Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 13

It is going to be a good thing that Coral is Independent. She has already started her own potty training.

Bali is working on her career skills. Thanks to her degree she starts at level 5 in the Astronaut field. To complete the Academic aspiration she has to reach level 7 where she chooses to join the Space Ranger branch.

Ariel has reached the top of her career and still has six days until her birthday. She will be allowed to retire immediately once she is eligible.

Coral is angry about something so Ariel lets her know that she will be okay. I think she is a picky toddler and she didn’t like her food.

Angry toddler. Now she is angry for another reason.

The year is passing quickly. Today is Harvestfest so no one is going to work. Even though they complete the holiday early.

Coral spends the day learning and practicing her skills. For communication, she babbles to herself until she reaches level 2 and then she hugs until she has mastered it.

With communication mastered it is time to master the potty.

Since the holiday was completed early, Masabumi heads off for his evening shift. He is doing well and promoting fast.

Potty training ccontinues.

This is the first time she passes out from exhaustion but it will not be the last. She passed out twice while potty training. I think she passed out three times in total before she was sent to bed.

Not content, I send her to read a book before she falls asleep.

Finally she is allowed to go to bed. Being the heiress is a hard job.

Masabumi has mastered mischief.

Look who is awake once again.

Bali really needs to take the key back from Megan. She literally comes over every day but never even interacts with Bali any more.

Level 6 Astronaut. She should be getting close to completing her Academic aspiration.

Awake and playing, Coral is working on movement skill now.

So pregnant and so tired. She is actually in labor and I am trying to get her to bed for an hour or so before she gives birth.

It is baby time.

Cay Ocean is the second girl and hopefully the last baby of the generation.

Henri is threatening to move on. He doesn’t get a lot of interaction while he is out and he breaks all the plumbing so he might be encouraged with his threat.

So, Bali tried to wish for her promotion and was demoted instead. Masabumi went out to test it and he was promoted.

Every so often Coral needs to just have some fun.

Coral tries to pick things to do to raise her remaining skills. Some of them are cute but really slow.

Bali tries this again, and receives a promotion back to where she was.

Then she is back on the treadmill working on her fitness.

Fitness mastered.

In all the activity, Cay continues to be forgotten.

Coral changes into her swimsuit and goes for a wander. She is level 4 movement now so she can run. If she wants to.

Masabumi takes care of Cay’s needs.

Coral stops to play in the sand.

Another sand “castle” and she is heading home.

It is a long trek for a little girl but she eventually sees the house.

Masabumi catches her sneaking in the house and puts her to bed.

Bali takes another chance and receives another promotion. Now her next promotion will be the track choice and should complete her aspiration.

I realizes that Ariel won’t take care of Cay unless she is chosen as a caregiver. So that is done. All adults in the house will take care of Cay now.

Coral is a heavy sleeper and she wakes up pissed at noon the next day. She has to choose between the potty and food, and it is a hard choice.

Potty, then food.

The day has passed by and this is evening. Masabumi is up for work and Bali is done with her afternoon nap.

Movement 99% mastered.

Bali finally gets the key back from Megan. They are still best friends but have drifted apart. You can see that Bali still wears the friendship bracelet.

It is infant time. Cay ages up on her own.


While Masabumi heads into the nursery to check on Cay, Bali gets Coral into the tub.

Tummy time begins.

Her eyes are dark brown and she looks just like Masabumi.

Now I want McDonald’s chicken nuggets. I haven’t had them in ages.

Masabumi is off to work and it is time for everyone to go to bed. Bali gets Cay settled for the night in her new crib.

I lose track of time but I think this is the next day.

Bali had to go to work and left Cay on the floor. Coral is working on thinking so she is just watching.

Ariel comes along and gives Cay some tummy time while Coral continues to watch.

The game was paused for awhile while I worked on the bottom floor bedrooms. This is what I came back to.

More tummy time and more watching. Really it is just infant and toddler spam.

The new nursery.

The new master bedroom.

The new toddler room.

Coral has mastered thinking and just has imagination remaining. She has about two days to go before her birthday.

The main floor bathroom has been updated.

Of course all the moving things around woke up Coral, so Ariel has to get her back to sleep.

An overview of the main floor and grounds. They still need to remodel the upstairs and the basement.

Coral just can’t remain asleep. She finds some food in her inventory, which she eats.

Missed a slot. I hate finding dirty plates stashed in random places.

Sometimes I tend to get over focused on one thing and miss others. I am trying to do better. Here is an infant stretch to make your day better.

Cay refuses to eat while she is sad. Bali has to cheer her up first then she can feed her.

Coral makes a good effort on her morning potty.

Cay is making her milestones, learning to roll over both ways.

And then she learns to sit up.

She gets to try three foods in the high chair before she is completely done.

Done I tell you.

Ariel is trying to get her cleaned up and then down for a nap.

Meanwhile, Coral has mastered imagination and that is all of her toddler skills mastered. It is a good thing as her birthday is tomorrow.

While the rest of the household goes to bed early, Ariel works on her mixology. She is up to level 8.

I put a infant rug in the living room to give Cay a place to sleep.

Ariel decides to hold her for a nap instead, and now Cay can’t sleep.

When Ariel is told to put Cay to bed, she puts her in the high chair.

And walks to the nursery like this.

Finally Cay is in bed and I remember it is Winterfest. Everyone opens their presents and then Ariel has her birthday. Oops.

Being an elder has its reward as Ariel can now retire from her career. Finally.

Bali tucks Coral in over and over to master parenting.


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