Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 3

Both of the babies sleep most of the day on Friday. That gives Ariel a chance to catch her breath. According to the calendar today is the day that Bayou becomes an infant and Bali will become a toddler tomorrow.

Ariel spends the last of the quiet time upgrading the new crib for Bayou. If you notice, Bali has flipped around and is laying with her feet at the head and her head at the feet.

Waking up covered in poop. I just checked Bali’s quirks and she Loves Wakeup Time, Frequently Hiccups, and is a Feeding Tinkler.

Ariel feeds and changes Bali and then gives her a bubble bath. Her infant age is coming to an end in a few hours and Ariel is soaking up the time.

Henri gets the pleasure of watching Bayou become an infant.

Bayou becomes a Wiggly infant, the same as Bali. But he definitely has Henri’s genetics.

Henri gets things started with some tummy time. Bayou is not happy about this. He just wants to eat and sleep.

Bali comes over to check out her new brother. There was some babbling.

Bali is ready for bed but she has to wait while Bayou finishes up tummy time. Then they are both put to bed for the rest of the night.

Serious?!? Whose idea was this?

I have been waiting for someone to want to get married. Finally I made the decision for them. Henri proposes and Ariel accepts.

Both infants are still sleeping, so this a chance to elope.

After setting up a nice wedding arch, Ariel and Henri get married. Then they also head back to bed to get some sleep.

Morning comes early and Ariel makes the breastfeeding rounds. She starts with Bayou and Bali wakes up just as she finishes.

Bayou does not like tummy time. He picked up the Loves to Be Held quirk and hates when he is not being held.

Bali is bubbling, and it is time for a birthday. Ariel is going to make her a cake.

Both are ready for a nap. Bayou finally fell asleep and Bali is about to lay down. The birthday cake is almost ready.

As Ariel brings Bali to the cake, a recap. She unlocked 25 milestones, which I think is all of them.

The animations for blowing out the birthday cake is the same between infants and toddlers. It is still cute.

Bali becomes a Clingy toddler. Oh joy.

With the cake within easy reach, Bali helps herself while Ariel converts the crib to a toddler bed.

The first item on the agenda is to begin Bali’s potty training.

Bedtime routines begin.

Bali will be getting a makeover shortly.

With Bali finally in bed and asleep, Ariel heads into the living to check on Bayou. Henri has things handled there.

I finally caught the burp on camera.

Ariel was in the shower and heading to bed. Henri was supposed to have some tummy time with Bayou. Instead he takes Bayou to Ariel.

After the makeover, Bali was stuck in the corner between the beds. Once she gets out, Ariel puts her back to bed.

Oh. Baby #3 is on the way. There are regrets on all fronts.

Bali continues her potty training and it has become apparent that Ariel is sick.

Yep, there is a sickness present.

The good thing with toddlers is that they are a lot more self-sufficient than infants.

Still sick but has to feed Bayou.

I gave Ariel a list of things to do with Bayou. Instead she gives him a bath.

Bayou seems to be hitting his milestones faster than Bali but that is probably because Bali was my first infant. Bayou has already turned over and is now practicing sitting up.

Bali was going to master communication but the teddy bears seem to be glitched and no longer work for toddlers?!? So, Bali heads out to work on movement.

Yep, Bayou is already sitting up on his own.

Bayou spends a lot of time with the whatever it is called. He learns to reach and even learns to creep.

Tony toddler sleeping bags!!!

So, after taking a break for a week and playing Lord of the Rings Online for the first time in years, I am ready to work with toddlers again. I am so used to being able to master all skills for toddlers quickly so we will see how things work out this time.

I missed playing with infants and now it is time to figure out how to juggle.

Bayou has his first blowout and it will haunt us for awhile.

Bali tests some things out – she receives no increase in skill from using the slide and she can only babble once every four hours with the stuffed bear.

But, she can babble to herself to get to communication level 2 and then she can hug the bear for the usual high gain. She is exhausted, starving, and has to pee. But there is still work to be done and things to test.

Bayou has had a diaper change and three baths and he still stinks.

Bali calls it quits and refuses to do any more testing.

Henri is trying to get the green stink to go away and Bayou’s hygiene to improve. Eventually he gives up and puts the green stink baby back to bed. Bali is also sent to bed. Looking at the clock it is like 1am for them.

Even saving and closing the game didn’t help. Bayou’s hygiene refuses to improve. So I cheated his needs up to see if that breaks the bug.

Now that he is finally clean and in a good mood, it is tummy time.

Bali is awake and pissed at the world. She has developed several quirks – Hates Being Carried, Hates Wakeup Time, and Good Appetite. She will generally always be a grumpy bunny when she wakes up. And did I mention she is Clingy?

Bayou has learned to smile and is learning to crawl.

He also developed several quirks – Loves Begin Held, Self-Soother, and Gassy. He farts a lot and gets sad when he isn’t being held.

Bali is working on her potty training and Bayou is giving her no privacy. Of course the potty chair is in the same room as the changing table and there is not a door.

I really love the option to give the infant a nap. I read that they can put the infant in the back carrier and go about their business and naps will be had while in the carrier.

The family is having a rough time. Ariel didn’t even realize she needed to potty until it was too late.

Bali was trying to get a bath but had to wait until after Ariel cleaned herself up. Then she gave Bali a bath and changed Bayou’s diaper.

Bayou is actually a happy baby. The stink doesn’t seem to bother him but he is always farting.

Another milestone as Bayou teaches himself to stand up.

Bali was trying to get to bed but didn’t make it.


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