Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.4

The monsters are out to greet the twins on their first night in the new house.  Yes, in the course of their redecorating, they forgot the nightlights.

Slowly the remodeling is coming along.  The entry and living room is the latest to get done.

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It is quickly time for the new baby as Jenna goes into labor in the middle of the night.

She has some time to kill while she waits, so she takes a relaxing bubble bath.

Then she heads downstairs to have something to eat and the baby is born in the kitchen.

While Jenna is working on her labor and delivery, Olivia is cleaning up something in the bedroom.  It looks like she might have been making a mess.

Outside, Bobby is mopping puddles on the grass.  Because he is neat.

The newest baby joins the family.  Natalia is the fourth baby, and it would be wonderful if she has the perfect genetics.  But, breath is not being held.

Olivia wakes up and remembers the new sibling and she is sad.  Sophia is angry but it isn’t effecting her overall mood.

The girls meet up in the kitchen and begin working on the two social badges.

Georgia is on her way to ask for a bath and she remembers that something happened and she changes direction to go check out the new baby.  She is sad about it once she realizes it isn’t a new toy.  But there for a minute, she was excited.

She finishes mastering communication and then cries about the baby some more.

Imagination is almost mastered so she begins making messes – I have decided it is the fastest way.  And you know she is thinking that it wasn’t her idea to make a mess – the voice in her head told her to do it.

Bobby goes for the discipline when he has the chance, although Georgia is not impressed at being the recipient.

The twins head off to the river to do some fishing when they get home from the scout meeting.  And, that badge is done.

The rest of the family is having a quiet Sunday afternoon.

it is bedtime, and it is a good bedtime.  Jenna reads Georgia to sleep and helps her get the last sliver needed to master communication.  That just leaves thinking – and she has zero points, meaning it isn’t even on her skill list yet.

The twins come home and collect their badges.  They are both Unicorn Scouts with 4/9 badges completed.

Georgia wakes up needing to use the potty, and it is urgent.  She should have gone to the potty before she went to bed, but at least she woke up and had time to get to the potty before she had an accident.  Then she puts herself back to bed, because she is a big girl.

Jenna and Bobby can’t wait to see if Natalia is going to have the perfect genetics, so they begin trying to get pregnant.  It takes a couple of tries, but there has been success.

Jenna wakes up Bobby to give him the good news.  From his reaction, one would think that he is the one that hates children.

Happy Monday morning – and it is Rebate Day.  Originally several days ago, there was an idea to wait for all of the remodeling until Rebate Day.  But that didn’t happen.  At least there is still a lot of remodeling and redecorating remaining to do.  Today.

Georgia is trying to watch Bobby but they keep dropping out of her queue and she heads off to dance.  Jenna is really feeling this pregnancy.  She was never this sick with the others.

Georgia watches Bobby clean the toilet and then she is off to dance again.

She tried to watch Jenna, but she just doesn’t want to think.  She takes the tablet and plays one of the thinking games, but it is soo slow.  Bobby tries to help her with the blocks, but in the end she is going to have to watch her family in order to build her thinking skill.

With a deep breath, they remodel, redecorate the activity room.  It is a combination fitness and artistic vibe, with workout and yoga on one side, and easels, music, and … oh look, there’s a computer.  It is a wild room.  Be warned.  Damn, forgot the curtains.

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There be curtains.

Bobby is trying to help Georgia with the blocks, but still it is slow as molasses.  The thing is, I know the fastest way to master thinking, I am just being stubborn.

Bobby switches to flash cards and they get close to level 4 before Georgia stops cooperating.

This feels like the first projects the kids have brought home in several real-life weeks.  While this is the first opportunity for Olivia and Sophia, it seems like my other challenges haven’t been getting projects.  Or maybe, it has been awhile since there were kids in the challenge.

Georgia needs to potty but the dollhouse is calling her name.

The potty yelled louder so she turned around and came back to pee.  Then she goes to watch Jenna paint until she reaches level 4.

Oh look, there is a baby in the house.  I keep forgetting about her.

Thankfully, Bobby doesn’t forget about her.  Even Jenna has taken care of Natalia.

Why?  But why?

When they chat between questions, it makes the process a lot longer. Georgia is telling a story, or something.

Georgia is almost there, and she might finish before Bobby flips his lid.

Georgia joins the top-notch toddler team and she is pissed.  She is starving and exhausted.  All of the leftovers have been pulled out because the ones that haven’t spoiled yet are going to spoil soon.

Georgia didn’t finish her plate, again.  But she decided it was time to get some sleep so she put herself to bed.

Before Rebate Day ends, they finish the remodeling for the entire house.  But, there will be other changes made as time passes.

