My Immortal Rose, Chapter 2

Emmaline gets out of the shower and checks, but Katie is still there. I don’t know why she is glaring at Katie other than she is a teen and having a mood swing.

She invites Alessandro over to become boyfriend #3.

She moves fast with him, and he accepts everything she offers.

Seriously, I had it queued up for her to drink the birth control and then they would go to her room, with the locked door.

Emmaline and Alessandro had their own plans.

I don’t know if they even noticed Katie was standing there in the bathroom.

I don’t think they really cared either.

Afterwards, Emmaline checks her social media and Alessandro is wondering what the hell just happened.

With most of the badges completed, Emmaline heads out for a jog or five. The last badge is the fitness badge.

Still jogging.

Back home, she wakes up Katie because someone is just a little bit peckish.

Yep, it’s not Katie.

With her writing skill at level 5 now, she can finally sell her books to the publisher. Before sending the books off, she made copies for herself so that she will always have the books she wrote.

Emmaline still has a pulled muscle from yesterday, and it is not counting down. As this appears to be a glitch, I open Edit in CAS and close without making any changes. Back in the game, the pulled muscle is gone.

She heads out for her last run to earn the badge.

She has reached Llamacorn Scout – level 5, and the “career” has been mastered.

After quitting the scouts and taking a position as a Barista, Emmaline invites Wolfgang over to join her Boy-Toy club. He made things challenging as he is gloomy and mean, but Emmaline knows what she is doing at this point.

This time she took her birth control first and then they went into the bedroom for their fun times.

Deciding it was time to take a stand with Katie, Emmaline lets her know exactly where she stands. At the bottom. By the time Emmaline is done, they are declared enemies and she has lost some reputation.

She also needs to replace Wolfgang on her friends list, since he is now a boyfriend. Kalani is walking by and she will do just fine.

If only Connections worked for teens, wouldn’t that be great. Anyways, Emmaline begins working her way through the base game part-time careers. She heads off for a shift as a Barista on Monday morning.

After she gets back from her shift as a Barista, it is time to change to the next job – Retail. yeah, my feelings exactly.

She really wants to drink from Katie, but Katie resists since they are technically outside. Catarina was not impressed and called Emmaline later to chastise her for drinking without permission.

After Retail comes Fast Food.

Apparently Duane broke up with her by text message. Not sure what happened there, but pretty sure MCCC had a hand in that.

By herself at home, Katie reads and dances and eats. She has reached level 5 in dancing and level 4 in cooking. Emmaline got rid of every book in the house except for the ones she has written. So Katie is reading Chapter 5 of the Immortal Teen Journals.

Luna came home from school with Emmaline today, and it looks like someone had an oopsy. The baby’s daddy is Jacoby Peck. He was almost one of Emmaline’s boyfriends, but he poofed away before she could meet him.

Luna notices nothing.

Fast Food is done, so Emmaline changes to Manual Labor. If everything flows correctly, she will do Manual Labor on Saturday morning and then Babysitting on Sunday evening. It is now just Wednesday evening, so she doesn’t have any work for two days.

Thursday afternoon, after school, since she doesn’t have to go to work, it is time to plant the plasma fruit. She is going to have a plasma fruit orchard. Although the return from eating one is minimal, it seems like the right thing for her to plant.

After planting the plasma fruit, Emmaline heads off to the park in Oasis Springs for some fishing and to figure out what collectible she wants to collect.

This is the weekend for fishes and frogs.

But first, Emmaline masters writing while finishing up book 11.

And there is that shift as a Manual Laborer. After which she changes to Babysitter.

The books are written – all thirteen chapters of the story of an Immortal Teen. There will not be thirteen updates to this challenge though.

She wanted some fun and two of her four boyfriends hate her now, Hugo is indifferent, but Wolfgang still has a thing for her.

And then she drinks from him. Surprisingly, he still likes her afterwards.

Now, she is off for fishes and frogs.

At this point I noticed it was Sunday, and her age bar is just a-bubbling.

She stops to drink the Potion of Youth and gains two more weeks to finish the challenge.

Then she drinks a Moodlet Solver to give her a fresh look on life. It worked and she now has all of the fish and 12/13 of the frogs.

