Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 15

Bali changes her career from Space Ranger to Mechanical Engineering and confirms that the issue before was my fault. She starts at level 8 and needs to work on her Robotics skill.

Family picture in formal

Family picture in party

Family picture in casual

It is Spring and it is Love Day and Ariel is not going to have a bad day.

Cay is heading to the kitchen for some food. Or she wants to play. Or something.

The robotics station is the first item to go into the basement. Bali needs level 8 for her next promotion and she is already at level 5.

Coral earns her A as a child but still needs to complete her aspiration.

Oh, she completed the motor aspiration and is working on the creativity aspiration now. Cay is working on thinking. Her birthday is coming up soon and she has mastered 3/5 skills and is level 4 in the remaining two.

She is supposed to be dancing or sleeping. But she insisted on playing with her blocks first.

I thought Cay was working on her last skill of imagination. After she passed out I realized she was supposed to be working on movement.

Ariel is getting into the knitting and has almost completed the aspiration. Nope, I lied, but she is making progress.

After a quick nap Cay dances her way to mastered movement.

She is exhausted and starving. And having a temper tantrum.

Food has been eaten and she is heading to bed. Her bubbles should start any moment now.

Someone forgot to turn off the radio so Cay has a snitfit in the dresser.


Just what they needed – another baby in the C generation.

While Bali works on her robotics, Ariel cleans up the basement.


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