Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.3

Bobby begins the process of training Georgia on the potty.  She doesn’t do so well and that makes her sad, but she is wild and that makes her hyper.

Olivia and Sophia are taking naps in their new bedroom.  Well, it is the same bedroom, but the house has received windows, curtains, flooring, and wall paint.  There is also a new bed in their room for Georgia.

The house gets a third bathroom and the potty chairs are moved so that they are closer to the toddler bedroom.

The house as it is currently…

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The twins are up from their naps and they are hungry and gotta potty.  Olivia is heading for the food and Sophia is heading to the potty.  Then they swap off.

Another random hug between the twins.

Then they settle down for a short, very short few minutes while Sophia finishes eating.

Georgia has reached the point where she can go to the potty by herself and she is heading to the dollhouse, no the stuffed bear before bedtime.

Olivia calls for Bobby to put her lazy ass down from the chair, so he stops everything he was doing to deal with her.  Then he goes back to his shower.

Georgia spends a little bit of time with the bear and then she starts crying.

Of course, by this time Olivia and Sophia had already gone to sleep, but now they are awake again.

Bobby has finished his list and puts the girls back to bed before heading off to join Jenna in their new master bedroom.

Today is the day that no one sleeps late.  All three toddlers woke up at the same time, without waking each other up.

Georgia starts the calling for help to get out of bed, but as soon as her feet touch the ground, Bobby is sent back to what he was doing.

Olivia and Sophia both want a bath.  Georgia needs to potty and eat.  Of course, the other girls need that also, but their priorities are lined up a little different today.

Georgia heads to the potty first, since she isn’t fully trained there is a concern she would not make it through breakfast without using her diaper.  Sophia decides to use the potty before asking for her bath, while Olivia goes straight for the bath.  This is the second time she has asked for the bath, and it won’t be the last.  She asked Bobby in the art room and then they came to this bathroom where she asked a second time.  Maybe this bathroom should be a little bigger – just a thought.

Then Bobby and Olivia run to the master bathroom, where she asks for a bath for the third time.

Then, Sophia comes in and asks for a bath (her first time).

Sophia gets the bath and Olivia heads off to find breakfast.

After Sophia’s bath, she picks up a plate of food and joins everyone in the living to watch cartoons.  Everyone except Jenna who is painting, as always.

And then there is just one.  Georgia likes watching cartoons.

She is waiting for Bobby to come help her off the couch.  Nope, that isn’t happening – move along.

Olivia decides to try for that bath again.

This time she actually gets a bath.

Georgia has been sent outside to play on the slide and work on her movement skill.

Inside, the twins are loving the dollhouse and they are almost always playing or talking.

When Sophia gets sad and starts crying because she is too hot, Bobby decides it is time for a thermostat.  Olivia discovers the new stereo and she is gone to dance.

Now the twins are having to choose between the dollhouse and the stereo.

The first mess has been made inside the house, and it was not approved in advance.

Bobby has been waiting for this opportunity as he needs to discipline his children five times for the Super Parent aspiration.  He starts off nicely by asking Sophia to not make a mess.

Olivia watches as he cleans up Sophia’s mess, and Sophia just stands there in the middle of it.

So, I spent a few hours trying to find them a new house, and I am done looking.  For now, they will be keeping the crappy house I made them.  With that said, Bobby makes sure there is a platter of food sitting out for the girls.

Olivia and Sophia are playing dolls again when Georgia comes flying past them.  She heard about the new stereo and she wants to dance.

She stopped on the slide just a smidgen short of mastering movement, but she quickly mastered it with this dance.

She takes a break and runs to the potty, and finds Sophia there also.

Sophia and Olivia will randomly run into their room and hit the stuffed bear before returning to whatever they were doing before.

Georgia really wants to go to bed, but it is still just a little early.  She is sent outside to make some messes to work on imagination.  She is way too tired and doesn’t even finish the second mess before stopping to throw a temper tantrum.

Bobby is right there, still needing some discipline opportunities.  He tries to hug it out with Georgia over her emotional breakdown and she isn’t having any of that.

