Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 11

The neighbors stop by to pay their condolences and drop off some food. Then the door glitches and no one can enter or leave the house. Then they leave and the door works again. It looks like they bugged out before they could put the food down which broke the doors. Once I let them put the food down and then told them to the leave everything worked.

Everyone is sad, of course, and not wanting to be alone.

With the death of Henri and Bali becoming a Young Adult, it is time to switch the bedrooms. Bali, as the heiress, will be taking the downstairs suite while Ariel moves upstairs to Bondi’s bedroom and Bondi moves into Bali’s old room.

Ariel was able to convince Bondi she would be okay but she has had a harder time with Bayou. She can only tell him he will be okay when he is sad and each time she would get close his mood would change to something other than sad.

Even though I decided to not try to match up the spares with partners, I couldn’t resist trying. This is Bayou and the boy Bondi invited over. Instant dislike.

Sigh. Goldor Goth is gay. He and Bondi would have made pretty kids.

Chelsie seems to be into Bayou. She prefers men and they are able to flirt but she rejects Bayou with no reason given and leaves. So, my meddling didn’t accomplish anything. Today is Bayou’s birthday so he should be aging up and moving out shortly.

Bondi reaches the top of the Retail career and promptly quits. She still has a few days until her birthday and is going to take advantage of doing nothing while she can.

Bondi is hot-headed and I forget that a lot. After she demolishes the dollhouse she repairs it.

The large picture on the left is the last masterpiece Henri created. The sad painting in the middle is also a masterpiece created by Ariel after Henri’s death. The tiny painting on the right is also a masterpiece. In order to keep random sims from starting random paintings, these three masterpieces will be displayed like this for the time being.

It is Love Day and this is going to suck. This time Bondi invites Kale over, Bali invites Masabumi over, and Goldor drops by pouting because Bondi is still looking for a mate.

Goldor leaves and now Bayou is waiting on Theresa to join him.

Bali and Masabumi have their special time together and she is the only one in the house that will have a good holiday.

Bondi and Kale slip upstairs for some private time but her holiday is neither good nor bad.

Even Ariel has special time with Henri’s ghost. Her holiday sucks.

Bayou is struggling with Theresa because everyone keeps joining their conversation.

Finally Bayou and Theresa get on the same page and that ends the holiday.

So this was on Bali’s queue. I canceled it before I realized what it said. Now I wish I had left it so I can see what happened.

We forgot to have a cake for Bayou with the excitement of Love Day. He grows up in the middle of the night and now it is time to move him out. He adds Neat as a trait and keeps the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration.

For this generation, I did choose their mates. Bayou invites Theresa over and she blows out her candles.

Bayou then proposes, which she accepts.

And it is a quickie wedding. An elopement it is called. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize Ariel left for work or I would have had her take the day off. They are not waiting though.

Bayou and Theresa Ocean. Bayou leaves with two completed aspirations and six skills mastered. Theresa is going to be a fun wife. She is a Glutton, Vegetarian, Kleptomaniac, with the Computer Whiz aspiration.

Before moving out, they each found a job – Bayou in Business and Theresa as a Tech Guru.

Then there was a quickie in the shower.

They ended up moving to Glimmerbrook into the empty lot. When Theresa moved in she brought §40,000 from her parents which they used to add a small house.

Bondi has the house to herself for the moment. And it is so much quieter with Bayou moved out.

Ariel has struggled with the wishing well but she keeps trying. The last time it tanked her performance and she forgot to make a wish before work due to Bayou getting married. This time she received a promotion back to where she was before she was demoted. Level 8.

With Bayou moved out and Bondi moving out in less than five days, it is time to bring Masabumi into the household.

They have a quickie wedding out back also. One day there will be a wedding event, but that day is not today.

Masabumi Domen is a Neat, Romantic, Bookworm, with the aspiration to become Chief of Mischief. He also brought over §100,000 into the coffers when he moved in. They do not want to have any babies until Bali graduates. She will finish her second semester on Monday and her final semester the following Monday, so the earlier she wants to be pregnant is Tuesday week. Also they have Amazing Chemistry.

Bali spends the evening repairing crap around the house. She has repaired so much that her skill level is already at an 8.

Masabumi begins proacticing programming. He is going to have to master mischief and programming for his career and aspiration.

Bali’s acne finally cleared up. I just noticed.

Masabumi begins working on mischief. He can do this just right so while he has to be disliked by two sims, the rest of the aspiration and career progression doesn’t mean he has to be mean.

She is loving the pranks.

Bayou. Bayou is the problem and I don’t know why. These fights are unprovoked and random but always with Bayou.

Using the option to fight, Masabumi is now disliked by two sims. Once the aspiration updates he begins to repair the relationships.

Wait!!! What??? Dammit risky woohoo strikes. Or maybe it was autonomous. I don’t know. Either way, Bali is in her first trimester, despite appearances. Which means she is going to probably miss school during her last semester.


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