Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.1

For some random reason, I decided to start another new challenge.  The premise is to start with a unique founding sim and then to pass along their genetics for 10-generations.  Come along for the ride as I take on the Perfect Genetics Challenge.

Jenna Oakes is our perfect founder.  She will need to pass along her skin time, eye color, and hair color.  All three are the first in the top line – black hair, black eyes and pale skin.  Since her partner can be made in CAS but must not share any of these characteristics, Bobby Oakes will be joining her on this challenge.  Bobby has blonde hair, green eyes, and tan skin.

Jenna has to Hate Children as part of this challenge.  In addition, she is a Creative Perfectionist.  She has the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, so she will be painting to support the family.

Bobby doesn’t have any specifics, so he is Family-Oriented, Neat, and Cheerful.  His aspiration is to become a Super Parent.  His career will be as a freelancing digital artist.

The pair move into the largest lot in Newcrest, and then I realize that they are still set as roommates.  They will need to build their relationship and get married.  But first they need a house.

They will begin the challenge using a basic legacy start.  Basic meaning they are moving into the largest empty lot and will need to build from there.  They are not reducing their funds down, and they are not cheating themselves into a nice house.  They build a small hut with a bathroom and then add everything else outside.  They have a bed, kitchen, and couch, but nothing electronic because lightning sucks.

The first thing that Jenna and Bobby need to do is get their relationship up so they can start trying to get that perfect child.  Even though there is basically nothing to do on their lot, one or the other keeps getting up to walk away.  This is taking a lot longer than I want… and then I check their clock and it has only been a couple of hours.

As the day goes on, they become good friends and then they become romantic interests.

Moving through the progression, Bobby asks Jenna to become his girlfriend, and of course she says yes.

Then he takes a chance and proposes to her.  It is always a chance since they will randomly reject the proposal.

Jenna accepts his proposal and jumps into his arms.

Moving right along, because time is a-wasting.  They have an elopement on the front lawn.  Well, it is their entire lawn as there isn’t a big difference between front and back at this point in time.

Then they move to the most important step.  And it takes repeated efforts – five or six, I lost count.

Jenna finally gets a positive pregnancy test and now they can pee, eat, and sleep.  And in Jenna’s case, take a shower or bath.

Jenna Hates Children.  She fears parenthood, loathes the presence of children, and being mean to younger folks makes her happy.

Jenna heads in to take a bubble bath, and just as she is getting out of the tub, she realizes she should have made a different choice.


Jenna no longer needs to use the toilet.  But she needs to take another shower now.

After Jenna finally finishes in the bathroom, she heads over for something to eat while Bobby takes a shower.  They both are in bed about the same time and it is time to sleep at the end of their first day.  In the morning they will need to make decisions about jobs and other money-making opportunities.  Jenna is creative and wants to make a lot of simoleans, so she will probably take the Freelancer/artistic career and spend her free time painting.  Bobby will probably get the responsibility of taking care of the little ones as much as possible, so he will probably take a part time job where he can work for a few hours without putting in a major time commitment.

When they wake up, it is time for Bobby to set himself up as a freelance artist.  Then he realizes he needs a digital sketchpad and a computer.

They have breakfast together and then they get ready to start their day.  So far the weather has been kind to them, but this is spring in Newcrest, which means it won’t be nice much longer.

Bobby buys a cheap laptop so that he can communicate with his clients.

He also gets a sketchpad so that he can actually do the work.

Meanwhile, Jenna is determined to paint all day.

As she is completing the sixth painting for the day, Bobby comes over to chat.  He is lonely and he has already finished his work for the day.  He wants to not be lonely.  He made a family dinner and he cleans the bathroom while Jenna finishes painting.  After dinner, they have some fun times and Bobby isn’t lonely any longer.

Bobby realizes that he can do three large paintings on the sketchpad in less time than it takes Jenna to do two large paintings on the easel.  This might be because Jenna is a perfectionist and Bobby is not.

Without kids to distrupt their lives, Bobby and Jenna spend their days painting and sketching and doing nothing else.  Nothing.  Else.

They get a basic house – in fact, it isn’t a house so much as several rooms randomly scattered on the lot.  But, at least the electronics are inside now, and all Bobby needs to do is to repair the laptop.

This is the night Vlad shows up.  But, he just wanders around, makes some threats, and then leaves harmlessly.

