Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 2

Ariel and Henri receive Bali’s framed handprint after her birth. Since it was a home birth, they did not receive a birth certificate.

By keeping the bassinet in the bedroom with Henri and Ariel, they can be assured that neither one will be able to sleep through when Bali needs attention.

Ariel and Henri begin working on the next baby. Maybe they will only have two. I still haven’t decided.

Both parents do a good job of taking care of Bali and showing her attention. They are learning and sometimes they don’t get the diapers changed quickly, but they eventually get there.

Ariel loves on Bali as it is her birthday and she is about to transition from newborn to infant.

Oh! I just saw that the newborns can have their outfits changed.!!

While Bali has her birthday, it is Henri’s turn to repair the plumbing. Then he leaves for work.

Bali becomes a Wiggly infant.

Apparently, she cannot crawl yet. She has to achieve various milestones first.

Bali tried to sit up and fell over backward.

Ariel gives Bali some tummy time which is supposed to teach her to roll over and lift her head and other things.

For the record, Bali is not impressed.

Ariel takes Bali in the living room but the television is too loud and Henri scared her with peek-a-boo. She has more tummy time and she lifts her head for the first time. I am still trying to figure out how she learns to sit up. She can’t crawl until she can sit and she can’t have food in the high chair until she can sit up.

The morning was so busy it is time for Bali to have a nap.

Ariel has to pee and wants to eat so she puts Bali down with the toys. Bali wants to be held. She doesn’t want to be on the floor alone.

Well, there is going to be another baby in the house. My timing is probably off so I expect this baby will be an infant before Bali becomes a toddler.

Ariel puts Bali in her crib so she can have quiet bath time. Again, Bali is not impressed. Although she falls asleep really fast. Henri comes in and gives her a kiss goodnight and then everyone heads to bed early.

Ariel feeds and changes Bali while Henri gets something to eat and then she hands Bali off to Henri. They did not make it through the night, everyone woke up around midnight.

I am so in love with infants.

While Ariel is eating, Henri has tummy time with Bali.

Gah, they are SO cute <3!

Bali is able to learn how to roll from her tummy to her back although it takes a lot of effort.

In order to work on her fine motor control, Henri gives Bali a small stuffy to play with. I was hoping she would roll from back to tummy, but not today. It is time for bed once again for the entire household. It is 4am when they head back to bed and Henri has to work in a few hours.

Base Game Infants vs Growing Together Infants

Base game: the infant has the abilities of approximately an eight-month-old.
Growing Together: the infant starts out with the abilities of a two-month-old, and then goes all the way up to 12 months.

Morning comes and everyone is once again awake. While Ariel gets herself ready and makes breakfast, Henri takes care of Bali. He gives her a bottle but never changes her diaper.

Then they get to practice sitting up before he heads off to work. And there was tummy time where Bali learned to roll from her back to tummy.

That leaves Ariel with Bali. She spends more time practicing sitting up and Bali also learned to grab items, so that is another milestone.

As Ariel walks away, Bali sits up on her own for the first time.

So much effort goes into making that boom boom.

Ariel cleans Bali up, changes her diaper, and they get to try her very first food. Smashed Peas. Bali is unsure but that is better than disliking it immediately. At least they will try again.

It is time for a nap, although Bali might sleep the rest of the day.

Since she can turn over now, she is constantly rolling from tummy to back to tummy to back while she sleeps. She is more restless than I am. I am not sure if this is the Wiggly trait or just something that needs to be tuned.

Once the infant can sit up, but before they can crawl, they scoot. They literally bounce on their knees to move.

Ariel helps Bali practice standing up and then they try more foods. Bali loves carrots and avocado.

New clothes for Bali.

Another (or is this the first?) blowout for Bali.

More broken plumbing for Henri.

Bali gets her first bath, because that was a major blowout.

Bubbles are fun.

Whatever this was, Bali wanted nothing to do with it.

Thumb sucking.

Someone just got up on her hands and knees for the first time.

And she is crawling now.

And crawling

And crawling.

Until she collapses in the front yard.

She fell right asleep where she lay.

Henri tracked her down and put her back in her crib.

This is huge. Bali slept all night, whatever that means.

More thumb sucking.

She hated this food choice.

And she learns the pincer grip. That means she can begin eating finger foods. With the list of 25 milestones for an infant, Bali has currently completed 21/25. The four she is missing are (1) First Visitors (2) Blow Raspberry (3) Pee on Caregiver (4) Pull to Stand.

Banana slices are the first choice. And then it is off for her daily nap. Ariel takes advantage of the quiet to get her own nap in before she goes into labor with the next baby. I have decided that each generation will have two pregnancies, however many children that ends up being.

Knowing which milestones Bali is missing, Ariel calls her old friend Loario over to visit.

She introduces Bali to Loario.

He decides Bali really needs a nap and takes her inside to bed. Ariel also heads off for a nap.

It is labor time, and the newest member of the household arrives. Bayou is a boy.

Henri is great at taking care of both kids while Ariel takes care of her own needs.

Just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Ariel adds a chair to the nursery and reads a story to Bali.

Then Bali unlocks another milestone and pulls herself to a standing position.

It is like midnight, so Henri settles Bayou down while Ariel puts Bali back to bed. I can’t believe Bali only has one day remaining until her birthday. I believe the timing will just work out so that Bali becomes a toddler around the same time that Bayou becomes an infant.


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