Then he tells her how disappointed he is with her making the messes, and she doesn’t appreciate that one little bit.  He takes her inside and reads her to sleep.

Sophia is trying to eat but she keeps putting the plate down so she can cry.

Georgia is back up because she had to eat, and she shows that it is possible to hold your plate and throw a tantrum at the same time.

She is sent to the potty before going back to bed so that she can sleep until morning, but she doesn’t make it back to bed before passing out.  Bobby was trying to get her but Georgia gave out first.

It is time for the older two to become children.  Olivia and Sophia run into the kitchen to look at their birthday cakes.

And yeah, back to trying to upgrade their house.  Jenna needs to see some benefit from all of the nonstop painting she has been doing…

This took forever.  I downloaded several houses waiting for one to call to me that this is their house.  There is one that I finally decided to put them in, because I like the floor plan.  But I am going to be remodeling it to suit their styles, activities, and challenge.  The house was uploaded by dancechick23.

Also, as the girls head to their new beds in their new house…  Olivia is a Loner and will be working on the Mental aspiration.  Since they are not heirs, it will be seen whether they work very hard.  They will also be joining the scouts as there is much more to be gained from scouts than from the aspiration, in my opinion.

Sophia rolled Slob and took the Creative aspiration.  I will put it out there now, that the social aspiration will not be given to spares, because I hate that aspiration.

Jenna is left to put Georgia to bed in her new room.

After getting the kids to bed, Jenna suggests that they break in the new furniture in the best way possible.

As the family sleeps in their new home for the first night, the remodeling/redecorating process begins.  I just remembered that I never reinstalled reshade on the new computer, and I am in a weird mood, because their kitchen is black and white with a forest on the walls.  For the moment, I like it.  We’ll see if I still like it tomorrow.

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In addition to the kitchen, The kid’s bedroom and bathroom were updated, along with the toddler’s bathroom.  Then, the remodeler needed a break.

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So, maybe the remodeler went a little overboard with the toddler’s room.  But whatever.

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The twins are the first to wake up once they are released from the remodel coma.  They join the scouts and then head into the kitchen for some food.

Georgia has been up and down as her room was remodeled so when the paralysis was lifted, she was in the process of using her diaper.  She was woken up and sent to the potty, where she will remain until she has mastered the skill.

Bobby wakes up and realizes the remodel fairy quit before getting to the master bedroom.  Soon, Bobby, soon.

Olivia refused to sit at the table, probably because there are a lot of dirty dishes that need to be cleaned up.  The house also came with several meals sitting out, which have been put into the fridge to save them for later.

The twins start on their homework and Olivia is still boycotting the table.  It is a nice table, she will come around soon enough. Maybe someone will clean it up soon.

Georgia has mastered the potty and movement, and heads to the stuffed bear to master communication.  She escapes my control before she does.

Sophia is working on her badges, or maybe she is just being helpful around the house.

Olivia needs to read with an adult for two hours.  Apparently they weren’t read to as toddlers because she is starting from zero hours.

Georgia went to get something to eat when she ran away from the stuffed bear.  She is sad about a potty accident for several hours ago so after she finished eating, she sat there and cried.  And there is no one in the dining room any longer and she is missing the attention.

Bobby keeps putting the book up and it takes several repeated directions to keep him at it long enough for Olivia to get the task checked off her list.

Georgia is sent outside to make some messes and hopefully master imagination.

Sophia is working on creativity in the hobby room while Jenna is painting and selling and painting and selling.  She has the fortune aspiration and needs to earn a lot of simoleans.

It is getting late and despite the upheaval today from the remodeling and redecorating, everyone is ready to go to bed.  Including Georgia.

Jenna heads outside to get Georgia and take her to bed, but her bladder fails her once again.

Since Bobby has already gone upstairs to bed, it is up to Jenna to read Georgia a story and get her to sleep.  But, finally everyone is in bed, and Jenna is ready for this pregnancy to come to an end.

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