My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 5

Elijah has great grades in school and his birthday is coming up in two days, so he takes the day before Winterfest as a vacation day and heads out to meet some other children.

It takes a few hours and then the park is full of children. Elijah blows through the social aspiration requirements, even if the kids should have all been in school.

He becomes best friends with Brynlee House. I am really hoping she develops good traits as she grows up because Elijah seems to be really infatuated with her. He also completed his social aspiration, which was the last one.

Then he brings home another girl friend, Cortney Landgraab. It turns out he has many friends, both girls and boys.

While I was working on books 66-70, Braylon was working with Elijah on his manners. Eli is such an over achiever at this point in his life. I just can’t stop gushing about his progress.

Winterfest is a quiet day at home although the gifts we gave and received were small – Braylon received a toy train, Elijah received a toy llamacorn, and I received a yoga mat.

After we opened presents and everything settled back down from the holiday, Braylon continued working with Elijah on conflict resolution.

I decided it was time to place my celebrity star. Even though I am no longer in the spotlight, I still earned the star and I still wanted it to be set out. So, we all headed to Del Sol Valley to get it done.

Back home afterwards, I went back to writing and Elijah went back to bed. Braylon made a snow angel first and then he went to bed also.

The day after Winterfest is Elijah’s birthday so he gets the day off from school. While he waits for his official bubbles, Braylon takes him out to volunteer and build his empathy. But soon it is time to blow out the candles on his cake.

Elijah becomes a teen and develops a fondness for cats. Well, he can wait to have a cat until he moves out to his own house. He also develops a taste for the nice things and decides he would like to be Fabulously Wealthy in his own right. More power to him.

You know Diary? Having just one child sure does make it easier to raise up a fully skilled sim. Elijah gets up early and does both his homework and his extra credit and then he begins to practice chess. He already has the skills he needs to school, so he has a lot of time to prepare for when he moves out and takes over. Although he is really late to school because he got lost in his chess practice.

That first day of high school is a hard one for Elijah. It didn’t help that he was late and that he had to work extra hard to catch up. He came home in such a mood that I didn’t even try to talk to him.

He went out and did some yoga to work through his tension, which was actually very helpful.

After calming down and completing his homework, he invited over Brynlee, his childhood best friend. She has grown up to be a pretty teen. Now that they are both teens, they get to know each other better, and the one thing that comes out is that Brynlee has no interest in joining a challenge. That is good, because he is still young and doesn’t need to be tied down so soon.

Oh wow. I think this is the first time I have ever seen Braylon in his workout gear. He really doesn’t have any fashion sense. But, whatever.

Another girl that Elijah met as a child comes over to visit. Elijah discovers that they have a lot in common. Give them all the cats!

It looks like I am going to lose the battle about Elijah having a girlfriend already.

He is smitten with Melissa. I found out that Melissa’s parents are Baako and Anaya Jang. I am not sure why her last name is Riddle, but maybe one day we will hear the story.

Elijah was so exhausted but he didn’t want to go to bed until Melissa left. I took matters into my own hands and sent him to bed. Then I went back to my next set of books – almost to #80.

Sometimes I think Braylon is a little weird. The other night I found him outside, doing yoga, in the middle of a blizzard.

With the blizzard raging outside, Elijah buys an empty journal and begins writing about his thoughts and feelings. I assume, since he won’t actually tell me what he is writing about.

I don’t know what he is doing, but he keeps going outside into the blizzard and then running back into the house. Maybe there was a pile of trash that missed the trash can, but if so, it will be dealt with later.

Since it is New Year’s Eve, Elijah invites Melissa over to join us for the countdown. Of course, Braylon and I had fun with that as we didn’t let them sit on the same sofa.

Midnight came, and there was much merriment.

And then we all went to bed and Melissa went home.

Elijah had a rough day at school when he returned after the New Year’s holidays. Something happened that caused him significant mortification, but he wouldn’t tell me what. On the other hand, he just earn an A so he is continuing his progress toward becoming a high functioning young adult. Soon.

I continue to write books, and I am closing in on 100 published. I still take breaks to talk with Elijah, even helping him with his homework here and there.

Elijah is close with Braylon. They have a great relationship and are good friends.

My books are bringing in so much money these days that Braylon has stopped doing freelance work. He never seems bored and is always piddling around the house or watching television.

I noticed that Melissa is still coming over to visit and it seems like she and Elijah are as close as ever.

They are good kids and I don’t worry about them crossing any lines. Elijah has a challenge to head when he becomes a young adult and he has been working hard to prepare. I know he wouldn’t do anything to derail his progress.

There! Book 100 is complete. I think I am going to “retire” from writing books. I have reached the halfway point and will pass off the control to Elijah on his birthday in five days. For now, we are going to relax.

And maybe take a vacation.

We arrived in Granite Falls early in the morning and checked into a very spacious cabin for a five-day vacation. Yep, we are splurging and will be staying here until it is time for Elijah’s birthday.

Of course, Braylon and I celebrated our first vacation ever with some fun and adult type activities.

It is such a quiet and beautiful place here. We have just hung around the cabin and enjoyed the lack of pressure.

Elijah started learning to cook although I am not sure that cheese eyeballs are going to be that popular.

It was also Love Day and we finally had time to really enjoy it.

Of course, Elijah invited Melissa to join us for the weekend.

I am not sure where Melissa is staying. When we all went to bed, she stayed and talked to herself until we got up the next morning.

It might be spring, but camping isn’t camping without a campfire.

Elijah and Braylon are spending a lot of time together talking.

When Eli has his birthday, he will be moving out to build his own place. Once he does, we expect he will be busy so we are really enjoying this family together time before everything changes.

Diary, I even went for a jog today. That was a first for me.

We almost had a tragedy when the bench Braylon was sitting on caught on fire.

Thankfully, we are all safe. It was raining so the fire went out pretty fast.

Of course, they will have to replace the bench now.

Five days is a long time for a vacation, and who thought it would be a great idea to put the card table on the upper, outside deck.

Our time on vacation is coming to an end.

It is time, I do believe.

I decided it was time to give Elijah a special gift – the earbuds that I received when I first started this challenge. The earbuds that I have never used.

The vacation is winding down and everyone is getting irritable.

And to be honest, I didn’t even think Braylon was going to come home. He really enjoys his time at the campfire, despite the fire from before.

Our vacation ends and we are all home. Looking excited about that as you can see.

It is time for Elijah to blow out his candles, move out, and start his part of the challenge.

There’s my boy, all grown up. He developed the Neat trait and he earned all five of the positive character traits.

Score: 460

  • 100/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10
  • Logic: level 10
  • Aspiration: completed
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon


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