My Not-So-Secret Diary, Day 1

I moved around a lot while I was growing up, bouncing from one foster home to another.  I never knew my parents – I don’t know if they gave me up voluntarily or if something happened to them.  All I know is they were gone and I grew up in the system.  My life wasn’t awful but it wasn’t stable either.  When I say I moved a lot, I mean I moved every year or two.  I never could understand why no one wanted me to be part of the family.  I watch Law & Order – I wasn’t abused or mistreated, but I wasn’t loved either.  They told me that I was independent as a toddler.  I spent my childhood looking for reasons to be outdoors – anything to get out of whichever house I was currently living.  Then as a teen I discovered the joys of reading – the escape from reality was intoxicating.  Now, I enjoy my solitude.  No one wanted me when I was growing up, and now I don’t need anyone else.  I am fine by myself, with my books, and a quiet place outside to read.

When I graduated from high school and aged out of the system, I was kicked out of the foster family’s house without a second thought.  Before I left, I received a letter and a book from a lawyer telling me that I had a small amount of simoleons in the bank from my father.  It was mine to do as I wished once I turned eighteen and graduated from high school.  I checked the balance in the bank account and it wasn’t a fortune, but it was enough to find a place to live.  I was worried that I would be sleeping on a park bench and using the public bathrooms, scrounging for food and shelter.  But it looks like I can skip the homeless experience for now.  Who knows what will happen in the future, but I hope this is the beginning of things getting better.  I was lucky and found a small apartment that I could afford.  It even came with some basic furniture and appliances.  Really crappy furniture but it is better than nothing.  I think.

One thing about moving around a lot, is I have never accumulated stuff.  The kids I went to school with have rooms full of stuff.  I have a laptop and a teddy bear with a heart that I got one Christmas when I was a toddler.  It is all that I have that is mine.  I didn’t even have enough clothes to fill up the dresser, which is probably good since there isn’t a closet in the apartment – no place to hang anything up.

The book turned out to be my mother’s diary.  She had started writing it as a child and it ends with my birth.  Reading the diary has answered a lot of questions but there are so many more.  I still don’t know if my parents are alive – the lawyer wouldn’t answer the question.  All I know is the system doesn’t control me any more.  It is time to take control of my new life.

After moving into the apartment, I started looking for a job.  The money from my father might have gotten me into the place, but it is going to be up to me to be able to afford to stay.  I was able to find a position as a Writer’s Assistant and I start tomorrow!

After confirming my start date at my new job, I relaxed with a book for a little while.  The apartment is awful, really, but it is all mine.

After I finished the book – I read pretty fast – I went out to get a feel for the floor.  There is only one other apartment on this floor and apparently my roommate is a single sim my age.  Her name is Penny.  I talked with her for a few minutes, but then I needed to get back into the apartment.  I am not sure if Penny and I will be friends, but hopefully we get along as neighbors.

I decided that since I am working for a writer, that I am going to try to write a book of my own.  I am calling it One, and it is a children’s book.  I worked on the book for several hours and I was able to finish it.  That was too easy.  Although now I have to try to get it published.  I read on the internet that it is possible to self-publish until there is enough demand for the books that a publisher takes notice.

When I finished working on the book, I realized it was time for dinner.  I had worked straight through lunch.  I published the book myself and then headed down to the street level to see about finding something to eat for dinner.  Eggrolls, yum!!

One of the drawbacks of living in the city is that it is hard to eat alone.  While I was eating two different men sat down and joined me.  They seemed nice enough, but they didn’t stay long,  I guess I didn’t put enough effort into being friendly.

After Marcus and Diego left, a woman sat down to chat.  I really need to stop eating in public.  I don’t know what her problem was, but she kept looking at me like she was judging me.

After eating, I headed over to the library to check out some books.  I met the librarian and he helped me find several books to check out.  He wasn’t in a good mood when while he was helping me, and he snapped at me when I asked a question.

Then, we sat and talked until it was time for the library to close.  Ramiro seems really nice once he got over whatever he was mad about.  As I was leaving, he said he will call me tomorrow.  I hope he does because I think I like him.

I ran home once the library closed – I need to get some sleep because tomorrow I start my new job.

I hope the bed is comfortable – it doesn’t look like it will be so I will probably need to buy a new one when I get paid.

It has been a good day.  Good night Diary!

Dahlia Davenport, founder/generation one

  • Traits: Loves Outdoors, Bookworm, Loner
  • Aspiration: Bestselling Author
  • Career: Writer

Dear Diary Challenge by Boolprop

  • Write 200 books over the course of the challenge
  • Master Writing and Logic skills (all heirs)
  • Complete aspiration (all heirs)
  • Locked library in the home
  • Portraits of each heir hung in the library
  • Number of children equals the generation number
  • Naming scheme – DEAR DIARY
  • Last countable child is the next heir

Score: -68

The negative score is very misleading at this point, but the spreadsheet is counting the penalties for not completing 200 books (-50), not mastering the required skills (-20), and not completing the aspiration (-10).  It is also counting the positive points for using the Dear Diary format (+20) and negative points for not having her portrait done.  As books are written, skills are mastered, portraits created, and aspirations (only one per heir) are completed, the score will begin heading for the light.


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