My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 2

I’m back! I really enjoyed my wedding night and I wish we could go away for a honeymoon, but reality dictates that we, meaning me, get back to work. We bought ourselves a chess table as a wedding present and then we finally slept.

While I worked on my next book, Braylon repaired the fridge and made something for us to eat. I don’t if he realizes yet that this is going to be his life. And when the kids come along, he will have primary care for them. Well, if he doesn’t yet, he will soon enough.

On Saturday, while I am trying to write the next book, Braylon gets just a little antsy. He finally leaves to attend a cooking class, and then the cooking class after that, which he believes he got something out of even though he had trouble concentrating.

Then he sat to read, which he should be good at as a Bookworm, but no he kept talking to me about the book he was reading. Dude! Then he broke both the sink and the toilet and had to fix them and clean up the mess.

I told him to find something to do outside of the house, so he went fishing. I love that sim but he needs to stay gone until I finish this book, and the next book. I hate to admit it but we are going to need a bigger house.

There! I have completed fifteen books. Two more published books and I will have made a lot of progress on my aspiration to become a Bestselling Author. In addition to publishing two more books, I then need to write three bestsellers and earn §25,000 in royalties and I will be there. Wherever there is.

After sending off the last book (15/200), I go out to find Braylon. It is time to get frisky for a purpose.

I am fortunate to find out pretty quickly that there is going to be a baby joining us.

We definitely need a bigger house now.

Oh Diary. I can’t believe it. Braylon and I cleared out our bank accounts and built a new house. The roof is a little awkward but the house is not a square so there were some challenges there. But I think it is a wonderful house.

The best part is that I have very own library. And I locked the door so it is my private sanctuary.

We have to come up with something for Braylon, because I am not sharing this room with anyone.

The main part of the house is almost completely furnished. The curtains still need to be put up and there is something missing in the kitchen. But I love the bold, vibrant color.

We are still making changes to the house and finishing the furnishing so I will wait before showing any more pictures for now. It is a moving target for the moment. In meantime, Braylon is spending his time out of the house, fishing. I realized that I am writing a bunch of mysteries so decided it would be a good idea to improve my logical skills. Hence, I am learning to play chess.

I will say that I have no idea what Braylon does to fill his day. It seems like he cooks and cleans and repairs and cleans.

He really needs to find something to give his days purpose. Although, I really appreciate the cooking and cleaning and repairing and cleaning.

Braylon came to me today and said he had an idea of a way he can contribute financially to the household. He is also going to be a Freelancer, Art will be his specialty. He buys a nice laptop and a digital sketchpad and then he signs up with Electrified Artists and takes his first gig. Of course he has to also buy a tiny desk and setup in the living room because I am not sharing my library, but he doesn’t seem to mind that so much.

Braylon has been so excited about his new focus that I actually caught him drawing while he was sitting on the toilet.

He doesn’t tell me much about the gigs he is taking and sometimes I wonder if they are all legal. But, I trust him to do the right thing.

I went into labor while working on a new book early Wednesday morning. Braylon totally freaked while I went to get some sleep before the baby arrives.

Oh My God! This Hurts!

We have a son. We named him Elijah and he will be the heir to carry on the challenge. The day he becomes a Young Adult I will hand over the control to him. That means I have about five weeks to get as many books written as possible.

I took a nap after Elijah was born and then I finally sent off the last four books to the publisher. In doing so, I became a three star celebrity – a B-Lister. They are telling me now that I am an Established Name and my books will earn more money on royalties. So far, I haven’t picked up any of those celebrity quirks, but give me time. Then I gave myself the day off and went back to bed.

Braylon can take care of Elijah while I sleep.

After getting a good night of sleep, I spent hours, maybe even days, locked in my library writing books. Well, except for the time the aliens abducted me. That was a surprise.

You know, I have never seen Braylon without his disguise. I don’t have a clue what he looks like in his alien state.

I have been working so hard on these books, and Braylon has done a wonderful job of taking care of Elijah. I was sleeping the morning Elijah figured out how to get out of the bassinet. Braylon was there to help him with his first steps.

Elijah definitely has my hair – all kinky – and my blue-gray eyes. He has turned out to be an angelic toddler.

Braylon helps Elijah a lot, including getting him started on his potty training.

Growing up is a tiring process so Braylon reads Elijah to sleep for a late afternoon nap.

He doesn’t stay asleep for long because he is also hungry. I was still working on my latest book, so Braylon made sure he got a plate of caprese salad. Elijah sat on the chair outside of my library while he ate. The door to the library is still locked to everyone except me.

When the book is finished I came out to eat something and Elijah was just finishing up his meal. He moved into the kitchen so we could talk while we ate.

After we finished eating, I put him back to bed. And then, I went to bed myself.

Score: 34

  • 27/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10
  • Logic: level 4
  • Photography: level 2
  • Aspiration: 3/4 tiers completed
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon


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