Not So Berry – Mint Two

The newest challenge moves into their own world and settles on the empty lot in Magnolia Promenade.  They get an appropriate house that is more than they can afford.  And Chi takes a selfie.

Time to assign beds, so everyone heads inside.

Dinner in the reading nook.  Pandora talks to everyone, a lot.

But she is afflicted with the can’t get out of bed condition and calls for Isis to come pick her up.

Chi is working on the mint requirements, but first he has to raise his fun – so he starts fires in Sims.

Pandora spends her time playing with the dolls.  I think they are flying.

Chi needs to have several sims dislike him so he heads over to the Geek festival, taking Pandora and Isis with him.

He quickly achieves his goal, and is soon disliked by quite a few people.

Glancing over I see that Isis is using flashcards with Pandora.

Pandora quickly reaches the entirety of her patience and begins yelling at anyone who talks to her.

Once she falls asleep it becomes more peaceful.

Back at home, Chi gets the pleasure of cleaning her up.  Spending the day running around a festival without a potty chair leads to nasty, smelly baby.

Isis is planning on becoming a comedian.  She writes jokes and just knows that they are excellent because they make her laugh.

A word to the wise – if you have them turn on the new headphones, and then send them to do other stuff, the using headphones drops from their queue, but they are still listening.  Then trying to send them to bed causes major issues because they can’t sleep with the noise in their ears. So, remember to turn off the headphones before going to bed.

Trolling the forums

This is Chi’s science lab.  he sleeps here also.  This gives new meaning to living in your mom’s basement.

Brightening the day of a toddler is sooo cute.

And it is birthday time for the toddler.

So very excited about becoming a child.

Gummy bear pancakes to celebrate.

Pandora is a social child, so she heads over to the park to see if there are any kids out.  There are not.

She has to settle for meeting adults.

and more adults…

Headphones are on – and once again I forgot to turn them off and she kept popping out of bed.

Mischief skill comes with voodoo doll – time to bind it to someone and begin using it.

[insert evil laugh here]

Oops.  I don’t plan bad things, but then they do something stupid and give me an opening.

fire fire fire hot hot hot

Chi is putting out the fire in the living room.

while Isis is shriveling up on the porch.

Widespread damage.  The insurance payout did not cover all of the damage.

Plus the trauma of witnessing your mother burn.

Grim checks out the scores and highlights before leaving.

While Pandora can’t even make it to her bed.

She misses her mom and moves into her bedroom.

Chi tries to console Pandora, but they are both still grieving.

Chi doesn’t know what to do to make it better.  He is still a teen but now he is a parent.

Luna comes over to visit and Pandora tells her what happened.  She doesn’t help much and finally leaves.

It is Chi’s birthday, but no one feels like celebrating.

Finally, they hear about this miracle drink that will help them feel better, so they both give it a try.

Chi heads out to clogs some sinks, taking Pandora with him.  They also invite all (two) of the kids Pandora’s age to join that they know.  They start off at the swimming pool with Max and Lucas.  Pandora meets Jayce and adds him to the group.

Then head over to the library, where Max’s bad mood finally causes Pandora to explode.  She is hot-headed and he is evil.

What?!?  I doubt Pandora is going to do well with conflict resolution.  While at the library, Pandora meets Izumi and adds her to the group.

Their third stop is the park, where Chi clogs his third sink.

Chi heads home and leaves Pandora and the kids on the playground.  Pandora finally met another girl.  At this point, they pick up Alexander Goth.

Back at home, Pandora is bored and starts to make a mess.  Chi explains to her how they need to work together to keep the house clean.

Pandora now has to clean up the mess.

No, don’t use the sink in the kitchen, or even the dishwasher, to clean up the dishes.  Make sure you walk into the bathroom that is being used instead.

Chi Riley

  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief – Mostly Harmless
  • Career: Scientist
  • Traits: Materialistic, Bro, Vegetarian
    • Bonus: Alluring
    • Earned: Responsibility

Pandora Riley

  • Aspiration: Social
  • Toddler Trait: Charmer
  • Traits: Hot-headed
    • Earned: Happy Toddler


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