My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 8

I would say Good Morning! But, Alexa got up in a pissy mood that lasted until she used the potty and got food into her tummy. And when a toddler is pissy, everyone feels the effects.

We wanted to make things easy on her so there is a potty chair on both floors. The one downstairs is in the laundry room. She spent a long time practicing on the potty before heading outside for some play time.

She played on the playground for awhile, even though it was raining. I am hoping she doesn’t get sick, but at least it wasn’t cold also.

I took the day off for family leave and had locked myself in the library to work on some more books. Of course, Melissa went into labor with our second child.

Our son, and heir, is Asher Vu.

Today is the day that Alexa finally mastered the potty. Hopefully that means she will stop peeing on the floor.

If you notice that she is back in her pajamas, that is because she just got up from her nap. This toddler eats all of the time. She is constantly hungry.

At the same time, that could be because she is hyper.

While Alexa works on her second plate of food, she gets to meet her new brother. She is not as impressed with him as we are.

She is also sad because Rocky did the running away thing today. Hopefully he will come back soon.

Melissa begins upgrading the washer while Alexa watches. I am pretty sure Melissa is planning on putting her to bed as soon as she is done. From what I could hear, Alexa was not easy to get along with today.

Once Melissa finished with the washer, she took Alexa upstairs and read her butt to sleep.

I am just saying – locked in the library is the best place to be. I was able to add seven more completed books to the library. 132/200 is the current count.

You know, living with a toddler is really just one very long day. Alexa is still sad because Rocky hasn’t come home yet. And I suspect there is a pee puddle somewhere in the house that needs to be cleaned up.

While Melissa reads to Alexa to try to distract her, I find myself taking refuge in a very special drink.

Alexa asked Melissa if Rocky was ever coming back and she just is so heart-broken.

Melissa reassured her that he would come back, that he was just taking a vacation.

And boom. Alexa is all happy now. I am going to spend the day playing chess and working on my logic skill. With the birth of Asher, I now have a deadline and any books not written by the time he becomes a young adult will fall to him to complete.

It also helped that Rocky came home. He sneaked into the house at some point so we don’t know exactly when.

Alexa likes listening to stories and keeps asking Melissa for one more story. Well, she likes stories until she doesn’t.

She is eating again, but at least this is dinner. While Melissa takes care of Asher, Alexa brings her dinner outside to sit by me while I practice chess.

After eating it is time for the potty, and then she is going to bed. I was still sitting on the front porch and I could hear the tantrum all the way outside.

Over night, apparently Rocky caught some weird bug. We flipped a coin and Melissa took him to the vet.

I don’t remember what Melissa said was wrong with Rocky, but it cost §750 to get him well.

By the time Melissa got back home, it had snowed.

Alexa ran outside to check on Melissa and Rocky and was amazed by the snow. It was the first time she had seen it.

Alexa finally discovered the play room upstairs. She played with her Monster toy until Melissa was ready to put her back to bed for a mid day nap.

Days come and go through this post, and I lose track of time. Alexa eats and sleeps and pouts all the time – it seems like that is all she is doing. Since Elijah is mostly just writing books, I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures

It is time for Asher to become a toddler and join the bedlam in the house. He also becomes a wild toddler, just like Alexa. What joy is our lives.

We added a second toddler bed to Alexa’s room for Asher. Melissa takes care of getting both toddlers into bed at the same time. Don’t ask me how she manages it.

Asher doesn’t get to sleep long, though, as he needs to be fed. He still can’t go up and down the stairs so Melissa has to carry him downstairs. Alexa follows along behind. She isn’t starving yet, but it won’t take long.

Melissa doesn’t complain about me locking away in the library to write. She understands that is what supports us and this house. She takes care of the house and kids. But I wish she had time for a hobby and she hasn’t seen Brynlee in ages. Two toddlers is a handful.

After eating, Alexa heads outside to play while Asher begins potty training.

I told Melissa not to push the toddlers into becoming top notch unless they showed an interest. So Alexa is having a lot of free time, which she spends mostly dancing.

Although, Melissa tells me that she likes to do flash cards sometimes also.

We scattered pillows around in the play room and sometimes we will find Alexa taking a nap on a stack.

Asher has his own tantrums sometimes. He gets frustrated that he can’t do the same things as Alexa. This time he is screaming because he wants to go downstairs and he is scared of the stairs.

Melissa gets him downstairs where he was supposed to be eating dinner. She took Alexa up and put her to bed, and when she came back Asher was asleep on the floor.

Melissa and I still have time for each other, although it doesn’t always seem like it. And what is woohoo if the cats aren’t somewhere in the room. I keep wondering if Mimi is going to have kittens but so far nothing. I know Rocky isn’t fixed, but maybe we should check on her.

Alexa has started running around naked. It is the middle of winter and this is her preferred state of dress.

Melissa found Mimi sleeping with Asher the other day. I am not sure how they both fit on the bed.

Trust me, I am still writing. I have been taking family leave and then vacation days and locking myself in the library to write. Write. Write. Melissa keeps me clued in on the household happenings. Lately Alexa and Asher are on opposite schedules so one of them is always awake. That is wearing Melissa down as she is not getting a lot of sleep.

She caught Alexa outside the other evening, naked again. In the snow.

Mimi and Rocky get a lot of attention from everyone, and they seem happy to be here. They are either being loved on or are loving on each other. Still no kittens.

No comment

Maybe we have the house too warm. I should turn off the thermostat and see if Alexa will keep her clothes on.

Melissa had put both toddlers to bed, and we were all getting some sleep. And then we realized Asher had gotten up and gone outside to play on the slide.

He was determined to learn how to climb the stairs and run around like Alexa.

Score: 540

  • 145/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10 -Dahlia, Elijah
  • Logic: level 10 -Dahlia
  • Logic: level 7 -Elijah
  • Aspiration: completed -Dahlia
  • Aspiration: tier 3/4 -Elijah
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon
  • Portrait: Elijah +Melissa


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