Jenna is up and has joined Bobby in the “kitchen”.  She is too tense to work on her paintings so she is reading a book.  Her tension comes from the pregnancy so it isn’t something she can “fun-away”.  At the same time, Bobby has electrocuted himself trying to repair the laptop and he is afraid to try again.  Death is not an option yet.

Jenna sends Bobby to bed to sleep off his frying and she repairs the laptop.  The tension is just increasing.

After recovering from getting fried, Bobby begins working on sketches so that they can get some more money to add more random walls to the nada-house.

He is taking freelance jobs one after another, and has gone through all of the higher paying gigs.  It isn’t really worth his time to take a gig for §100-300 so he is only taking those that pay more than §1,000.

Finally, Jenna is tricked into working on some more paintings.

She reaches a point where she must stop and she heads into to take a shower.  Again she should have used the toilet first.

At least the embarrassment is overriding the tension for the moment.

The nada-house in all the ugly.

Bobby needs some fun and Jenna is up for the activity.  At least she can’t get pregnant this time, but only because she is already pregnant.

It isn’t long before Jenna goes into labor.  She is more than ready to have this nooboo.

And it is twins.  Olivia is the firstborn and Sophia is the younger sister.  Twins haven’t been born in one of my challenges in a long time.  And they start off with twins.

As everyone tries to get some sleep before morning, the house is expanded with the infant nook off of the master bedroom, and every room has lights.

Of course, it is impossible to tell at this stage if they have the perfect genetics.

Jenna is feeling much better now that she is no longer pregnant.  She gets right back into the painting so that they can keep building onto the house.

Bobby has baby duty and will be responsible for making sure their needs are met.  Being a freelancer has really allowed for him to make some money and still be available for the babies.

The house is getting closer to having all the walls in place.  There will be a porch and patio added, but this pretty close to the final layout.  They need to figure out where the back door is going since there currently isn’t a place for it, but that will come in time.

Bobby takes a break and checks out the new TV.  He doesn’t get to watch it long because the babies are calling again.

He and Jenna find each other in the art room.  Jenna is in here painting non stop and Bobby is supposed to be working on his gig, but he had a moment and started painting on the easel.  While they are both in here, they chat constantly.

Jenna paints her first masterpiece.  Yep, that is a masterpiece.

Bobby seems to be taking on all of the household chores.  Jenna doesn’t do anything other than painting.  But she is bringing in a lot of money and has completed the first tier of her aspiration – Going for Not Broke.

She found the twins on her own, but didn’t seem to know what to do with them.  She gives them a snuggle here and there and has actually changed a diaper, once.

Jenna and Bobby have their last breakfast in peace.  Both girls are screaming for attention, but it is their birthday and they are about to become toddlers.

They both head in because twins will take both parents for the aging up process.  They are going to age up simultaneously.

And there are two fussy, chunky toddlers in the house now.

Olivia is the oldest and it is immediately apparent that she does not have perfect genetics.  She has the eyes, but not the skin or hair.

Sophia is next and she also doesn’t have the perfect genetics.  In fact, it looks like they are identical twins.  She also has the eyes but not the skin or hair.

So far, Olivia has agreed to her potty training both times, while Sophia has been defiant both times.  The funny part is Bobby has the compliant toddler while Jenna has the defiant toddler when it would have been really good for Jenna to have one that was agreeable.

Sophia is also sad because she had an accident while trying to use the potty, and she is mad because she doesn’t want to do it any more.

Bobby tells Olivia she needs to try one more time, and for the third time Olivia is compliant.  She has been very agreeable to the entire process.

When Jenna tells Sophia she needs to try one more time, she is defiant once again.

Jenna is not having a good time with Sophia, but this will be the last time they need help with the potty.  They will both be able to potty by themselves after this lesson.

After Olivia finishes her time on the potty, she heads into the bedroom to begin working on communication.

Sophia finishes her last lesson and she celebrates the fact that she did not pee on the floor this time.  And also, she is probably happy that Jenna left the bathroom.

Sophia heads outside to begin working on movement.  They will be swapping off on their skills, and even though neither one has the perfect genetics, they are still going to work on becoming top-notch toddlers.

Olivia is finally over the happy and finding her sadness.  Of course, communication is the fastest skill to master and Olivia is soon done with it.

Sophia is struggling with the slide, but she won’t be allowed to quit until she needs to improve one of her needs.

Since neither of the twins has the perfect genetics, it is time for Jenna and Bobby to try again.

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  1. Wow, twins on the first go and not even perfect genetics. Poor Jenna is going to be pretty miserable with a bunch of kids at this rate. 🙂 Maybe the next one.

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