My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 6

Hey there, Diary!!! It is time for me to take over this challenge and I am pumped. I need to get you caught up on what happened while we were on vacation in Granite Falls. I had invited Melissa to join us for Love Day and the weekend and she was able to make the trip.

It was so romantic and I felt moved to propose to her on the spot. I know that we are still officially teens, but my birthday was coming soon and Melissa is just a little younger than I am, so the timing seemed right.

She said yes! We decided to wait to tell my parents until my birthday, just so they wouldn’t freak out about our ages.

We went back to the house and had the entire place to ourselves. My parents were out with the campfire and totally occupied with doing as nothing as possible. Melissa and I were able to celebrate our engagement with a little adult fun, as my mother would say.

Melissa was going to have to return home before we finished our vacation. She had only been able to come for the weekend. We spent time together on her last day, hiking and grilling. We get along so well, I can’t wait to get married.

We also were able to get a little bit frisky one more time before she left. At this point, it was three days until my birthday and four days until her birthday, and it seemed like an eternity.

When my parents came in from the campfire (again), Melissa and I were ready to watch a movie with them. She left after the movie and I didn’t see her again until my birthday.

That brings us to today. My birthday. I have blown out the candles, packed up my belongings, and moved out. I also took all of my mom’s books, copies of the family pictures, and most of their funds. And that is how I came to be standing on an empty lot, caddy-corner from the house where I grew up. Where my parents still live.

You can see it in the background.

The first thing I do after arriving on my new empty lot is to spend a ton of simoleons on a really big house. The architect that created this house is keyajjones, and she did a great job.

I hang the family pictures in the family room.

I give the teddy bear a place of honor in the living room.

And, I add all of the books to my personal library. My mother always had a library that was locked for her alone. Now that the house is mine, I also have a library that is locked to me alone.

It is getting late in the day, but I must see Melissa.

It is her birthday so I offer to make her a birthday cake so she can blow out some candles.

She won’t tell me what she wished for, but I am hoping that she likes her birthday present, which I will give her in a few minutes.

I took her to the park and invited my parents. I just realized I should have invited her parents.

My parents got distracted, which is fine. Melissa and I didn’t even notice. We had a casual wedding under the arch.

Now it is time to go home with my new wife.

Of course my parents came back with us so we could cut the cake. We used Melissa’s birthday cake for our wedding cake, but I forgot to get a picture before cutting into it.

We had our first bite of cake as a married couple.

Then we watched a scary movie with my parents. They really should be leaving soon.

I told Melissa that she could quit her job as a Barista and stay home. She is going to find ways to contribute without leaving for a job each job. She seemed to be happy about this.

Then, we simply had to adopt two kittens.

Rocky is Clever, Frisky, and Friendly.

Mimi is Talkative, Clever, and a Glutton.

My parents came over, again, to welcome us to the neighborhood. I noticed that my mom is putting on some weight. I guess they are adding to the family again, but a little late in life. I am concerned that they won’t have enough time for this baby to grow up. But they assure me that they have a plan.

Mimi and Rocky get to know each other. So far, they are playing nice.

Mom brought a fruitcake as a gift for our housewarming. She even told Melissa it was a family heirloom. Ha!

The kittens are exploring the house. I found Rocky under our bed and Mimi was just running around and around.

With a new wife and two new kittens in the house, the welcoming party done, it is time to get an actual job. Mom went the route of a freelance writer. I am going to be a corporate author. That means that I am going to have a job where I leave every day. We’ll see how that will work. My first position is as a Freelance Article Writer. Now, how is that for irony.

While I write, Melissa watches television. She hasn’t been feeling well so she is taking it easy until the bug passes.

I wrote my first book today, and when I finished writing, Melissa had made dinner. Not a bad start, wouldn’t you say?

I spent a lot of time journaling as I was growing up, so it didn’t take long for me to master the writing skill.

I can’t figure out how to unlock the library door for the kittens without letting everyone else have access. So the kittens are also locked out, even though they haven’t noticed yet. They are still exploring the house and chasing each other around. Melissa tells me that they follow her around a lot also.

In addition to the cats, Melissa stocked the fish tank when an interesting variety of fish. Hopefully the kittens leave them alone when they are bigger.

We scattered cat beds around the house for the kittens to use, and surprisingly they actually use them. Sometimes.

It turns out that Melissa wasn’t sick with a bug. At least not the virus type of bug. She is pregnant and we are going to have our first baby!

Score: 462

  • 118/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10 -Dahlia, Elijah
  • Logic: level 10 -Dahlia
  • Logic: level 6 -Elijah
  • Aspiration: completed -Dahlia
  • Aspiration: tier 1/4 -Elijah
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon
  • Portrait: Elijah +Melissa


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