My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 7

Good morning Diary! I can’t believe how fast the kittens are growing up. Today was their birthday and they both became adult cats. They are both great cats, and they are so pretty.

Now that the cats are older, they are always on the furniture and counters. And Mimi has found the top of the fridge.

Rocky and Mimi are becoming really close. Maybe there will be kittens at some point. We are still discussing whether we want them to breed or not.

Melissa has made friends with Brynlee, my childhood best friend. Brynlee comes over to visit every day.

Mom also comes by every day. She is due just before Melissa so I should have a much smaller sibling soon. Melissa’s sister, Jodi, also came by for a visit. Everyone is excited about the new baby.

I am glad Melissa has company while I am working, whether at my day job or in the evenings while I write.

Melissa has entered her last trimester, which means mom should be going into labor soon.

And I have a brother, Erick. And he is blue.

I walked away from the game, thought it was paused, but it wasn’t. Actually, I left the house to run to the store, came back and did some work, and then I pulled up the game to find this…
ummhmm, okay

Soon after my brother, Erick, was born, Melissa went into labor with our first child.

And we have a daughter! Her name is Alexa.

We talked about having another child and decided we wanted them to be close in age, so we got right to business after Melissa got Alexa settled for the night.

While we wait to see if our attempts have born fruit, Melissa begins working off the leftover baby weight. She is calling it baby weight, but I think she ate the entire birthday/wedding cake by herself. But I am not going to say anything.

Mimi has been staying close to Alexa. We are watching to make sure she doesn’t get into the bassinet, but so far she has been content to stay on the floor.

This house came with laundry. Joy. So far Melissa has started one load three times. She keeps forgetting to put it into the dryer and has to rewash it again.

Today was a good day because Melissa actually finished one load of clothes. I am not being sarcastic. It is something new to her and she has done a great job figuring it out.

She even had to repair the dryer at one point. She decided she was going to take some handiness classes so that she could improve her skill and take responsibility for all of the household repairs.

She left for class as I got home from work – tag, you’re it. Then when she got home from class, before I could crash for the night, she let me know that we have a second baby incoming. We celebrated as expected, and then I fell asleep. Thankfully I don’t have to work tomorrow, because I need the sleep.

Melissa and I have been busy. She is working through all of the plumbing, upgrading everything she can. I have been writing books. I have completed twenty more books to add to my mom’s 100 books. If I can match my mother’s productivity and complete 100 books, then I can complete the challenge without needing to pass it down to my youngest child. Either way, Alexa won’t have to worry about that as she is the oldest.

I get in some last cuddles and it is time for Alexa to become a toddler.

Oh yay, she has developed the Wild trait. This is going to be fun.

She takes her first steps and I toss her around in excitement. Then it is upstairs for some potty training.

She is too tired to do more than just sit there for the first time. I put her to bed with a story and cross my fingers that she will sleep through the night.

She eventually falls asleep but it takes awhile before she relaxes and the frown leaves her face.

Alexa wakes up in a pretty good mood, but I am right there to bust that bubble.

She is going to figure out how to use the potty today, this morning.

When she realizes I am not letting her leave the bathroom until she can take herself to the potty, she is not a happy toddler.

The maid is not really happy either when she sees the mess Alexa made on the floor during our potty training.

Downstairs, Melissa is making a Grand Feast for breakfast. Yes it is ham, but it is smelling really good.

Ham for breakfast, yummy. This is as close as we get to a family meal since we just realized that we neglected to buy a high chair.

Melissa is off to the bathroom for the 400th time today. Being pregnant is really tough on her – she is either throwing up or peeing, all the freaking time. She has been struggling through the pregnancies, so this will probably be the last kid we have. Alexa keeps getting up before finishing her food, so I keep sitting her back down.

The problem with two story houses is combining toddlers and stairs. I spend some time playing with Alexa to get her feeling more confident about going up and down the stairs herself.

After making sure she is settled, I tell her to go upstairs and play with her toys until Melissa can put her down for a nap. I head back to my library because I am going to finish my current set of books today. That will be 125/200, 62.50%.

Eventually Alexa will find a happy face and stop with the angry face, but today is not that day. Melissa reads her to sleep, and then orders a high chair for the kitchen so that Alexa can ask to be fed. For now, she will sleep.

Score: 500

  • 125/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10 -Dahlia, Elijah
  • Logic: level 10 -Dahlia
  • Logic: level 6 -Elijah
  • Aspiration: completed -Dahlia
  • Aspiration: tier 2/4 -Elijah
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon
  • Portrait: Elijah +Melissa


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