Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 12

With Henri gone, it is time for Ariel to take over the bar. That and she is working on mastering mixology for the Food point.

Masabumi has to work on mischief and finds the voodoo works nicely without pissing off Bondi.

Masabumi is off to work and comes home with a promotion.

Bali receives her grades from her second semester. One more semester to go and she will be done with the University thing.

Bayou and Theresa come over for a visit and there is a new Ocean on the way.

Bali’s pregnancy is tiring her out so Bondi takes over the cleaning. When Bali was working on the Perfectly Pristine aspiration the house never got dusty or dirty. Now is is dusty all the time.

The pictures will pick back up once the baby is born, but right now there isn’t a lot of interesting activity. Except for all the white cakes. After researching it, this might be related to the Foodies Unite NAP so that has been turned off and replaced with the Rock Your Body (And Mind) NAP.

Masabumi’s photo is finally added to the wall with Bali.

Bali spends all of her free time working on her last semester. She is so close to finishing up.

She also has to complete her aspiration which means she has to attend several guest lectures. Pregnancy is hard on her bladder and this is a common sight.

She is able to attend one lecture which counts as two since she left early and when she was sent back in it counted it again. She also did the same think with tutoring. They don’t have to tutor for the entire time, even a couple of minutes counts as a tutor session.

Bondi is almost a young adult and her free days are coming to an end.

Ariel is also living on some free time as she only has one more promotion remaining so she is allowed a little more freedom than usual.

Of her four classes, Bali has one presentation and three final exams. There are no term papers due this semester.

Another accident. Her bladder dropped so fast she didn’t have time to stop.

So tired of homework. Ariel and Bondi have a quiet day by the pool.

Masabumi spends the afternoon in the pool.

Still doing homework.

Labor has started. Bali really doesn’t have time for this.

Coral Ocean joins the family as the generation 3 heiress.

Bali is back on her homework leaving Bondi to take care of Coral.

Okay, this is interesting. Bali had bought the spaceship kit but had not started it. Henri took care of that. This is because of the NAP that was added to replace the Foodie NAP. Autonomous rocket building instead of autonomous white cakes. This or that.

Bondi and Coral.

Ariel and Coral.

Bali and Coral.

Bondi has the bubbles so it is time to blow out the candles. She makes a matcha tea cake, whatever that is.

Bondi’s information as she blows out her candles and then moves out.

  • Hot-Headed, Perfectionist, Vegetarian
  • Top Notch Infant, Top Notch Toddler
  • High Self-Esteem
  • Thrifty, Idea Person, Headstrong
  • Graduated High School Early
  • Business Savvy, Career-Minded

Completed Aspirations (Teen/Young Adult): Mansion Baron

Career: Style Influencer

Bondi moves in with the Bjergsen family. I am not marrying her and Kale before she leaves so it will be up to story progression now.

Time passes and Coral becomes an Intense infant.

Bali gets right to tummy time while Coral is not sleepy.

There aren’t a lot of infant hairs, but it I am trying to keep some differences. I need to look for custom hair for infants. And the sunglasses have to go. I have to see their eyes.

Bali and Coral enjoy some bonding time.

Ariel has the Big Happy Family aspiration now and she just needs to be Good Friends with Coral to complete it. Oh and Bayou and Theresa had triplets.

Cranky baby.

Coral hates to wake up and wakes up angry every time. She is also gassy and a happy spitter.

Multi-tasking but cool.

Cranky baby is being ignored. Not really but it takes a minute for Ariel to wake up, vacuum the house, and then come pick up Coral.

Bali has fully upgraded the most expensive fridge and stove and that is another point.

Coral is getting close to sitting up. And, OMG, so cute.

I had closed the game and when I loaded back in Coral was sitting up. She hasn’t learned to sit up yet though so she fell over pretty fast.

Masabumi helps Coral practice sitting up.

Bali is testing out the back carrier. She was hoping she could run on the treadmill with Coral on her back, but nope. Coral really needs some sleep.

This was not what she wanted.

Everyone is asleep and Coral just had a blowout.

Finally caught her spitting up after her bottle. Sad thing is she just had a bath. And now Bali needs a shower.

Masabumi is still working on his mischief skill and he is getting close to mastering it.

Coral Loves Carrots.

Another burp.

“Scooting” from one room to another.

Masabumi needs to clog some sinks so the entire family comes along.

Coral still needs to sleep so Ariel puts her in the back carrier.

At the second place, Ariel lets Coral have some tummy time. On the sidewalk outside.

They don’t stay anywhere long enough for Coral to get a good nap. But they keep trying.

Finally done, everyone is heading home.

Ahh, finally.

Bali has completed her last class. Now she just needs her grades, diploma, and a new job.

Family picture, such as it is.

Another burp and Coral is getting better at not spitting up.

The parenting class does not surprise me. It was her 8am class and she was late almost every time.

Autonomous woohoo initiated by Masabumi.

Bali contributes knowledge to the machine thing. For the record, this can kill, but it does take more than once. Once is all Bali needs for her aspiration.

For some reason Coral can’t learn to crawl. She has the milestone reached message each time they try but still she can’t crawl.

Tomorrow is Coral’s birthday so Ariel enjoys some snuggly time holding her as she naps.

This might be the only time Masabumi steps on the treadmill. I haven’t checked his career requirements yet so I don’t know what he will have to do to reach the top of his career.

Coral is trying to reach something, but I have no idea what. Maybe the ceiling light?

Ahh, yes autonomous + risky woohoo – there is another nooboo joining the family. That means neither of the children for the C generation were planned.

Coral falls asleep in the hallway so when Masabumi comes home from work he helps her become an Independent toddler and puts her to bed with a story.

Coral is exhausted so maybe she will sleep until morning. As an infant she never reached that milestone.


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