My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 1

This is what happens when I take a break from a challenge in the very beginning. I come back and judge all of the decisions I made previously, and then there is regret.

It has been awhile, Diary, but I am back. I learned something while I was away, something that I hope helps me with my tasks. Yes, that means I am starting over. My history doesn’t change, but my story begins again when I became a young adult.

This time I didn’t move to the city. Instead I found an empty lot in an empty neighborhood in an empty town. I laugh because the lot is called Asphalt Abodes. Yet there isn’t asphalt to be seen, not counting the sidewalks and streets. It is a small lot, and it is bare, but it is mine.

It takes a little planning and I end up spending all of my savings, but soon I have a small house, actually a Tiny House (8×8 square). It is perfect for a loner like me. I add several lot traits (Home Studio, Fast internet, and Private Dwelling) and then I also receive some bonuses since it is a Tiny House – You Goth the Touch, Cozy Comforts, Lighten the Load, and Feelin’ Fine All the Time.

The teddy bear I received from my mother has a place in the “living room”. It will always have a place of honor in my house.

I settle in and begin writing. I will have to get a job and begin working on a family soon, but for today I just want to write. I place the journal from my mother on the desk as an incentive, or maybe just a reminder of my past.

By the end of the day, I had completed two books and started on three more. But for now, it is time to take a break and eat some pizza rolls.

While I was eating, I noticed someone walking by that I felt it was very necessary to meet. So I did what any self-respecting sim would do – I chased him down and invited him back to my place.

Well, let’s just say that things moved pretty fast after that.

We had our first kiss.

We became best friends.

And then we became lovers.

Braylon slipped out the next morning before I woke up. That is okay as I enjoy my alone time, and he will be back.

I wrote all day on Monday and actually had to stop and repair the computer at one point. I wrote so hard I broke the computer. By the end of Monday, I have completed four books and taken a position with Fighting Words as a Freelance Writer.

After I stopped writing for the day, I invited Braylon back over, and he came running. I think I love this sim.

In fact, I felt moved to propose to him, and he accepted. We celebrated in the time honored adult way. In bed of course.

This time he stayed until we were both awake and then he left for the day.

I took my first gig on Tuesday morning. I am going to be writing a Fantasy novel for a publishing company. This is so exciting.

Tuesday was a wonderful day! I mastered writing, completed my first gig, and sold the first six books to the publisher. Two of the books were bestsellers! And I am becoming famous. I am now a “Notable Newcomer”. And my fame gives me the perk of being more Noticeable so anything I do can attract more attention. I am not quite sure about that development, but maybe if they all keep their distance, they can worship me from afar.

Of course, I made copies of each book before selling it to the publisher so that I would have a copy. That means I bought my first bookcase.

The only books in it are books that I wrote!

I took the evening off and invited Braylon over. We just seem so perfect for each other and I love seeing him in the evenings.

Of course, I was still so jazzed about how the day had gone that we went straight for the fun, adult activities and then we watched television.

We were able to get to know more about each other and it is really weird but Braylon is exactly like me. We have the same traits and we are exactly the same age. That has to be an amazing coincidence. Although, he is unemployed and apparently he is an alien. But whatever.

After watching the movie, Braylon went ahead and went home. And I went back to writing. Two more books were completed but apparently I passed out while writing the ninth book – I woke up on the floor the next morning. I am going to get some sleep and then I will finish the current book. I think I will be taking gigs on Tuesday and Friday each week and will spend the rest of the time writing and woohooing Braylon. Priorities, you know.

When I woke up, I was able to finish the book and then the agency called today and offered me a sweet gig writing a mystery novel.

Before starting on the gig, I made copies the recent books and then sent the originals off for publication. I am doing so well that I am now a Rising Star. So cool! The said they are going to send me serums in the mail every day.

Braylon came over tonight and we talked for awhile. I was working with my customer also, so I was a little distracted.

We had our fun and then I told Braylon I had to get back to work. I didn’t do my best job though and the customer rejected the book and asked me to try again. But first I need sleep.

I have heard tales of creatures that walk the night, and I think tonight one of them came by my house. He didn’t stop or talk, he just walked up to the house, stood there a moment, and he he left. Really weird acting and looking. I hope he doesn’t come back.

Wow, today was a day of learning unpleasant truths. I am still trying to get the mystery novel approved for the last gig. Apparently, when I make a copy of my original book, it sets the quality to normal. Then if I make a copy of a copy, the quality drops to poor. I know what I need to do but now I am playing catch-up on this gig. I have to start all over again.

Before I can rewrite the book, Braylon calls and asks if I would like to go out on a day. Absolutely.

I need to get out of the house because I am starting to think my diet sucks. I need to eat some real food.

Braylon takes me to a bar. With lots of people.

We sit and talk for a little while and I ate some fish and chips. But I found myself really wanting to go home.

At one point I think I even told Braylon that if he ever wanted woohoo with me again, he would get me the fuck out of there. Well needless to say, we ended up back at my place doing just that.

The next morning I decided to try to eat something healthy so I made a fruit salad for breakfast.

Then I got to work. I finally satisfied the customer and they paid nicely. Then I wrote a motivational book (#12) and sent that off to the publisher.

Then I decided it was time to figure out this thing with Braylon. I told him to wear something formal and we met at the park in the city. His idea of formal was not quite as formal as mine, but in the end it really didn’t matter what he was wearing.

I told him I wanted to elope right now, right here.

And he agreed!

We were married under the arch in the city park and now I am Dahlia Vu.

We celebrated the wedding by getting just a little frisky in the observatory. I don’t think anyone saw us, but it was a thrill.

Then we went home and spent the rest of the day and evening caught up in each other.

Score: -16

  • 12/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10
  • Logic: not started yet
  • Aspiration: 2/4 tiers completed
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon


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