My Not-So-Secret Diary, Chapter 9

There are days when I doubt my purpose. When I want to do something different. There was never any question that I would take over the challenge from my mother. But some days I wish things had turned out differently. But not these two. I love my kids, even though they are such a handful.

Alexa is getting close to her birthday and then she will be starting school. She has become a much Happier Toddler recently, and a little bit easier to handle.

Asher may not be as Happy as Alexa is, but he is enjoying the more laid back approach to their toddler training. I am also counting on completing the challenge before he has to take over.

Melissa is back to upgrading the items in the house. Alexa has been following her around watching and Asher is working on potty training. Laid back doesn’t mean skipping the potty training.

Winterfest winds down and it is time to put the babies back to bed. Hopefully they will sleep through the night.

We each took a toddler and read them to sleep in tandem. Then I went back to the library to finish this set of books (150/200). Melissa wasn’t sleepy yet, so she went back to upgrading items.

The next morning is Alexa’s birthday and she is all bubbly and ready to blow out her candles. I get up early and make her a winter cake with all the pretty decorations.

As a child, she develops the Active trait – go figure. She is just a Rambunctious Scamp, trust me.

I am working hard at avoiding going to work while keeping my job. Today I practiced chess again and improved my logic to level 8. Then I setup the next 13 books to be written. 163/200

We finally had a family picture taken, for this is probably the best it is going to get. Rocky had just jumped out of Melissa’s lap, but that would have been even cuter.

After that brief break I went back to the library, Melissa went back to the upgrades, and Alexa kept Asher entertained.

Another break to watch a movie, and they never did notice the mess Asher was making. I just turned around and went back into the library.

I think this is one of the cutest pictures I have taken of Asher.

Asher and Alexa don’t spend a lot of time together, but when they do there are a lot of funny stories being shared.

Asher is always excited to get a bath. Even when he has to wake up Melissa. This time she heard him coming and was already getting up.

It is the first day of school for Alexa. She is excited about going, and Melissa is excited about getting one of the kids out of the house for a time.

She is able to spend time reading to Asher. He is still not quite a Happy Toddler, but I am doing my thing every day, all day long, so that he won’t have to take over the challenge.

Melissa and I were getting a little frisky when Asher came into the bedroom. That isn’t why he is sad. We received notification that Dad died this morning. Asher is looking for some comfort but he is going to have to wait until Melissa and I are done comforting each other.

Melissa is trying her best to cheer up the children, but her parenting skill is still a little to low to be able to hug away the sadness. So, she just spends a lot of time with Asher.

Evening comes and it is time for the kids to go to bed. Alexa already went to bed early – the first day of school was tiring. Melissa was waiting for Asher to potty before taking him to bed, and she only took her eye off of him for a minute, coming back to find him asleep on the floor and still needing to potty.

I see a light coming and I am going to take a chance it isn’t a train. Melissa cashes in her aspiration points and stocks me up with five moodlet solvers.

I am going to get extremely serious about completing the last 37 books.

Asher wakes up and he is still sad about my dad. I expect it will be Mom’s time about the time everyone stops mourning for Dad.

Melissa and the kids have a quiet Saturday planned. She is going to be continuing on her upgrade mission while the kids work on skills and aspirations.

Keep in mind that I asked her to not be a taskmaster about this, and to let them enjoy their childhood.

Alexa is sent out to the playground for awhile while Asher watches Melissa. He is finally a Happy Toddler.

Alexa came back into the house to practice typing. This is not typing and she is redirected back to the computer program.

Alexa does as she is told – she is a good child and well-behaved for the most part – but she is still mourning the loss of my dad.

Sunday is New Skill Day and we all take advantage of that. Melissa is able to master Handiness and Asher masters all of his skills.

I was making a lot of progress on my logic. I had hope to master the skill today.

I forgot to schedule the day off from work, and remembered after I was several hours late. I went ahead and headed in since I am due doe a promotion. Maybe they won’t notice that I was two hours late.

Alexa is working hard on her motor skill hoping to master it today also.

Asher is free to play until his birthday now, since he mastered all of his skills.

With time on his hands, I noticed that Asher started hanging out with the cats more often. Of course, that could be because they were the only ones not on a mission of sorts.

I did receive the promotion today and immediately scheduled tomorrow off from work.

Back home there was enough time to master logic before New Skill Day ended. Yay! Now I just need to complete the books.

I drink another potion to repair all of my needs and head back into the library.

While I am focusing on writing books, Melissa tells Asher it is time for him to blow out some candles.

The winter cake that Alexa used is still in good shape so Melissa adds more candles and helps Asher blow them out.

Asher was angry when he grew up and he couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed to potty. It was eventually resolved by leaving the lot and returning.

With the end in sight, I buckled down and got to writing. Despite the need to push out a lot of books in a little time, all of my books were considered Excellent with a few Bestsellers sprinkled in.

Alexa was excited to complete the motor aspiration. She is truly a Rambunctious Scamp.

When the kids came home from school on Tuesday, they brought sadness with them. Melissa’s mother passed away while they were in school. Her dad had passed a long time ago, and now the only grandparents my kids have is my mother.

I am almost there. I am Fabulously Wealthy, have mastered writing, and have almost completed the last of the books.

Asher is feeling a little sad that he will not be taking over the challenge. He sat at the piano for hours trying to prove himself. I explained that this is nothing about him, and he needs to get to the bathroom and then to bed.

Damn! Rocky ran away again.

Alexa puts out a post about the missing cat, and he comes back fairly quickly.

I am out of vacation, so I have to take a break and go to work. Five books remaining to write. Notice behind me the cats are getting a little romantic. Romantic for cats that is.

Then they have a fight, so I am not sure what is going on with them.

Well, that explains a lot, and took long enough.

The kids come home from their last day at school, still sad about Melissa’s mom. They both head straight for showers and naps before doing their homework.

Things are getting weird and I don’t know why.

This is the last book!

And it is done and published.

As I was writing the last book, Mimi went into labor. It is time for some kittens. She looks hot, so Melissa checks and the climate control is still on heat even though it is spring. She turns it off as it won’t be needed any longer.

And the challenge ends with the birth of two male kittens – Tenchi and Tooky – named by Ciyrose.

Score: 900 – final score (completed in 2 generations)

  • 200/200 books written
  • Writing: level 10 -Dahlia, Elijah
  • Logic: level 10 -Dahlia, Elijah
  • Aspiration: completed -Dahlia
  • Aspiration: completed -Elijah
  • Portrait: Dahlia +Braylon
  • Portrait: Elijah +Melissa


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