Oakes Perfect Legacy, Chapter 1.5

Georgia and Natalia get back into bed as the game loads.  I took the picture but have nothing to actually say about it.

Jenna gets breakfast ready because the toddlers aren’t going to stay in bed much longer.  And there they come.

As they are heading to the kitchen, they notice the nooboo in the bassinet and detour to check it out.  Georgia is happy to meet her new brother.

However, she is starving and really needs to pee, so the happy doesn’t last long.

Natalia had almost made it to the kitchen when she saw Georgia looking at the bassinet.  So, she went over to see what is so interesting.

After seeing the new brother, she is also happy.  Well, she is happy about the brother, but she is still really sad because she is very hungry.  She has a cry before heading into the kitchen for eggs and toast.

The twins are next to find their new brother.  Olivia is pissed and Sophia is happy.

That breakfast was yummy.  Georgia finishes eating and then she runs to the potty.

Olivia is hungry but she has to take out her frustrations on the stuffed animal first.

Natalia enjoys her breakfast…

…the entire time she is using her diaper.  She never even seemed to notice while she was eating and then she sat there afterwards until she was finished.

Instead of spending time on the potty, Natalia asks Bobby to change her diaper.

She will be finishing her potty training a little later.

Georgia comes into the kitchen in her outer wear.  Why is she wearing her outer wear – last time I saw her she was on the potty.

Despite having many happy moodlets, and only happy moodlets, Georgia felt it necessary to hit the stuffed animal.

All done, what’s next?

Olivia is still trying to get in two games of chess.  Everyone has been busy and it has been hard for Olivia to find an opponent.

Ahh, Georgia went outside to play on the playground, that is why she is wearing her cold weather outfit.

Natalia is out front making messes.  Interesting that Georgia is in her cold weather outfit, and Natalia is in her daily outfit.  Someone is going to get cold pretty soon.

Jenna takes a break – oh yeah it is Harvestfest so they have been working on the traditions – Jenna takes a break to watch Georgia play in the ball pit.

Jenna and Georgia are at loose ends for the day and they keep finding themselves at the dollhouse, although Georgia never stays very long.

Thankfully only three of the family need to appease the gnomes, since there are only three gnomes at the moment.

Georgia is now in the kitchen crying.  It turns out that she skinned her knee while she was playing on the playground

Natalia is having a rough day.  She is the only one left in the family that has not completed the holiday tradition and she needs to eat a plate of the grand feast.  She is running out of time.

Sophia has spent the day playing the piano.  All day, because she was forgotten.

Once again, Natalia is using her diaper.  This time required more concentration as she stopped eating and stared at her plate until she was done.

Bobby needs to help the kids with their homework, and the girls actually have homework.  He is able to help them with their regular homework and their extra credit work.

Finally, Natalia completes the tradition of eating a grand feast, and then she lays down on the chair to sleep.

Jenna puts Georgia to bed three times before she stays.  Then she is ready for Natalia.  Natalia is also ready to go to bed.

Jenna carries Natalia into the bedroom, where she begins to cry before Jenna can get her to sleep.

Her crying wakes up Georgia, and Jenna has to start over.  Finally both toddlers are in bed and asleep.  Jenna is the last one to get to bed.  It has been a long day.

Georgia’s birthday sneaks up on the household, but Bobby is able to get her a cake in time.

Georgia rolls Kleptomaniac and takes the physical aspiration.  Then she heads off to her new bed and Bobby heads upstairs to sleep.

Bobby takes care of Ethan as I check the calendar to see when his birthday is, and realize he was just born and still has a day and a half until his birthday.

Olivia and Sophia head to school, leaving Georgia at home.  She works on her homework as I decide to give them all a break.  Even though this is a legacy, technically, the spares will not be required to complete anything.  So toddlers and children will only work medium instead working hard.

Speaking of neglected toddlers, Natalia is lonely, filthy, and hungry.

Maybe the stuffed animal (unicorn) will make her feel better.

Nope, that didn’t help.  Natalia now adds being left behind to her sadness.  I forgot that Jenna has a job now.

Natalia talks to Bobby to improve her loneliness, and it works.

But she is still dealing with other sadness.

She decides to sit down on her chair, but doesn’t take a plate of food with her.

While I regularly see the toddlers call for help getting down, this time Natalia called for help getting into the chair.  I didn’t know they did that, so I wasn’t prepared to take a picture.  Then she flinched once he put her into the chair.  Apparently, it is raining.

Instead of asking for a bath, or even a diaper change, Natalia begins to cry.

There is a platter of food sitting out and she hasn’t even tried to try to eat yet.

Bobby walks out while Natalia was still talking to him.  And then she just sat there.

Bobby comes back to check on her, from all the way across the room.  She still just sits there.

Finally, she gets up and grabs a plate.  Bobby made a breakfast scramble which really sounds good.

Instead of food or a bath, or her diaper, Natalia asks Bobby for a hug.

Bobby has two stinky kids and he still does nothing.  I am kind of playing them hands off, just because I want to see how long it takes for Natalia to get a bath.

Georgia turns orange and I realize she is still on the playground.  In the rain.  And she is miserable.

Bobby gives Natalia a bath, and that is called a bathing failure.  She gets out before she is clean.

She asks for another bath and Bobby agrees and then heads over to check on Ethan.

Natalia heads out to the playground.

Bobby comes out to watch stinky Natty play on the playground.

When Bobby decides to change Ethan’s diaper, Sophia is poop-blocking and Bobby can’t get to him.

Finally Sophia is sent off to do something for her badges and Bobby is able to get Ethan cleaned up.  That is one of the two…

Natalia wants to play dolls, so Bobby joins her for a few minutes.

Natalia really needs to be cleaned up.  Not only is she filthy, she has a scraped knee from the playground tunnels, and she has a diaper rash.

She stood here while Bobby stands inside, both are trying to ask the other their burning question.  Natalia continues to want to ask for a bath, and Bobby keeps wanting to check on Natalia.  And they do nothing.

Natalia finally decides to head inside and throws up the umbrella hands.

I gave up and told Bobby to give her a bubble bath.  It is almost bedtime, and Natalia made no progress on her skills.

After her bath, Natalia heads outside to play.  Because that is what little girls do when the sun goes down.

Bobby follows her and tells her it is time to go to bed.

While the household gets ready for bed, Vlad comes walking by to check.  He doesn’t hang around.

Bobby makes the rounds and tucks everyone in.

And, it is time for Ethan to become a toddler.

Oh, Ethan, I am so disappointed.  Ethan only has the eyes; he doesn’t have the skin or the hair.

Ethan is Independent, and so cute.  Even if he doesn’t have the perfect genetics.

Bobby puts Ethan to bed, it is the middle of the night, and then he heads to bed also.

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