Ocean ABC Legacy, Chapter 6

Bondi develops the Hates Bedtime quirk so that makes two toddlers that won’t stay in bed.

Bayou finally stayed in bed for most of the night, getting up at 3am. Since Ariel was also awake and Bayou was not on his way to wake someone else up, he was allowed to stay up.

Ariel is making breakfast and Bayou hangs out with her until she is finished.

Henri is working on a set of emotional paintings and currently has four masterpieces.

Bayou loves to dance and loves to listen to music. He asked Ariel to turn on the stereo.

The day has been for the rest of the household. Bondi was the last one to wake up. Bali has gone to school and Henri has gone to work.

Bayou masters movement on his own. Once he reached level 3 in all skills, he was left to his own choices. At this point he has mastered the potty, communication, and movement. He is level 4 in thinking and level 3 in imagination. Along with his Hates Bedtime and Loves Wakeup Time quirks, he also has the Wanderer quirk. It is his birthday and he is waiting for the bubbles to let him know it is time to blow out his candles.

Bondi joins Bayou dancing to the music. They did this all day until someone turned off the stereo.

Toddler hugs.

Ariel has mastered homestyle cooking and is beginning to work on gourmet cooking. She has picked up a lot of traits. She started with Creative, Family-oriented, and Art Lover. She discovered Cheerful, Neat, and Perfectionist.

Henri takes a break from painting to give Bondi a bath and put her to bed.

He reads her a story and she only gets up once after and then she puts herself back to bed.

It is time for Bayou to blow out his candles. Might as well do it before bed and maybe he will have tomorrow off from school.

Bayou becomes a Cheerful child, joins the scouts, and moves into his new bedroom upstairs. He also picks up the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Finally, he was a Top Notch Infant and a Happy Toddler.

Bondi has been trying to get someone to feed her for hours. Henri comes home and she immediately heads out to see if he will give her some food.

He does and she is not impressed with the sandwich. Actually she is exhausted, has to pee, and needs a bath.

The last item on the list for Bali’s aspiration is a gold level slumber party. She has already had one at an earlier level, and this is her second. And it is gold. Her aspiration will be complete as soon as the party ends. Her reward trait is Practiced Host and her future events should be great.

The girls in the group are growing up. Evie wasn’t able to come because she had already become a teenager, and now, Daisy has her birthday in the middle of the night. It is a good thing Bali is done with slumber parties.

While I thought the slumber party was pretty mild, Henri starts drinking at 5am.

There was a thunderstorm a couple of nights back. I didn’t even think of the damage. Today, I found the damage.

Bali is working on her scouting badges. She is getting close with only a few remaining.

Bondi has reached level 3 in all skills, so she is guaranteed Happy Toddler.

Tuna nigiri for a toddler. I guess that is okay.

While the two older kids are off at their scouting meeting, Bondi has the parents all to herself and she is holding court.

Today may have been Saturday but it was a long day for Bali. And it is New Years Eve and she really wants to stay up.

Ariel and Henri already have gold and can go to bed at any time. Bali and Bayou are holding out for staying up late. Bondi is supposed to be in bed already but is trying to find reasons to stay up. She is sent back to bed and has to put herself to sleep.

Sunday morning comes and it has been four weeks since the legacy started. Today is the first legacy holiday, Flowerfest. It is the first day of Spring, Year 2. The only tradition for Flowerfest at this point is to Hunt for Eggs. Everyone wants to do this, including Bondi. Bayou is the first one awake and it takes five pieces of furniture before he achieves gold. Of course he only found two eggs, so that might be why it took so long.

Since it is Sunday and the family has been working hard, I let them all sleep in today. Bayou woke up at 6am and Ariel is the second one up at 8:30am. It takes three eggs for Ariel to get gold. When I first saw Ariel today I thought she was pregnant again. She isn’t.

Bondi is third one awake at 9:15am and Henri is up at 9:30am. Bali is the last one up at 10am.

Everyone sets out to find the decorative eggs and to complete the holiday tradition.

Once everyone has a gold holiday, they continue to hunt for eggs to complete the egg collection.

Henri finally painted his last emotional masterpiece so they get the point for that.

Then someone finally found the last of the eggs and that collection is complete. That is another point.

Vacuuming a toddler is an interesting choice.

The creative corner is full of activity today.

It was a long day and Bondi put herself to bed. Henri came in and tucked her in and she continued to sleep.

Not really. She keeps getting up to delay bedtime.

After Bali completed her slumber party aspiration, she changed to the mind and body aspiration. So now she has to learn to ride the bike. It takes forever.

But eventually the circle is complete.

Henri was complaining about living on the beach and not having time to do beach things. So he spends the day fishing.

Bondi just mastered communication.

Bali took the day off from school since she already has an A, but Bayou had to go, and he brought home a project that took him for-ever to complete.

Ariel has now mastered gourmet cooking. She will be working on Baking next.

Bondi wants a bath so she picks the one parent that isn’t home. She is on her way to find Henri.

Henri needed to come home anyways. Bondi bath and bed.

A family picture. The day is winding down and Bali is trying to figure out how to complete the fitness badge.

Dancing is the way to do it. That leaves just the outdoors badge, which is generally fishing for a child. Except fishing in Sulani doesn’t count.


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