Jenna and Bobby finally get their master bedroom and bath updated…

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One of the last of the changes takes place in the back yard with the pool and party setup.

And last, but not least, the side yard is setup as the play yard for the kids and toddlers to come.

Natalia wakes up in the middle of the night and Jenna is the only one awake, so she settles her back down.

Sophia is able to get one more drawing completed before school.  Olivia didn’t wake up in time to do anything productive.  So she just rolled out of bed and left for school.

It is time for Jenna to take an actual job.  Since she has already mastered painting it makes sense that she take a job in the Painter career.

Jenna and Bobby have a little time together so they dance.  It is just a matter of time before they will be busy with kids again.

And there she is – Georgia is awake, starving, and desperate to go to the potty.

Oh, and it is Natalia’s birthday.  Time to find out if she has the genes or not.

There is so much energy used to throw a tantrum when all she has to do is get the pancakes from the kitchen.

Natalia becomes a fussy toddler with the black hair and black eyes.  Unfortunately she doesn’t have the perfect skin tone.  She is the closest so far with two out of three.

Georgia is still throwing a fit in the bathroom instead of getting herself to the food.

Natalia learns to walk and then she heads to the kitchen to get some pancakes.

Georgia has finally decided to get a plate of pancakes.  She is gaining on Natalia but they both grab their plates at the same time.

For once, the toddlers eat everything on their plate the first time.

Georgia is thinking about what she wants to do next and Natalia is watching her.

Natalia begins working on her skills and I am finding a lack of drive to get her to master all of her skills.  But since it is easy enough, it will happen.

Georgia runs out to play on the playground but she doesn’t stay long and soon she is heading off for another activity.

One that she enjoys a lot more.  She even makes sure to be outside the fence and not in the house when she makes the mess.

Bobby tried to put Natalia to bed, but she is so tired she couldn’t help but cry.  Bobby left her to cry and went outside to check on Georgia.

Georgia had finished making her mess and was still there so it was obvious who was the guilty sim.

He asks her once again to stop making messes.  She has actually been pretty good and this is her first mess of her own choice.

Jenna is on hand to help Natalia get to sleep by reading her a story.

Bobby sends Georgia into the house for a nap so there is peace for the now.

When the twins get home, Bobby begins to help them with their homework.  Actually, he helps Olivia first while Sophia makes some drawings,  Seriously, the thought of letting them all run wild, and get what they may without assistance is strong.

The twins are breezing through their homework which normally would be a good thing, but for Bobby it is a pain.  He needs to help his kids with homework for four hours, and despite helping both of the twins, he is still at 0/4 hours.

Bobby knows that Natalia can’t use the potty by herself, and since she went to bed so early, he decides to wake her up in the middle of the night to take her to the potty.

She is not cooperative at first.  But to the potty she goes in the end.

When Bobby wakes up Natalia to go to the potty, he sets off a chain of events.  Rather, everyone decided to get up.  Georgia senses that there are pancakes in the kitchen and she heads off to get some.

Natalia is also after the pancakes, but it takes her longer to get to the kitchen.

Then everyone gets up and begins grabbing something to eat.  And at this point, it is apparent that Georgia is missing from the kitchen invasion.

After searching, Georgia is found.  She took her plate of pancakes and went upstairs to sit in the master bedroom, by herself.

The twins are still in sync in their actions.  This happens a lot.

Bobby finally has time to repair the dollhouse.

And he is a busy man because Georgia wants to have a bath.

Natalia masters communication despite the general apathy I am feeling about working them so hard.

Once she masters communication, she goes to see Bobby.  She is sad now because Jenna just left for work, but Bobby is busy with Georgia.

Natalia decides to work on movement next and the distraction of the ball pit slows does her progress.


Georgia continues to seek Bobby’s attention and she gets him to play with her.

Then her short attention span kicks in and she heads over to dance, then out to the playground, and then back to dance.

When she gets hungry she starts picking up plates that are sitting out.  The first two plates spoil almost immediately.  Bobby is heading to the kitchen to make fresh food for everyone and Georgia is pouting.

While Natalia is playing on the slide, it starts to rain.

In fact, it is a thunderstorm and now both toddlers are sad.

The twins come home from school and Olivia spends an hour picking up all of the dirty dishes around the house.  Natalia is heading to the kitchen to find Bobby and food, and not necessarily in that order.

She finishes her dinner and then passes out on the kitchen floor.  Bobby was going to take her to bed, but he decided to go pee while she sleeps on the floor.

Finally they get both toddlers to bed.  Of course, it is only 6 pm.

And, it is time for the next nooboo.  Fingers crossed…

Ethan Oakes joins the family and is the first boy.  Maybe he will have the perfect genetics.

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