Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 1

This is the beginning of my new legacy, the Ocean ABC Legacy. I am going to attempt to play through 26 generations of ocean, river, lake, and beach related sims. This will be loosely following Pinstar’s legacy rules. I also have several mods installed which serve to provide quality of life changes more than cheaty changes.

In keeping with the ocean theme our founder moves to the largest lot in Sulani, the Admiral’s Wreckage. She has the lot demolished and moves into the empty lot.

Founder: Ariel Ocean

  • Traits: Creative, Art Lover, Family-oriented
  • Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

After moving into the empty lot, Ariel takes time to build a small “tiny” lot to get started. she sets the lot traits to Home Studio, Natural Light, and Private Dwelling. Additionally, the lot qualifies for Tier 2 Tiny Home (64 tiles + You Got the Touch, Cozy Comforts, Lighten the Load, and Feelin’ Fine All The Time).

The inside is simple and Ariel is out of money. Ariel needs more money.

Ariel is not going to have a career. Instead, she will be freelance painting. One nice thing about a tiny house is the speed that she is leveling up her painting skill. Her first priority for her first day is to progress as far as possible with her aspiration.

She reaches the point where she needs to paint emotional paintings. The drawback of the tiny lot and lot traits is that it is going to be hard to get her in the right emotion. She has fine emotions overriding everything else. And then she has inspiring emotions overriding the rest. She has flirty moodlets that are buried behind fine and inspired moodlets. So she takes a break and heads out for a swim.

Since Sunday night is Guys Nights at the local bars, Ariel heads over to The Sand Bar to check out her options. Loario seemed like a nice prospect but he is resistant to Ariel and she isn’t even trying to be romantic. Of course, he was pissed about something at the beginning and she has calmed him down.

To build her little black book, she then heads over to the Izakaya Ippai bar in Mt Komorebi. There she meets one single sim who immediately leaves. There are mostly married sims there and she struggles to catch the attention of the single sims. But Loario shows up and hangs around. He has potential.

Her last bar for the night is the Old Quarter Inn located in Windenburg. Not a surprise but Loario is the first one to show up.

Taking this as a sign, Ariel invites Loario back to her place where she eventually finds out he is not interested in romance or woohoo. She even mentions expanding the family and he rejects that option also. So she has to start over again tomorrow.

Ariel is able to paint a flirty painting before crashing for the night. At least she got one thing useful from Loario. The next morning she is able to sneak a confident painting past the fine moodlets.

Then we make a mistake. I have never seen the surging emotions option and she selected energetic. Energetic is not an option for an emotional painting. She is stuck with very energized for 12 hours.

Another single sim walks by and Ariel is feeling the push to find a mate. Keahi is obviously Erratic, and also Evil and Party Animal. And, he is only interested in Men.

Ariel spends Monday afternoon and evening cruising the bars and other locations looking for other single sims.

In StrangerVille she finally finds someone. Not this guy, but someone.

Henri is a winner. I hope. His traits are not too irritating, he prefers women, and he is single.

Ariel invites him back to her house for some privacy.

She begins romancing Henri and he falls quickly.

As it is the middle of the night, Ariel asks him to be her boyfriend, just in case he poofs away in the night.

He doesn’t so they head inside to celebrate their new relationship.

Afterwards, Henri asks Ariel if she would like to live together. I would say he is all in on this relationship.

They have their first couple breakfast while I get to know Henri.

Founder’s Spouse: Henri Madrid

  • Traits: Gloomy, Child of the Ocean, Adventurous
  • Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

Ariel is finally able to complete her third emotional painting while Henri begins working on his aspiration. He also switches from the Military career to the Painter career.

Ariel and Henri spend Tuesday painting. And painting. And painting.

A random present from Loario of a package of Starter Fruits. Joy.

It is time to give Henri a change of outfits. He is no longer in the military but still puts on his uniform. As he spends his time painting, he is offered the chance to add Creative to his traits. He now has four personality traits.

Ariel has graduated to using the tablet leaving the easels to Henri. For now. He is not that far behind her and should be using the tablet only shortly.

Henri has mastered painting and is about to leave for his first day at work. He still has not received his new outfits, but soon.

While Ariel waits for Henri to come home, she works on her masterpieces.

Aspiration completed. Painting mastered. Entrepreneur mastered. It is time for Ariel and Henri to expand their family.

The current collection of masterpiece paintings. Most are from Ariel but Henri has contributed a couple.

Almost the moment Henri gets home from work, Ariel has him in bed making babies. They are successful and a nooboo is on the way.

Ariel remembers the strawberries and she remembers that they can be bought from the produce stall in San Myshuno. The next generation will be a girl.

Being pregnant is definitely not glamorous but the end result is going to be great.

With nothing to fill her day, Ariel stops all the passing sims to chat.

When Ariel can be torn away from the passing sims, she adds a mobile to the baby crib. The new arrival should be here soon. Okay, a few days, but still soon.

Despite the appearance, Ariel is not sickened by Henri’s presence. Morning sickness is tough.

The litterbugs are irritating. Ariel spends time every day cleaning up the litter.

Henri is close to completing his aspiration. He has already mastered painting, so will be able to focus on his career and family.

Aspiration completed. Henri switches to the Beach Life aspiration. Makes sense since they are living on a beach.

They need more activities around the house. I have been delaying expanding the house since they will lose several of the benefits from Tiny Home, but they are going to need more space with the incoming baby. One of the rules I remember from the past is to have three children per generation. I think. I am not necessarily going to do this. I am still thinking. But they will definitely have a full house at some point.

One last look at the wall of Masterpieces. Ariel will begin selling them on Plopsy in order to build their savings for their future house.

Homeownership is a challenge sometimes.

The house has been expanded. They are still going to sell the masterpieces but for now they have expanded as they could afford.

The new layout inside. And the lot traits were changed to Private Dwelling, Natural Well, and Geothermal. And while we were at it, Ariel picked up Marketable, Frugal, Free Services, and Creative Visionary. Henri picked up Entrepreneurial, Creative Visionary, and Marketable.

Ariel and Henri have a quiet Saturday at home as they wait for the birth of their new baby.

With the Beach Life aspiration, Henri needs to get a suntan.

He ends up with a sunburn but it counts for the aspiration.

Ariel has gone into labor and this is how she passes the last few hours before birth.

It is time.

Henri comes in with the burning desire to tell Ariel how much he loves Playing Video Games. He seriously stood there while she gave birth and once the new baby was born he said what he wanted to say. Ariel was not impressed.

Bali Ocean joins the family and she will be the heiress for the next generation.


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