My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 4

Elijah gets right to the business of being a child. After completing his homework in preparation for his first day of school, he began working on his scouting badges and at the same time, he began working on his creative aspiration. He is a busy boy. I am still practicing playing chess. I think I am going to take a break from writing books until I have mastered logic.

I misplaced my phone last night and took hours to find it. Once I did, I fell down in a rabbit hole checking my social media. Braylon was laughing at my obsession with the phone and called me a Phone Fanatic. Whatever.

It has been a quiet weekend. Elijah has been working hard on his badges and he has completed all but one. He is such a smart boy. He has even become a one-star celebrity in his own right. I guess they don’t normally have children complete so many badges and such a short time.

I have been practicing chess nonstop and I really needed to do something to relax so I took a bath with soaks. Ahh…

Elijah is such a creative boy. He hasn’t decided yet whether he wants to be musically inclined or artistically inclined. But it is still early, he is still young.

I have been making so much in royalties that I now consider myself Fabulously Wealthy. I haven’t decided yet how I am going to handle the wealth.

I really need to set an alarm or something so that I remember to go to bed to sleep. I was writing again and the next thing I knew, I was waking up on the floor in the library. Uncomfortable!

Elijah had a rough day today. He completed all of his badges and became a Llamacorn Scout, and then he discovered he was no longer famous. I decided that he is not going to be participating in the fame game until he is older, and stepped him out of the limelight. He can step back in as a young adult if he wishes.

After school he was feeling a little lonely so he watched a movie with Braylon while he ate his dinner. The change from a toddler at home with Dad’s full attention to a child in school where he is not receiving all the attention has been a little bit of a struggle. But he is getting there. He is old enough now to ask for what he needs.

One thing about being a prolific writer, one that doesn’t own books by anyone else – all of the books in our house are mine. Which means Braylon is getting to read them all.

Oh Diary. My computer is having a lot of problems. It is pretty old as it is the one I first bought when I began this life. I think it is time to replace it with something more robust.

I bought the top of the market computer called the Ghostwriter Disappearing Desktop. It is very powerful and even better, it is unbreakable. So they tell me.

Elijah brought his grades up to a B today, so he is still working hard at school. He is also very close to achieving his children aspiration to become an Artistic Prodigy. In fact, he believes it will happen tonight before he goes to bed.

Braylon has started on a project for the house. He is calling it the Big Upgrade. He plans on upgrading everything in the house that can be upgraded. Of course, he started with his tablet but then he moved to the bathroom and will do all of the plumbing upgrades first.

Today, I published my 55th book. With the publication, I am now a five star celebrity. A Global Superstar.

I have even received my very own Celebrity Tile that I can place in Del Sol Valley this weekend.

The family spends Harvestfest quietly, enjoying the great grand feast that Braylon prepared.

The weekend is here and I finally mastered the chess board. That means I am now moving back into my office to continue writing books. I have set myself several goals – first it was to get to 50 books, now it is 75 books, and when I reach that number then I will try for 100 books. It would be a great feeling to have half of the required books completed by the time Elijah takes over.

Speaking of Elijah, he is both smart and creative. He mastered the mental skill soon after I mastered logic. Since he has already completed the creativity aspiration, now he is working on the mental aspiration.

Elijah blew through the mental aspiration faster than a hot knife through butter. So, he switched over to the physical aspiration. I love this boy.

I have been thinking about this fame and being a celebrity, and I am not really seeing much benefit. Other than the serums, which as you can see I don’t use often. So, I am going to book a celebrity cleanse and when I get back I am going to step out of the limelight.

After I get home, I am a little sad about stepping out of the spotlight, but it is the right thing to do. And, I am exhausted.

Elijah continues his journey to complete another aspiration. He just needs to master the motor skill and that will make three out of four completed.

In all of the excitement, I completely forgot my birthday.

Braylon has been upgrading my computer so that gave me time to talk with Elijah. I had not realized how much he had improved his social skills, but I would say that he has it mastered.

Diary, I am so impressed with this boy. He has completed three aspirations and is going to be working on the last one. He has mastered all four of the child age skills. He completed all of the scouting badges and he was a top notch toddler. He will have his birthday in a few days and I am curious to see what he accomplishes as a teen.

Score: 250

  • 65/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10
  • Logic: level 10
  • Photography: level 3
  • Aspiration: completed
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon


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