Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.2

Since the girls had their birthday first thing in the morning, there is a hope they can get onto a normal sleeping schedule.  To give them the energy for the rest of the day, they both take a nap after lunch.

Or, that is, before lunch.  When they wake up, Bobby has made BLT sandwiches and they have their first solid meal.  There are no high chairs and no chairs in the kitchen, so they sit in the living room to eat.

Bobby and Jenna have their lunch in the kitchen – and they are going to need a bigger dining table.

After lunch, the girls swap activities with Olivia going out to the slide.  Sophia only made it to level 3, so that is Olivia’s goal.

Sophia heads to the stuffed bear where she will be working on communication.

They both take a potty break about the same time – no dirty diapers for these girls.

Back to work, Sophia masters communication about the same time Olivia reaches level 3 in movement.

Every is evening time and everyone is exhausted.  Jenna and Bobby each read one of the girls to sleep and then they crash for the night also.

Sunday morning brings New Skill Day to the world.  The girls are going to be working hard today, as will Bobby and Jenna.  Bobby has painting to level 8 and Jenna is level 9, so I expect both of them to master painting today.

But nothing happens today without a temper tantrum.

Both sinks were broken so Jenna gets the pleasure of repairing them while Bobby takes care of getting food ready for the girls to eat.

After breakfast, they are sent outside to work on imagination.  Bobby is right on Olivia’s tail to see what she is going to do.

Making messes is the fastest way to level imagination.  I just realized this recently and despite the mess, they are both sent to makes messes until they master imagination.  This is what it takes for two toddlers to progress from level 1 to level 5.

They are sent in to potty and it is time for Olivia to have her first tantrum.

While Bobby takes Olivia to bed, Sophia runs out of steam.

Then she throws her 7th tantrum of the day.

Bobby has an accident while trying to get Olivia to bed, which gives her the opening to throw another tantrum.

He is over this challenge at this point.  Of course, neither of the toddlers had a nap today and it has been a long day.

Jenna gets Sophia off of the floor and they are able to get both girls into bed finally.

Since the girls went to bed without supper and are starving, Bobby makes some food to leave out for them.  They are both up almost immediately to grab a bowl.

However, they keep putting the bowl down without finishing it and have to be told to keep eating.  Olivia has her 3rd tantrum of the day, but eventually everyone is back in bed and sleeping for the night.

Jenna is the first one up, and that makes sense, since she was the first one to go to bed.  She makes some breakfast for the girls when they finally get up, but they are going to be left to sleep as long as possible today.

And they are sleeping hard.  It is almost lunch and neither one has stirred yet.  They are going to need baths when they get up because their diapers are stinking.

Bobby prepares for the needed baths by repairing the tub before they wake up.

The first little shit is up – Sophia is happy but that could be because there is food sitting out for them.

After eating she demands that Bobby change her diaper, because that is what fussy toddlers do.

Olivia wakes up shortly afterwards and after finding the food sitting out, she demands that her diaper be changed too.

While they both could have done with a bath, the diaper change gets rid of the overwhelming stench and they are working on skills again.

Both girls have master communication, imagination, and the potty.  While Sophia is out side on the slide…

Olivia is playing with Bobby.

Sophia is closing in on mastering movement, so Olivia is watching Bobby for thinking.

Jenna masters painting and will hopefully be painting excellent paintings more than masterpieces – because she sells everything that isn’t a masterpiece, and uses the masterpieces to decorate the house.

Sophia is the first to master movement, and she is now working on the last of the skills – thinking.

She heads inside to join Olivia watching Jenna paint.  When she gets there, Olivia goes outside to finish working on movement.

They are both back to watching Jenna and Bobby.

Still, they are watching.

Sophia is the first one to level 4 and begins asking why to Bobby.

This continues until she has to use the potty.

Jenna is finished painting for now and heads to bed for some sleep.  Olivia is still watching her.

Both girls reach a point where they need to eat before continuing.  Bobby puts out some leftovers and they head to the living to sit, eat, and talk to each other.

Again, they had to be reminded to finish eating before getting up.  Once they were finished eating, they were both sent to bed, and Bobby went to bed shortly afterwards.  It is 3 am.

Surprisingly, both girls are up by 9 am and they meet at the potty.  They will be working on mastering thinking today and becoming top-notch toddlers.  It would be nice to have that completed before the next sibling comes along.

Both girls are asking why of their parents.  This is a very irritating process for everyone involved, but it must be done.

The girls are actually sad because this is Newcrest in the summer and there is a thunderstorm raging outside.

