Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 10

We will call this a family picture. About as good as it is going to get.

Today is the Night out on the Town holiday. Instead of leaving the lot, they setup a food stand outside the fence and hired someone to come cook.

Everyone eats, everyone is happy. Bayou passes out and Henri pees himself. But otherwise, it was a good holiday.

For those that don’t know, the teen years are the hardest for me to play. And they are so long. There are six days between Bali and Bayou and six days between Bayou and Bondi. One good thing is that today is Bali’s birthday. Also, not so good for me, but her university schedule is Tuesday through Monday. So she won’t take the first semester final until Monday.

Bayou is going to complete Purveyor of Potions aspiration and then he will do the Spellcraft & Sorcery aspiration and then he will move his ass out. I don’t plan on finding them lifemates since once they move out they will be subject to the whims of story progression.

Bondi is going to finish up Trend-Setter and then she will do one more aspiration before moving out. Until I get tired of it, they will all do two aspirations and then move out.

Henri is struggling to get the last promotion. His job performance is going up so slowly. He probably has about a week remaining in his life and he *must* reach the top of his career before he dies.

Ariel has plenty of time to top her side of the painter career. She still needs to master mixology for the points, but she has plenty of time for that also. She is just at the beginning of her Adult stage, or close enough.

When Bayou reaches the point where he only has to reach the top level as a spellcaster to complete the first aspiration, he switches over to the second one.

That moment, and that feeling, when you use a spell against your mother.

Too many people, won’t get out of the way. Bayou has to win three duels and everyone has to be in the middle.

We might still lose Bondi to hysteria as she spends a lot of time hysterical. But I believe they have made it so the teens cannot die emotional deaths. She is also sick with something that is making her more hysterical.

Bayou heads to the magical realm to work on his duels, and some dude randomly picks a fight with him.

Bayou wins his second duel.

He forgot to watch his charge and has an overload after winning his second duel.

Last duel, and he now needs to reach the top level spellcaster for both aspirations.

It is Bali’s birthday. Actually, it has been her birthday and I just remembered. Bali picks up Art Lover to go along with Neat and Adventurous. She is also Responsible and has Good Manners. She has a total of 14 traits as she enters her Young Adult stage.

Bayou completes both aspirations as he reaches the highest level spellcaster. Now he should learn the remaining spells and potions. He is ready to move out as soon as it is his birthday.

Henri is running out of time. MCCC says he has three days remaining and only one work shift in that time. He spends §10,000 on wishes – two wishes and two promises that he will receive a promotion next time he works. Eventually he has to accept that.

Ariel spends her free time practicing making drinks. She is at level 7 so hopefully she receives her last three promotions faster than Henri.

Acne. Bali is afflicted with the acne bug that never clears up. I have now turned acne off in the game options and Bayou’s acne is gone. Bondi never had acne. Bali is still showing the acne. Maybe when the game reloads she will be clear-skinned.

Henri receives his last promotion while Bayou and Bondi bring home projects. Hopefully their last projects. So apparently, early graduation is not offered if the student takes a lot of vacation days. So, they are going to class to see if they will be offered the option to graduate early.

Henri retires. He won’t have long to enjoy it but at least he didn’t die on the job.

Projects. I really do hate projects. Might be because I insist on them completing it on Monday evenings.

Bali receives her grades and they couldn’t be any better.

The family comes together to finish up Bayou’s project.

Bali is about to head out to find her future mate. She has a decent supply of potions from Bayou, but he needs to make more before he moves out.

Bali goes to the university library hoping to meet someone and she does. They have Amazing Compatibility, his traits are good, and he is single and interested in Bali.

Very interested

Wasting no time, Bali asks him to be her boyfriend and he says yes.

Henri gets to spend his days doing what he wants and this is one of the few times he has smiled recently.

Masabumi shows up to see Bali and ok, interesting choices were made.

Bondi finally receives the offer to graduate early. Bayou still has to go to high school.

Ariel needs a certain level of charisma for her promotions, so she picks up Great Kisser and kisses her way to level 6.

Well, I can say that I now know of a quick way to get Enraged. I queued up Make an Offering and Make a Wish. She did them in the wrong order and got demoted. She is pissed. I am able to get her calmed down, this time.

Bondi has no excuse. She doesn’t have to go to school, just has her parttime job, and still she passes out.


It is time to say goodbye to Henri. He was a good spouse and contributed one completed career and two completed aspirations. And lots of money from painting.

Bali is the only one awake to witness Henri’s passing. Ariel and Bayou sleeps through it. Bondi is at work and finds out when she gets home.


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