I forget which day this is, but she is trying to find a place to search for frogs and do some grilling. This is not that place.

She found a quiet place in Newcrest and set to grilling 13 different meals.

Then she loaded them up and went looking for that last frog. As a note – the burgers are Veggie and Regular, and the hot dogs are Tofu and Regular. They end up stacked together but they are different.

She finds a 13th frog and heads home where she sets out the unique frogs and makes plasma pouches out of the leftover fish and frogs.

Here are the 13 fish – six in each tank and the 13th is in the small fish bowl.

A screenshot of her four boyfriends. Wolfgang is the only one that still likes her. Hugo is cooling off fast.

A screenshot of her friends – Yuki is her BFF, two of her boyfriends are still showing here, and then 13 good friends.

As she is working on the paintings, she masters painting.

Katie is completely worthless, except as a drinking fountain for Emmaline.

Emmaline checked her skills and realized she was 2% short of mastering cooking. So she cleaned up the mess and made one more meal.

Unfortunately it was Gourmet Cooking and didn’t do anything to her Cooking skill. So she made a fruit salad, and mastered Cooking.

She really needed some social interactions, and fun wouldn’t be turned down either. Twice.

I got caught up on the requirements and scoring so far and realized two things. She has the ability to complete the challenge in the third week, and all that is remaining are the parties and the character traits. So, she starts throwing Dinner Parties back to back to back.

She does have to take a break for Harvestfest, but since there isn’t any hope Katie will have a good holiday, as soon as Emmaline has completed the traditions, the holiday is ended, and they get back to the parties.

13 gold dinner parties – 13 rewards for her trouble.

Also, a picture of the plasma trees that are now fully grown and bearing fruit.

Emmaline is working on her traits – Empathy by volunteering. And there is lightning.

Once she has Compassionate, she kills an hour until school starts – she has missed no days, other than holidays (just the one – Harvestfest). She already has Responsibility maxed out. So her third trait will be Good Manners. Which she had maxed until she got into the fight and made Katie her enemy.

The fastest way to improve Manners is Friendly Introduction. So, Emmaline headed to StrangerVille so there would be a lot of sims she had not met yet. She introduced herself to everyone that came in, and maxed out Good Manners.

Emmaline is calling the challenge done!

Done, done, done!!! It is Friday evening, 5:35 pm, week 3 (day 20). She took no sick or vacation days, only official holidays.

The part-time careers she had throughout the challenge

  • ✔Scouts was maxed first – one meeting on the first Saturday.
  • ✔Barista (Mon or Tue 5-7 am) – one shift
  • ✔Retail (Tue 6-10 pm) – one shift
  • ✔Fast Food (Wed 5-9 pm) – one shift
  • ✔Manual Labor (Sat 7 am-noon) – one shift
  • ✔Babysitter (Sun 6 pm-midnight) – one shift

Current Status -Completed:

Final Score: 3,615 points

  1. ✔Max a part time job (Scouts) -completed
  2. ✔Have a BFF (Yuki Behr) -completed
  3. ✔Have at least 4 boyfriends/girlfriends -completed
  4. ✔Be friends with 13 people at the same time -completed
  5. ✔Earn $13,000 -completed
  6. ✔Collect 13 different collectibles (frogs) -completed
  7. ✔Catch 13 different fish -completed
  8. ✔Write 13 books -completed
  9. ✔Paint 13 pictures to decorate the walls -completed
  10. ✔Cook 13 different recipes -completed
  11. ✔Gain 13 skill points in any set of skills -completed
  12. ✔Grow and maintain 13 plants -completed
  13. ✔Throw 13 successful (gold) parties -completed
  • She played with aging on and had to use one Potion of Youth.
  • She mastered five skills.
  • She saved §94,033 for her future.
  • All paintings were masterpieces.
  • She became enemies with her foster parent, Katie.
  • She attended at least one shift at the five base game part-time jobs.
  • She earned three positive character traits.
  • She earned 15,395 aspiration points
  • Her final value was §178,872
    • Savings §94,033
    • Paintings §48,908
    • House §35,931


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