My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 3

Good morning! My life has changed since the birth of Elijah, especially as he is now a toddler. Braylon tends to let me sleep in on Saturday, most mornings actually, and he spends the morning with Elijah.

I can’t remember what this picture was – mastered a skill maybe? No, hmm. The only skill I have mastered is writing and I did that a long time ago. Oh I remember now. Braylon is such a good cook that I have developed a refined palate. I guess this is my first quirk. This means that I only want to eat excellent meals. Good is no longer good enough.

I love watching Braylon and Elijah. Eli is so adorable and Braylon is such a good dad.

I think this is where I completed my aspiration. Yes pretty sure it is since I am sitting at my desk. And apparently I can now write the Book of Life for other sims. Too bad I can’t write one for myself.

More books were written and published. Thirty books in total to date. Only 170 more books to go.

Elijah loves hearing stories and he is always wanting hugs. He is such an angel. He hasn’t thrown any tantrums or been defiant yet.

And I love giving him hugs. He is a little cuddle bug.

One thing about Elijah being such a sweet tempered little boy is that everything seems to hurt his feelings. He mastered the potty today but because he accidentally peed on the floor twice, he was so sad for awhile afterwards.

Braylon did what he could to make him feel better, but it seemed to stay with him for the rest of the evening.

Braylon even read him some stories but that didn’t cheer up the little man.

Braylon suggested that he play on the slide when he got a little energetic. Elijah did a great job and mastered his movement.

Unfortunately, there was a thunderstorm at the time, so of course Elijah was scared of the thunder and lightning.

He went to find Braylon so that he wouldn’t be alone.

I could hear him begging for more hugs.

Of course Braylon gave him hugs and then suggested it was time for bed. Since it was bedtime, that means Braylon read him another story. Hopefully the storm will be over when Elijah wakes up and he will be in a better mood.

I have been locking myself into the library for hours on end, working on a series of books. The more I can get out there, the better.

Braylon tells me that Elijah has started following him around, just watching him. My little man is learning how to think.

Braylon thought Elijah wanted to play with the dolls, but he just stood there and watched Bray get down on the ground.

Braylon turned the tables on Elijah though. Since he was already on his knees, he started teaching Eli some new words.

Elijah got tired of the new words before they were done, but he stuck it out and mastered communication. He can talk like a big boy now. No more babbling.

After a marathon session of writing, I sold ten more books to the publishers. And, I am now a four-star celebrity. They call me a Proper Celebrity now. I have the glow of fame and I saunter now when I walk. I have a lot of perks now – Career Hopper, Corporate Partnership, Influencer (free stuff), and All-Nighter (massive energy boost).

I think, in all of the time Elijah was a toddler, he never got angry. Although there was that one time when Braylon fed him a fruit parfait for breakfast and the little man had a sugar rush and then a sugar crash.

But Braylon was there to calm him down with another hug, of course.

Elijah worked hard to learn his numbers and when he finally got it, I realized that he really was a top-notch toddler. That was mostly due to the time that Braylon spent with him.

While I was writing the next set of books, I saw something outside, so I went out to investigate. There were these pretty green lights.

Well, that was interesting. I remember more about this trip than the last one. Not that anything interesting happening. It was the abduction that was interesting, just to be clear. The aliens were a little boring. I mean, do they even know who I married?

Braylon had his own little excitement as he went out to play in a mud puddle and was struck by lightning. Dude really needs to find other things to do with his time.

Like bathing the little man. I believe Elijah has managed to avoid having a bath until now. He really enjoyed playing with the duck while he was in the bath.

He has been such a well behaved toddler that we bought him a tablet to entertain himself whenever we are busy. He rarely uses it as he prefers to follow Braylon around the house.

I need a break from writing books. So far I have written 45 books. But I also need to master logic, so I am practicing chess.

Little man will be having his birthday tomorrow. He takes a nap on his last afternoon as a toddler. I can’t believe he is growing up so fast.

One bad thing about the ability to pull an All-Nighter is that once I did go to sleep, no one was waking me up for many, many hours. As a result, I slept through Elijah blowing out his candles.

He was excited though. I am not even sure he noticed I wasn’t there.

He only had eyes for Braylon as he grew a little taller.

Now, he thinks he is too cool for school. Well, we will see about that.

Once I got up and saw what he had done, we had a little talk. Blond dreads can wait until he is older and he really doesn’t need to wear sunglasses to bed. He agreed to leave his hair natural and to reconsider how he feels when he becomes a teen. I am hoping the phase wears off by then. His hair has such a pretty curl and color.

Of course, now that he is older, we also redecorated his room – put away the toddler items and gave him a big bed.

He is appreciative of art, so he hung a long of landscapes rather than using kid decor. It suits him.

After joining the scouts, he sits down to work on the homework the school sent over, in preparation of his first day of school. Braylon was there to help him, while I was still crashed, recovering from the all-nighter. That is a powerful ability, but I won’t be using it often.

Score: 130

  • 45/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10
  • Logic: level 5
  • Photography: level 3
  • Aspiration: completed
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon


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