, and they slip into her bedroom to celebrate properly.

After the woohoo, Emmaline is hungry again. She wakes up Katie for a drink.

Another Hahahaha! I have never used the birth control from MCCC but she really doesn’t want to get pregnant and I don’t feel like turning off risky.

Moving on to the next boyfriend, she finds Duane Talla.

Duane can’t seem to detach from the toddler, Nani. Sister maybe? Who knows.

Emmaline brings him back to her house and he is much easier to get into bed. He also agrees to be her boyfriend. That makes two, and no she hasn’t broken up with Hugo. She doesn’t plan on it either.

Current Status:

  1. Max a part time job (Scouts level 4/5)
  2. ✔Have a BFF (Yuki Behr)
  3. Have at least 4 boyfriends/girlfriends (2/4 – Hugo, Duane)
  4. ✔Be friends with 13 people at the same time
  5. Earn $13,000
  6. Collect 13 different rocks, gems, metals, or collectibles
  7. Catch 13 different fish
  8. Write 13 books (4/13 written)
  9. Paint 13 pictures to decorate the walls
  10. Cook 13 different recipes
  11. ✔Gain 13 skill points in any set of skills (vampire lore mastered)
  12. Grow and maintain 13 plants
  13. Throw 13 successful parties


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