Sophia is the first one to master all of her skills and become a top-notch toddler.

And just saying, but I am really liking the dark eyes and pale skin and hair combination.  Even though they don’t have perfect genetics, they are still cute.

As a reward for becoming a top-notch toddler, Bobby gives Sophia a bath.  Party time.

Olivia really wants to finish asking her questions, but Jenna keeps hijacking the conversation and telling her stories.

Finally, Olivia has also mastered her skills and become a top-notch toddler.  Hooray, bath time for Olivia.

Timing is everything.  As Bobby is coming to get Olivia for her bath, Jenna goes into labor with the next sibling.

Today’s nap is brought to you by the couch.  (and it is calling my name also)

Everyone rests while Jenna waits out her labor.  And then it is time to meet the new sibling.

Jenna gives birth to a single girl this time, Georgia.  It is impossible to tell as a baby so they will be waiting for two days to find out if Georgia has the perfect genetics.

Jenna lays down for a nap after getting Georgia settled, and Sophia wakes up from her nap and jacks up the future actions by calling for Jenna.

Since everyone was asleep, both girls finally got themselves down from the couch and went to play dolls together.

At about the same time, the thunderstorm intensified and both girls immediately became scared again.  Jenna asks Sophia what she wants and she wants to play.  Olivia watches sadly.

Both girls are now trying to decide what to do next.

So, they head into the baby room to see what is in there.

And there is something new, something different.  There is a momentary excitement, and then reality sinks in.

And as I expected – Olivia is sad and Sophia is angry.  Neither one is happy about having a new sister.

They both queued up corresponding actions – Olivia started to cry and Sophia threw a fit.  Fussy toddlers are so much fun.

Jenna turned on the TV and the girls went to watch cartoons while they waited for dinner.

Jenna makes grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone to eat and then everyone goes to bed.  It has been an eventful day.

Bobby and Jenna get up early so that they can get some work done before the girls wake up.

Soon the day begins with Olivia and then Sophia heading for the potty as fast as they can run.

Bobby makes pancakes for breakfast and the girls are right on top of that.

While they eat breakfast, Bobby works on his gig for the day.

Even Jenna comes in and watches cartoons with them for a little while.

Then Sophia pulls Jenna over to play with the dolls.

That leaves Olivia alone, waiting for someone to pay attention to her.

Bobby is trying to get the drawings done for his gig – and he has two out of three approved on the first pass.  He also masters painting around this time.

Olivia decides to go check out Georgia and she talks to her, and it makes her happy.

Somehow Olivia and Sophia get synced up on their next run to the potty.

They could be performing a dance because even their celebration is right together.

Then, someone got bored and thought it would be a good idea to go across the neighborhood to the bench by the fishing signs.

But when it started raining, the girls started having second thoughts.  But on they went.

The bench was not any fun and they are so far from home now.  And the thunder is scary.

That made them cry, plus there were adult sims standing around that complained about their crying.

Sophia decided that it was time to go home, and Olivia followed her.

They got home and went straight to bed.  That adventure sucked.

There aren’t any nightlights in the girls room, so the fact that they have made it this long without nightmares is pretty good.  Then, they both have nightmares at the same time.

After waking Bobby up, they turn to Jenna.  Bobby stands there and watches them wake her up, and he smiles.

They each take a girl back to bed.  Sophia is not happy about this turn of events.

They read the girls to sleep and then they tuck them in.  Then there are other things that happen.

When Jenna realizes she is pregnant, again, she goes to tell Bobby.  He is not that excited about the timing of this next baby.

Olivia wakes up and she is feeling lazy today.

Sophia finds herself in the baby’s room so she talks to Georgia for a little while.

While Sophia is talking to Georgia, Olivia is talking to Bobby.  Bobby is trying to get his gig done, but Olivia talks and talks and talks.

Just a random, rare occurrence.

Sophia runs into the art room and gives Olivia a hug.  There is a first time for everything.

Bobby takes the girls into the living room to give Jenna some peace and quiet.  Everyone is having a great time now.  They are chatting and telling jokes.

And then another first – the girls go to play with each other at the dollhouse instead of asking one of the adults to play with them.  This is the first time the girls have chosen to play together.

It is time for Georgia to become a toddler and … she has the hair but not the eyes or skin.  So far, the girls have been one square off on the skin tone.  It is a good thing Jenna is already pregnant again.  Also, Georgia rolled fussy and then rolled again and got wild.

Bobby takes Georgia straight to the potty to begin that training.  And, it is time to do some work on the house.

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