Nom de Plume, Chapter 3

A house full of toddlers makes for accomplishing anything really hard and extremely exhausting.

Orchid and Nectar are close to their birthdays but nowhere near becoming a happy toddler.

They spend all of their time bringing their skills up to level 3.  Thinking is one of the hardest for toddlers to level.

Since all of my time spent keeping the toddlers on task, Mathew has free reign of the monkey bars.

Isabel joins the twins with some dedicated thinking games.

Nectar is struggling with her thinking skill.  She is exhausted and still has a lot of work to do before her birthday.

By the time she reaches level 3, she has a very full diaper and can’t take 5 steps without passing out.

Another casualty of focusing on the twins, is that Clarke leaps from the baby bed without assistance.

Nectar finally get a bath, some food, and heads off to sleep.

Just in the nick of time.



Isabel is having trouble staying in bed.  Salim read her to sleep, tucked her in, and headed upstairs to bed.  With Isabel right behind him.

Clarke begins his thinking and Isabel works on reaching level 3.  Isabel has leveled her skills much quicker than the twins.

The twins get a decent night of sleep and have grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast.

Monica is pregnant for the last time.  Finally, we will get baby “A”.

Everyone takes a day of vacation and the family head out to the park.  Clarke is starving and not impressed.

Salim is checking his social media.

The kids are playing on the pirate ship.

Monica is waddling after Isabel.

Isabel is playing in the potty.

Monica delivers Alexis – baby #6

At some point the family got a new nanny.

It is someone’s birthday!

“Is it my birthday?”

Yes, this was a busy week.  Isabel is becoming a child.

Isabel enjoys her cake and then heads off to get some sleep.

Orchid is helping Clarke with his blocks while Monica chats with him.

Another birthday comes quickly and Alexis becomes a toddler.

Monica needs to get back into shape and takes up yoga.

“Dancing is the best exercise!”

Monica de Plume

  • Aspiration: Bestselling Author – Bestselling Author
  • Career: Writer – Regular Contributor
  • Traits: Creative, Bookworm, Family-oriented

Salim Benali

  • Aspiration: Bestselling Author – Bestselling Author
  • Career: Writer – Short Story Writer
  • Traits: Creative, Lazy, Bookworm

Mathew de Plume

  • Toddler Trait: Independent
  • Traits: Self-assured
    • Happy Toddler

Orchid de Plume

  • Toddler Trait: Clingy
  • Traits: Neat
    • Happy Toddler

Nectar de Plume

  • Toddler Trait: Angelic
  • Traits: Good
    • Happy Toddler

Isabel de Plume

  • Toddler Trait: Silly
  • Traits: Goofball
    • Happy Toddler

Clarke de Plume

  • Toddler Trait: Inquisitive

Alexis de Plume

  • Toddler Trait: Charmer

Letters Used

  • A-C—–I—MNO———–

Letters Remaining


Achievements Completed – 475 points

  • Introvert – 25 points
  • Just Getting Started – 25 points
  • Harvested Interest – 25 points
  • Splice of Life – 25 points
  • You-Reek-A! – 10 points
  • All Nighter – 25 points
  • In the Game – 50 points
  • Older & Wiser – 10 points
  • What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral? – 25 points
  • Whimsical – 50 points
  • Green Thumb – 50 points
  • Triple Play – 25 points
  • Knock, Knock… – 50 points
  • What Would It Be Like? – 10 points
  • Full House – 10 points
  • Literal Genius – 50 points
  • No Excuse – 10 points


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